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sustainable bench 01 Akemi Tanaka | A Moveable Feast

I’m a veritable addict for collapsible, multi-functional furniture. Panels that slide to reveal unexpected compartments and seemingly unlimited possibilities. So it’s no surprise I fell fell hook, line and sinker with designer Akemi Tanaka ‘s collection of “now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t” tables. The Tagei Table slides playfully into a bench for two with end tables to match. With this kind of versatile style and function any of us can live large in a small space.

“The convertibility factor makes it ideal for small spaces,” says Brooklyn-based Tanaka. “A lot of the time, for small spaces, you have to bring in kitchen chairs or stools when you have people visiting, and it doesn’t really fit the environment of people getting together and hanging out in the living room. But this encourages relaxation and communication.” If storage is more important to you than seating, remove the seat cushion and you’ve got a hideaway for your remote controls, magazines and other coffee table clutter.

sustainable bench 02 Akemi Tanaka | A Moveable Feast

Here’s a peek at another Tanaka creation: the Futaba coffee table-loveseat:

Both table designs are handcrafted from renewable bamboo plywood, then finished off with a VOC-free Danish oil–which means you and the planet will both breathe easier. A Tagei or Futaba retails for around $4,000–admittedly not cheap, but a good value considering it is two pieces in one, crafted by the artist and built to last. You can find these sleek convertibles at Ford Brady.

Via New York Post
Photos courtesy of Akemi Tanaka

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