3Cycle: Reducing Poverty and Landfills

3cycleimage 3Cycle: Reducing Poverty and Landfills

This morning, I was happy to find an email from yet another company looking to help change the world through fashionable items. Though there are a number of brands out there that reuse materials to make accessories (juice boxes, tires, plastic bags … etc), I’ve never seen the variety that 3Cycle offers.

The accumulation of waste in developing nations is a global environmental concern. It also goes without saying that poverty there is a critically important issue. 3Cycle takes household and industrial waste material and employs disadvantaged people to reuse this material to create unique products for export world wide – products such as bags, wallets, jewelery, clothes, artworks and much more. Based in Bolivia, South America (the continent’s poorest country) 3Cycle is a 100% non-profit foundation that tackles both landfill and poverty at once – reducing the amount of landfill while empowering disadvantaged people with opportunities and a sustainable solution to poverty. 3Cycle places strong emphasis on reuse as opposed to recycling. While never compromising quality design, 3Cycle endeavors to create each product with the least negative environmental impact possible.

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