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fashion2333 eBays Vintage Treasure Trove

The most common complaint you will hear about eco-conscious clothing is the cost. As sustainable fabrics become more popular, the cost will go down; until then, for those of us who want to lead planet-friendly lives, we have options. One of your best choices is to buy vintage items. This alternative requires no new resources to be manufactured or processed, saving tons of chemicals and pollution. Not interested in picking through the racks at your local donation center? Then you need eBay!

If you have not yet joined this infamous website, then you are missing out on a lot of great deals. Personally, I do a lot of my own wardrobe shopping here, from dresses and sweaters to boots and skirts. Over the years, I have found my own favorite sellers who consistently have well-kept items that are fashionable. Though I may end up in a bidding war, for the sake of saving money and helping the environment, here are the folks I’ve found are worth adding to your list – they are dependable, have easy payment options, fast shipping, helpful with questions, and restock often:

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Shopped with any of these folks before? Have your own top choices on eBay? Leave a comment and let us know who is worth buying from and your best finds!

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    […] So maybe we are not all attracted to vintage goodies – finding something that fits is a pain in the booty. Then why not take the time to make things ourselves? Keyword: TIME. Thankfully, Stephanie Syjuco of San Francisco has it all figured out for you with her clothing line Anti Factory. I recently interviewed her for a feature piece for Pearl Necklace Zine’s most recent issue, released this past week. Happy to call herself an environmentalist, she is also a registered member of SF’s Green Party and a college art professor. […]

  • http://www.myspace.com/borrowedtimevintage Sarah

    oh please check out borrowedtimevintage ! we’re new but you’ll love us!

  • http://www.devoted2vintage.co.uk barry summers

    i dont know if all vintage clothes stores are expensive. comparing them to normal run of the mill shops especially when looking at quality too they can be very cheap. I have shopped at http://www.devoted2vintage.co.uk and they have a great selection at very reasonable prices. well I think so anyway. I think you pay fro what you get and the quality is fantastic. I personally think that if you shop at vintage shops in London or big cities then you pay the price accordingly, if you can go a bit further out of the city or shop online then the costs are very competitive.

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