A Holistic Approach To Protecting Marine Biodiversity

savethefish ocean greenpeace01 A Holistic Approach To Protecting Marine Biodiversity

According to the newly released report entitled Oceans in Peril: Protecting Marine Biodiversity, over 76% of the world’s fish stocks are completely or over-exploited. That’s an astonishing number, considering the amount the fish out there. The answer, according to the World Watch Institute is to implement marine reserves. WWI feels that by reversing the effects of bottom trawling, destructive techniques, and other illegal or un-monitored fishing techniques is the only way to restore marine life and marine ecosystems.

Using a more holistic approach, the WWI states that the global marine reserves will reverse the damages humans have caused to the marine life and ecosystems. Christopher Flavin, President of the World Watch Institute says, “The oceans cannot save themselves — collective commitments to thriving ecosystems are needed to save over-fished species from being systematically depleted from compromised habitats.”

factoryfishing ship A Holistic Approach To Protecting Marine Biodiversity

Reserves set up in the Caribbean and the Red Sea have already begun to see positive effects on the marine life in those areas. The Soufriere Marine Management Area located in St. Lucia, after three years of protection, saw such a reversal with a tripled biomass of fish species in their reserves. Five years later, areas located outside of the reserve also saw a double in biomass. Proof! It works.

By creating these Marine reserves globally, we are not only respecting our environment so we can continue enjoying the beautiful oceans and marine life, we are also protecting something very precious for future generations.

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