A Perfectly Imperfect Organic Line

imperfect organicclothing 02 A Perfectly Imperfect Organic Line

Perfectly Imperfect. When I first came across this sustainable clothing line, it sounded to me like something you’d find in an outlet mall. Imperfects. What a great idea, I thought, marveling at my own perspicacity.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

This sustainable approach to fashion and the term “perfectly imperfect” were inspired by the wabi sabi way of life – an ancient Chinese belief in simplicity, quietude and rustic beauty. Taking into account both handmade and nature-made items, it opines that an accidental or happenstance element gives elegance and uniqueness. There’s a natural beauty in imperfection, especially when our flaws lead us to greater strengths and treasures.

imperfect organicclothing 03 A Perfectly Imperfect Organic Line

Meaning imperfection can be downright perfect. (I get it now.) Pretty heavy for a clothing line.

Founder Jadie Kadletz’s vision (via their website) “is not just a soulful and eco-conscious approach to fashion, but one that is grounded in style and the belief that change is created by example.”

Ms. Katletz makes an example by firmly supporting the preservation of the environment through the use of organic materials. She’s also insists on a safe work environment for all involved in production — from farm workers to factory workers. “After eight years as head designer and creative director for Three Dots, Jadie embarked on the creation of Perfectly Imperfect, where she developed a line that embraced an ecological sensibility through the use of organic cotton, low impact manufacturing techniques and locally based production in Los Angeles.” For Jadie, local production allows for not only a better work environment, but for a higher quality product.

I’ll say. But I still think Perfectly Imperfect is a great name for an outlet store.

imperfect organicclothing 01 A Perfectly Imperfect Organic Line

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