Andrew Weatherall | Sci-Fi-Lo-Fi

andrew weatherall sci fi lo fi 02 Andrew Weatherall | Sci Fi Lo Fi

Review by Lily Moayeri, BPM Magazine

Andrew Weatherall debuts the Sci-Fi-Lo-Fi series, a sister compilation series to Scotland’s Soma Quality Recordings’ Sci-Fi-Hi-Fi series. Completely unlike the Hi-Fi compilations, Weatherall’s collection is made up of classic rock tracks from the likes of Gene Vincent, Charlie Feathers, T-Rex, The Cramps, and Killing Joke.

andrew weatherall sci fi lo fi 01 Andrew Weatherall | Sci Fi Lo Fi

Artfully arranged rather than mixed, there is a flow and movement on Lo-Fi that makes the listener feel as though it is mixed, even if it isn’t. This type of scratchy and mono song selection is the result of Weatherall’s now-defunct monthly night, Wrong Meeting—starting at an early hour, feelgood sounds of the past, rather than banging house or techno, are the warm up sounds, and that’s what you’re getting here. If you’re looking for Weatherall’s signature techno blended with electro tones, Sci-Fi-Lo-Fi is not for you. If you’re looking for the inspiration behind those sounds, you will find them here.

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