The More I Travel | The More I Realize How Amazing United State Really Is

anthony anderson traveling 02 The More I Travel | The More I Realize How Amazing United State Really Is

The more I travel, the more I realize how amazing the USA is.

Let me be straight here.… I have been pretty harsh on US policies, mostly reflecting the past 8 years, and actually the past 60 years of America. So much wasted potential…so much needless suffering that just creates more suffering.

BUT… Ive been traveling around lately, and Im coming to realize just how great we have it back home.
I speak for Europe too. Especially as conscious eaters, we are so fortunate to live in countries where we can actually buy healthy stuff. If you travel to SE asia, you pretty much have to throw your organic standards right out the plane window before you land.

Its just not going to happen. Ive had to really make adjustments here, and I cannot tell you how great it will be to drink green smoothies again.

We went to a juice bar today, and their idea of “juice” was blended carrots with water in a half-assed blender. We talked them into making an avocado-mango smoothie, but had to tell them TWICE not to dump sugar in it like they usually do. Seriously. We had a coconut water at a restaurant today, and you could totally tell that they put syrup in it. WHAT THE HELL???

anthony anderson traveling The More I Travel | The More I Realize How Amazing United State Really Is

I dont mean to nitpick, but yeesh…. we’ve got it good back home. The idea of them blending up a coconut with a mango is totally lost on them. They want to dump some carton of juice in it, or add water or blend in ice.

In thailand, they werent even using fresh coconuts in some of the dishes, they were using canned coconut milk.

Am I alone here? Dawn had a pasta yesterday, and they dumped cheese all over it when she asked them not to, and when she asked for “tomatoes” instead, they gave her a dish of ketchup. GOD!!!

It was funny and not funny at the same time.

When you travel out of your element, you have to expect that things arent going to be perfect.

These places COULD be tropical paradises, clean of garbage and covered in tropical fruit trees, but until then…I just dont know when Ill be back.

I think Im going to stay home for quite a while and just focus on making the garden better, and visiting California in June for Raw Spirit, and maybe make a road trip out of it.

Traveling is great and all, but I feel like the money and sacrifices involved might be too much if you are trying to stay pesticide and carcinogen free.

What do you think? I know many of you travel on here. There is a balance that you have to be comfy with if you do intend to leave your raw organic comfort zone.

anthony anderson traveling 03 The More I Travel | The More I Realize How Amazing United State Really Is

I wonder what David Wolfe does… Would he even come here? Would he eat the mangosteens if he wasnt sure they were organic? Would he just live on superfoods as he traveled? He doesnt even drink bottled water anymore as far as I know, so then this place would be totally out of the question unless he located a spring somewhere.

Maybe I need to go to Hawaii instead?

I miss the raw high. I miss it so much. I had moments where I was so blissed out and clear, I couldnt believe that I wasnt on some sort of mood-elevating drug. It was that intense. I havent felt that way for a while, and I cant even describe how I yearn to get back there.

So for all of you lucky ones out there close to your vitamix and your abundant source of organic greens…BLEND ONE FOR ANTHONY!!!

Pics coming soon…

Oh yeah, I had a durian today, and it blew my mind. 12 months since a fresh one…the creaminess is unmatched…

Now to find some GREENS.


  • Jana

    I eat basically 100% organic at home, but if I was in Thailand I wouldn't worry about that. I would eat all the mangosteens I could find. I kept trying to figure out how I could smuggle them back when I lived in Thailand. The pasteurized juices in the U.S. don't taste anything like them. The langsats are good too. Actually, that might of been the fruit I was in love with, not the mangosteen, I can't remember exactly. It would probably be difficult to eat all raw in Thailand. Good time to go all fruitarian, just stick to the whole fruits. You won't be able to get them fresh and whole back in the states.

  • Melanie

    Interesting post Anthony! Traveling is tough. I always feel like I’m a little out of my element anytime I’m away from home when it comes to what I’m eating. You always seem to do so well. It is really tough to maintain your standards when you are bouncing around. We do have it really good in numerous ways. Enjoy your travels!

  • Catherine

    I'll never forget traveling in France as a vegetarian (not vegan) and asking if a dish had meat in it. (I used the word "viande") Oh no, I was assured "seulement charcuterie" — which are cured meats like sausage and ham… but those are not "meat" in their language. Pretty funny, actually. It's perhaps less shocking to realize there are cultural nuances in a second language – there is something about speaking English that makes it easier to carry preconceptions about things like food with us… I think it's REALLY important to travel and learn to see the world from the perspective of a different culture. That does mean you cannot assume even the most basic things – all part of the adventure!

  • Susan

    umm…their ingredients are probably grown in better conditions that what your 'organic' labeled food is in the US.

  • Julian

    Poor tourist, can't find food up to your standards. Well, learning the local language so you can explain to the misguided natives how and why to prepare things the correct way would definitely take way too long. Instead, just blog about how grody it is that there's not more certified organic food in 'foreign' countries. Ever stop to consider who made these folks grow and use so much sugar and abandon their native farming methods in favor of industrial farming and food distribution methods in the first place? Could it have been … the amazing United States?

  • Rawmodel

    I think Julian missed the point of the article. And Susan…the developing countries use way too much petrochemicals for fertilizers and pesticides…our US corporations and the WTO push it down their throats.

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