Anna Cohen | Working On Full Sustainability

annacohen 01 Anna Cohen | Working On Full Sustainability

Don’t feel like dressing all prissy, but still want to hold maintain that girly side? Then Anna Cohen’s designs might be the style for you. Fashionable and sensible, these garments are made for today’s women.

Cohen wants to design a product that is environmentally friendly; however, she claims that in today’s world, it is almost impossible to be 100% sustainable. Cohen does make it a point to be aware of the entire process of her clothing line from raw materials to disposal – the entire life cycle of her product.

On her website, Anna Cohen describes how she maintains her 75% sustainability. Using local organic materials, recycled materials, limiting the use of packaging and using recycled office products, Anna believes her company is doing its best to obtain as close to 100% sustainability as possible.

annacohen 02 Anna Cohen | Working On Full Sustainability

Having honed her fashion quotient working with MaxMara, Patrizia Pepe, Guess and Binicocchi in Italy, Cohen wants to create an “Italian Street Couture” line of sustainable fashion products. Now living in Portland, the designer is introducing some cutting edge eco-fashion.

Here’s a chic teal triangle top string bikini made from surplus mill-end materials, which were leftovers from the making of the Olympic speed skater uniforms. The bikini is sassy and sexy, as well as fade-resistant and quick to dry.

Her honesty speaks volumes of who Anna is as a designer. Giving a solid 100% toward becoming a fully sustainable clothing designer, Anna has my respect and the support of fashionistas worldwide.

annacohen 03 Anna Cohen | Working On Full Sustainability

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