12 amazing days in NYC

I was there for the launch of Vega in Manhattan. I’m pleased to say that it is now available in several health food stores in the area including the huge Columbus Circle Whole Foods Market and the Union Square Whole Foods Market. As you might imagine, New York is a major hub for raw and healthy food. There are several raw restaurants in Manhattan however, grazing fits my lifestyle better than actually sitting down and having a meal. The abundance of fruit markets on most blocks makes it a raw-food-grazers paradise. Because of the sheer volume of people, the turnover of the fruit is quick, it’s always fresh. Mangos, persimmons, papayas, dates and figs were plentiful. Early-morning running in Central Park and along the Hudson River was also a treat. I think I’ll be spending quite a bit of time there.
My next public seminar will be in the Chicago area. Admission is free.
July 12. 3:30 5:30pm

Whole Foods Market / 151 Rice Lake Square
Wheaton, IL 60187 This is 15 miles west of Chicago


  • http://piscesplace.blogspot.com K

    Fantastic, Brendan! Enjoy Chicagoland… my hometown! So many great restaurants… I'm a grazer too, but just in case you want some advice on where to go, here's what i posted on my blog: http://piscesplace.blogspot.com/2006/05/chic-go.h
    See you in SoCal eventually…

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