Anti Cheese/Cheese, The Best Cheese On Earth Is Actually Vegan

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Beneath the Williamsburg Bridge, just off the East River, multitudes of microbes are silently ripening a viscous concoction formulated by two Argentinean transplants. The contents of this mixture, and of the modest kitchen itself, are poised to transform the face of one of the most impassioned and rapidly-growing foodie cultures: vegans.

Legend has it that thousands of years ago, in the deserts of Arabia, a nomad carrying milk in a sack made from sheep intestine produced the accidental first batch of cheese curds. Her movements agitated the amalgam of milk and intestinal enzymes and, under the hot sun, produced what we call cheese. Rennet (or Rennin), an enzyme that is a product of calf stomachs and sheep intestines is a key ingredient in typical cheeses – not only making most cheese undesirable for vegans, but also for vegetarians – many of whom imagine that cheese is somehow produced without harming animals. Some veal with your cheese?

They are pioneering a new cheese, and there is no reason that any food lover shouldn’t take them seriously

The world of vegan cheese-like-imitations usually consists of heavily processed soy products simply made to look like cheese at first glance – and never followed through by taste or texture. Some Vegan cheese-esque products are notorious among the adventurous, and tend to elicit the response “well it tastes ok if you cook it in something and add a ton of nutritional yeast, but never on its own”. Placing a block of vegan ‘cheese’ on a board among fruit and crackers would be considered heretical among cheese connoisseurs and self-aware vegans alike. “It Melts!” is usually the selling point for these rubbery replicas and even the long awaited ‘Scheese’, imported from Scotland is a yucky disappointment after months of anticipation by American dairy-abstainers. The only tolerable soy-based cheese is ‘Follow Your Heart’ Monterey Jack. Even still, none of these so-called cheeses even deserve the title ‘cheese’.

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Enter Veronica and Pablo of Dr. Cow, a small company that got its start making granola. They use raw, organic tree nuts like cashews and macadamias as the base of their cheese products. They apply different cultures and molds, and age it like any udder cheese. The final products are irresistible, delicious, and obsession-worthy artisan cheeses that are not only amazingly savory and versatile, but they are 100% raw, vegan, and full of probiotics, enzymes, protein, healthy fats, and omega fatty acids. While conventional cow’s milk-based cheeses are laden with cholesterol, chemicals, hormones and a host of other objectionable attributes – not to mention the ethical and environmental concerns of animal agriculture and dairy-collection, Dr. Cow’s cheeses are an anomaly; Healthy and deviantly indulgent.

Pablo and Veronica have relayed to me that they are continually refining and perfecting the process of making these cheeses. There is a hard Parmesan-like variety, bleu cheese, Roquefort molded, cream cheese, herbed wheels, truffled squares, blue-green algae layers, flax-crusted, and my favorite – the original soft cashew wheel that is reminiscent of a soft, sharp cheddar. Apparently they are experimenting with Swiss Cheese bacterias now. They are pioneering a new cheese, and there is no reason that any food lover shouldn’t take them seriously. “We are perfecting a process that involves balancing many ingredients, carefully controlling environmental humidities, temperatures, and ripening processes. New York City is our testing grounds, and we certainly plan to expand”.

If you want to try these cheeses, visit Pure Food & Wine, Organic Avenue, Marlow & Sons, or Westerly Natural Market. or by direct at

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  • Jennyjen

    Oooh, this cheese looks truly AMAZING. YAY! I'm very excited to try this!!!

  • Liz

    I just ordered and received two of Dr. Cow's vegan cheeses. I tried the aged cashew, and the cashew and the brazil nut cheese. First of all, I want to say that I think it's really respectable that someone is finally going to this extent to produce a specialty vegan cheese for fancy occasions.

    That being said, I thought both of the cheeses I got were just mediocre. I haven't tried all of the cheeses, so I can't speak for all of them, but I was truthfully disappointed. It was a nice treat, but not for the price. It also was nothing like cheese… at… all. Not in texture or taste. It was more like a flavored nut pate. I would be willing to try other Dr. Cow cheeses, but I don't think I'll try those again. Good luck to all tasters out there.

  • Dave

    The whole fake food thing is just stupid. You need to be vegetarian like me? Then fuggin' eat vegetables and stop trying to fool yourself with fake "burgers" produced in a lab with more phony stuff going on than a Twinkie. Same thing with the vegans. You need to be vegan? OK, that means no cheese. Then why give up something that's at least "natural" in favor of some waxy crap cooked up in a lab? Really. It makes no sense at all. Except for commerce, because somebody's making money off of your perverted take on vegatarianism or veganism by selling you ersatz CRAP. Really. You like cheese? Then you're not vegan. Eat cheese. You like hamburgers? Then you're not a vegetarian. Eat ground beef or turkey. But not some crap from a beaker.

  • marki

    Is it bollocks. Cheese is made from milk. If it's not it isn't butter!!!!!!!!

  • Wanda

    Why not send out free samples to those who request them, and get them hooked? I'd love to try them, but agree that the price is too high. Samples? I know that if I liked them, I would continue to purchase the anti-cheese I prefer.

  • Rei

    Most cheese now isn't made with any animal parts, all vegeterian. Make sure to check the label though, cause not all are.

  • Alle

    I agree that you should eat whole real food, and not a bunch of overly processed stuff. But there are a lot of alternative stuff out that is not anymore processed or fake than any other recipe. Only "fake" in the sense of imitating another flavor, but with healthier ingredients. Like this product, is literally just whole raw nuts grounded up and mixed with the very same cultures used to culture milk into cheese. And there are some healthy wholesome veggie burgers out there that are just whole legumes and rice and vegetables, not isolated proteins and a bunch of other junk in them. The reason some people would still want to be vegan even though they still like the taste of dairy foods is because they are doing it for ethical, environmental or health reasons, not because they don't like cheese or whatever. So obviously those reasons are far more important to them then the taste of something, but if there are alternatives that can come somewhat close and satisfy that craving without compromising their reasons for avoiding the real thing, then why not?

  • Ryan

    Dave, what an absolutely ridiculous comment. I was a big carcass eater before I came a vegan and love the taste of meat/cheese but consciously feel wrong supporting the said market.

    If we can redefine what cheese actually is, as described in this post and have something that is just as healthy (if not more) why can't that be the new association for the term?

    Glad to have stumbled upon this.

  • Nagev

    Most people arent vegan because they dont enjoy the taste of meat or dairy. They do it for moral reasons, they dont condone cruelty to animals. Your just mad because you dont have the will power to do what is morally right , and you feel you need to bad mouth what vegans eat to justify it in your own mind. You make zero sense, you have no idea what your talking about. People like you are annoying. Oh, and its not "fake food" its humane food.

  • Adam

    Reading this article, it seems clear that it's no more "fake" than real cheese, yogurt, beer, wine, tempeh, or any other food that goes through some sort of fermentation or aging process. The only reason people would call it "fake cheese" is for marketing purposes, and so that carnivores have some idea about what to feed vegetarians.

  • Jonas

    uh, I don't know why you're in such an uproar about this. What's the big deal? I stopped craving cheese about a year after going vegan, but I still enjoy fake cheese and fake meat. I don't crave it especially, it's just another flavor to enjoy cooking with. If you don't want to eat it, that's fine, just don't tell me it's somehow "wrong." You probably don't get why a lesbian would want to use a dildo either, am I right?

  • Adam

    Looks interesting and it’s a brilliant idea, but let’s think about what’s going on here. They’re using cashews and macadamia nuts… which have to be grown thousands of miles away from NYC. If you want to talk ethical/environmental concerns, I’d be less concerned about cheese made locally from organic, well managed animals. I wonder if it could be done with walnuts, pecans, or something that can be grown in temperate climates. Anyway, my point is, vegan is not always the superior choice purely for the fact of being vegan. It often is, but we should look deeper.

  • B.T.

    My only comment is that most cheese these days is made from rennin produced by bacteria. Much like human insulin is now produced. No intestines necessary!

  • The Discerning Brute

    Dave, you need to get over it. Your comment is incredibly ignorant. Following your logic, we shouldn't enjoy films because it simulates life (if you like life, start living and stop watching "fake" life!) Oh yeah, and the next time you eat a piece of mint gum maybe you should be chewing on a mint leaf instead. Your comparison of meat and cheese substitutes to Twinkies is just ridiculous. They are not made in test tubes. Often many of them are pretty simple vegetable and grain-based ingredients. Seitan is one of the oldest meat-simulators dating back to 7th Century Buddhist Monks. I know they didn't have test tubes.

    It sounds like you're confusing a puritanical religion with an ethics-based social justice issue. If we can enjoy the tastes and textures of whatever food we like without contributing to the institutionalized and industrialized systems of animal exploitation – why not? Who cares what it's simulating?

    Dr. Cows' Tree Nut Cheese are made with nuts, water, cultures, salt, and time. Nothing "fake" about it. I eat it all the time and it's delicious, healthy, and no veal industry came into existence as a result.

  • Kathy Hussey

    I am not vegan, but I enjoy eating a wide variety of foods – particularly those that replace dairy products in a satisfying way. I wish I could say I loved this cheese, but frankly it tastes absolutely nothing like cheese, as was suggested by the article. I ordered the “cream cheese” and the aged cashew cheese – both were extremely SOUR (like lemon) with nothing to balance that flavor. I suppose this is an attempt to make the cheeses seem “sharp”, but…yuck. I really didn’t have much expectation of it tasting like cheese, but I did think it might taste GOOD. Oh well.

  • Abiuro

    this is amazing! … just too bad for me because I’m from Brazil :(

  • Eric Xiang

    What are these? food or art?

  • gliving

    [New Post] Anti Cheese/Cheese, The Best Cheese On Earth Is Actually Vegan – via #twitoaster
    via Twitoaster

  • G Monkie

    I just went to Candle 79 and would say…it wasn't that good. Especially when you think about the prices your paying. Yes, they have a big selection of dishes, but it was very average tasting and the place is looking a bit old. I actually noticed a few of the old favorite raw / vegan restaurants in NYC a looking a bit old. They need some freshing up but I am guessing the money just isn't there.

    I mean when your paying over $100 for two people to have lunch or dinner, the chairs shouldn't be falling apart. Right?

  • Dr. Schoen

    I can feel another trip to New York coming on! Another great food destination to add to Candle 79 and Babycakes!

  • Elaine

    A friend of ours who lives in NY visited us a year ago and brought samples of the cheeses that were available at the time. Simply stated, they were divinely delicious! I'm waiting for the day that they can ship some to me as I reside in southern VA.

  • DarkShadow

    ohhhh, please be available in Europe soon!

  • heylook

    Been to Westerly numerous times — they never have it. Ever. EVER! EVERRRR! Ahem. Sorry. Just Really want to try this stuff. =]

  • Xincontriadulti

    I like the article

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