28 Days Later | G Diet Afterthoughts

sarah backhouse g diet 001 28 Days Later | G Diet Afterthoughts

I know you’ve been suffering withdrawal symptoms since my G diet diary ended, so I thought it was a good time for an update — the results of which may surprise you. You know what’s funny? At the time, I viewed giving up fish and dairy as a short-term sacrifice, something to do for 30 days just to see what it was like. But who would have guessed that this “experiment” would transition into my preferred way of eating. As mentioned at the conclusion of the diet, I still give myself 5% wiggle room (actually more like 2%), which means I no longer choose to eat animals or animal products, but I can as a last resort option at restaurants.

What a turnaround. It’s weird to admit, but my love affair with bellinis? Over. Egg white omelet? Not interested. Yogurt atop granola? Pass.

Interesting times indeed. And definitely not anticipated.

I guess the lesson to be gleaned from all this is that it doesn’t happen overnight. Your body (like mine) may not like switching to a plant-based diet at first. You might feel hungry, have a grumbling tummy, miss that full feeling you get from eating a cheeseburger or think you require more protein than you actually do. However, little by little, you’ll get used to eating whole, fresh food from the earth and feel satisfied with it. My signature lunch salad — I’m a creature of habit — has switched from salmon, avocado, cucumber, greens and a creamy dressing to pinto beans, baked tofu, tomatoes and greens with a little oil and vinegar. And it’s not going back.

You know, this “G” lifestyle is insidious. I’m no longer content just rethinking what’s in my refrigerator, I’m peering into the wardrobe and eyeing up my collection of bags and shoes. Not that I’m about to throw out any Manolos, Guccis, Miu Mius or Marc Jacobs. (I may have become more mindful, but I certainly haven’t lost my mind!) But I’ll definitely be more conscious of new purchases in the designer bags and shoes department.

There, I said it. Damn that bell.

  • jenn

    I couldn't find another way to contact Brendan, so I thought I'd give this a shot. I just tried to make his Lemon Sesame Crisps and they came out very soupy. I think something is up with the recipe. Too many wet ingredients – or too large quantities. It calls from 1/3 of a cup of agave nectar which is a big contrast to the 1/2 tsp in on the cracker recipes. The recipe for these crackers is on the bottom of p 260 in book. Would love to hear where I went wrong!

  • Tinytimmizzy

    I am a big fan and love the thrive diet book. I wanted to ask you a few questions?
    Do you ever eat “superfoods”?
    Do you ever use cacao nibs, and do you feel cacao is healthy or unhealthy?
    Also, between spirulina and Chlorella, which do you think is better?


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