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arbor sports 01 Arbor Sports | Ecologically Based Gear

I’m an avid indoorsman who fled the bleak Midwestern winters for the more favorable southern California climate. And, despite a few offers of instruction, I have never in my life attempted to snowboard or ski. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the environmental contribution of Arbor Sports.

Until recently, I didn’t even know the Venice, California company was ecologically based. It’s not something they scream from the slopes; it’s just the way they are. And the way they’ve always been. Favoring natural materials over harmful, man-made ones, Arbor strives to provide the athlete or enthusiast with the best style and performance they can create with least amount of environmental impact.

arbor sports 02 Arbor Sports | Ecologically Based Gear

Their boards – surf, skate and snow – are made from the topsheets to the cores with sustainable, inherently organic bamboo or koa and adhesed with limited epoxy. Leftover materials aren’t scrapped, they’re utilized in every way possible – even down to the hang tags on their apparel – which, incidentally, is made with bamboo and organic cotton. And design-wise, their products are unique and sexy.

Equally impressive is the fact that Arbor isn’t afraid to admit that their environmentalism is a never ending work-in-progress. Striving for complete sustainability in sporting gear isn’t easy – especially in untapped waters in which one is among the few attempting to provide it. But as new technologies and materials emerge, Arbor investigates, experiments and implements.

Of course, all of this means nothing if their efforts result in compromised performance. Which is where having a rider owned and operated organization comes in handy. Arbor wants to be green, but they won’t be so at the expense of their product. Besides, who better to make snowboard and skate gear than snowboarders and skaters?

So, while I may not know an inverted ariel from an inward heel flip, I know that sustainability is important for both indoorsman and out. And I’m stoked to see Arbor not only living it but rocking it.

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