AFS Trinity | Ultracapacitor Plug-In

afs trinity 01 AFS Trinity | Ultracapacitor Plug In

Looking for something interesting at the Detroit Auto Show? Don’t spend too much time, because there isn’t really anything new. Sure, there are hybrids, flex-fuels, and testosterone machines, but there’s nothing that people who care haven’t seen already.

There is however, a new-ish hybrid that changes the dynamic of hybrids, if only a tiny bit. The AFS Trinity is boasting 150 mpg from its XH 150. The difference between the Trinity and other hybrids: battery technology. Instead of charging batteries that discharge to the engine, the Trinity charges ultracapacitors that discharge to the engine quicker than traditional Lithium-ion batteries – so fast, in fact, that it will get you up to 90 mph on battery power alone. The Trinity can also go about 40 miles before the gas engine kicks in, making it a zero-emission vehicle for most commuters.

0 AFS Trinity | Ultracapacitor Plug In

afs trinity 03 AFS Trinity | Ultracapacitor Plug In

The catch: it’s a plug in. So your emissions are displaced to the power plant — an alternative that may reduce smog, but will do little to reduce overall greenhouse gases. The other catch is that it will be significantly more expensive than even top-of-the-line hybrid SUVs. Oh yeah, and the battery pack may take up the coveted extra space that lures so many to the “utility” of the gas-guzzlers.

If you’re still interested, you can check out some obsequious videos on the Trinity here.

afs trinity 02 AFS Trinity | Ultracapacitor Plug In

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