A Law Against Global Warming?

endangered 1 gliving A Law Against Global Warming?
The fact that global warming is not wholly considered a fact is most disturbing. That those in power have not just the gall to question the validity of the facts, but that they can dismiss those facts so easily, well that’s what really gets my globe hot.

So, how do we go about getting the facts straight for everyone? Irrefutably? Easy: Make global warming illegal. Make it black and white, for the sake of green.

According to an article in The Christian Science Monitor, that’s what some optimists are hoping will be the end result of a recent settlement between environmentalists and the National Marine Fisheries Service. The NSMF, which — among other things — is tasked with recovering protected marine species, agreed to protect the “Critical Habitat” of Elkhorn and Staghorn Coral, who under the Endangered Species Act, are the first species to be recognized as threatened specifically by global warming.

endangered 2 gliving A Law Against Global Warming?

By protecting not just a species, but also a habitat, the Endangered Species Act could be broadened to protect against any threat to that habitat, including global warming.

The problem with legal avenues is they are intrinsically slow. So waiting for the court to prove the effects of global warming aren’t nearly as effective as say, opening your eyes. And with Elkhorn and Staghorn coral estimated at nearly 90-95% lost, we better open our eyes quick.

  • Roy Wasson

    If the originators of this idea have suggestions for such a law, I have contacts within the Florida Legislature who may be willing to sponsor such a bill. Please let me know what conduct will be outlawed and what penalties are proposed and I will work to find a sponsor for the legislation

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