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fashion carolyoung Adventures of the Urban Nomad

Carol Young designs for the “urban nomad.” Definition: The urbanite greenie professional who looks fabulous while taking to the road, bus, bike, public trans, or all of the above. Carol definitely makes it happen, especially with her Bamboo Denim Trouser.

Sure, they look good, but are they really that functional? Well, just ask your friendly neighborhood eco-fashionista (um, me).

I tried on my first pair of Bamboo Trousers last week during the GLiving shoot and I’ve barely taken them off since. Below, a few things I’ve done the past two weeks while wearing Carol’s denim trousers:

1. Hosted the GLiving green fashion show. Gotta look modern and sophisticated while on GLiving TV (above). Comfort definitely comes second in this sitch, luckily I got to have both.

2. Biked 16 miles to and from Green Drinks (below). This one was my fave test. I rolled the trousers up to the knee and hopped on the bike. When I arrived at the event, I rolled’ em down and was partay readay. The little extra stretch is super comfy when biking.
265147535 4839640989 m Adventures of the Urban Nomad
3. Threw a baby shower for my b.f. in Nor Cal. The outer pocket came in particularly handy – I constantly needed my Treo. Plus, the college peeps know I’m a G, so I need to represent all things eco in a modern way.
265303808 f606903196 m Adventures of the Urban Nomad

It made my weekend when this convo went on:

Friend From College: “Those are the coolest pants”

Me: “Thanks! They’re easy on the earth too!”

FFC: “Wait those are ummm, green?”

Me: “Yeah, bamboo and organic cotton.”

FFC: “Really! Bamboo? Organic?”

Me: “Yada yada, sustainable, yada yada, made in LA, yada yada.”

FFC: “I’d totally wear those.”

Here’s to you Carol Young, for keeping this G urban nomad styled out. Make sure to check out Carol’s GLiving interview.

  • Cindy

    Great post. I love the pants, the fact that they are green is icing on the cake.

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