100K and Green | The New Housing Frontier?

100kgreenhome 01 100K and Green | The New Housing Frontier?

Let’s face it, building green is expensive. Even improvements that will pay off in the long run have a high initial cost. Obviously, protecting the planet is worth a couple extra bucks, but I’ll admit to having been in a store and struggling between the regular twinkle Christmas lights and the LED ones that cost seven times as much. And to be honest, the green in my pocket sometimes trumps the green for the planet.

It’s a frustrating choice consumers have to make — and one that is especially pronounced in the realm of green real estate.

Until now.

A couple guys in Philly are going to make a LEED silver 1,000 square foot house for $100,000. And they’re blogging about it! Some days, I love being an American.

100kgreenhome 02 100K and Green | The New Housing Frontier?

Why 100K? The principals of this project believe this is the magic number for homeowners, i.e., what the average person can afford to spend. For your money, you get 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bath and two stories. (Did I mention it was also green?)

Postgreen is the developer, Level 5 Construction is the contractor and Interface Studio Architects has created a fun and functional design. The design element that most stands out for me is the hardcore urban infill, even going so far as to share walls with houses on both sides.

They’re really open on their blog about their decision-making process, and it reads as both a product guide and a veritable “how to” of green home building. Step by step, through their example, these guys from Philly are leading America into the new movement of green building — one in which we won’t have to choose between greens.

For more information, check this out.

100kgreenhome 03 100K and Green | The New Housing Frontier?

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