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Ace Hotel Palm Springs A Little Retro Way Cool

Posted By V Ol Blak On September 6, 2010 @ 5:01 pm In G/Videos,Traveling & Cool Stuff To Do | 2 Comments

Have you ever done something and wonder just seconds later what the hell were you thinking? Well, I have to admit, that is basically the default way my brain functions. It just spits out ideas and my body says what the hell, lets do it and it just starts to go into action before the brain can actually re-adjust and make the right choices. This gets me into more trouble then I would like to admit. For example, the brain spitted out an idea to pack up and move to a location known as hell on earth and my body had packed, moved and unpacked before the brain could say, hey… just joking.

Yes, now my body with my brain lives in hell. Well, not the actual hell, because I don’t believe that one exist, but a place trying to do its damnedest to be as hot as it thinks hell would be. Yes, you guessed it, I live in the oven known as Palm Desert (Palm Springs). Everyone says the 126 degree temperatures will cool down in just a few more weeks and then everything it will be like that other fictional place, Heaven, all nice and sweet. Well, until the heaven sweetness arrives, I have been hiding out indoors with the air on because I have a fear of melting. But I am really itching to get out and sight see a little, because surprising enough, I just found out there is an ACE Hotel just down the street. Crazy right? I say that because, I think I love the Ace Hotels and to think something so cool is a few minutes away gives me hope for this place. I was just in New York City for a week and I went to the Ace Hotels bar and it’s coffee shop on two different occasions, and both were totally hip and so welcoming. I hope the Ace out here is even half as nice. We will see. I am going to reach out to them and see if they will hook G Living Up and give us a room to test out, if you know what I mean. Wish me luck. Until then, here is a totally cool video showing off some of the retro / hip goodness they are known for. Also, tossing in some photos.

Photography by Kenn Wilson

Have any of you been to any of the Ace Hotels? What did you think? Totally Cool or Totally Un-Cool? I know they are not eco hotels in anyway, except maybe they recycled some of the furniture but other than that, I don’t think they do any organic foods, bedding or use “G” cleaning products. Well, not to the best of my knowledge. I guess I will find out when I call them. I hope they do something, because the feel of the place is great. Can’t wait to check it out. But seriously, I have to wait for it to get down to at least 95 degrees before I consider any outdoor activities. Oh why brain, WHY? :)

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