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Are You One Of The G / INFLUENCERS In Your World?

Posted By V Ol Blak On October 18, 2010 @ 2:51 pm In G/Videos,Green Report / Media,Pop Culture / Celebrities | 1 Comment

This trailer for the documentary Influencers caught my eye this morning and sent my brain racing. Why you ask? Well, to be frank, I am in the middle of re-thinking G Living in the Post Green Special Status World. Yes, green as a special issue is dead in my opinion. I still believe the world will keep moving towards a “G” lifestyle, but the original movements concept of just adding the word Green, or Organic to your products name or onto your website some how made it exciting… is oh so dead my friends. Dead Dead Dead! Don’t be grim, that is a good thing. It had to happen. You are ask why again aren’t you? Because it’s been over used, over hyped and under delivered. Yelling global warming from the roof tops and then not demanding real change is an issue.

Yes, labeling everything green and allowing anyone with a heart beat to just claim to be some kind of green expert and oh the practice of over hyping everything as the next best thing since who knows what, is dull and very draining. Also, what about “green” product concepts which never make it to market or way under deliver? Yeah, kills the “I am so excited” feelings about going green. My favorite is hyping companies as “Fashion Brands” when in reality, they are no more than a couple of people who happen to print some eco slogans and designs on to pre-made organic T-Shirts. Not exactly high fashion or any different than the 100,000 other T-Shirt printers out there. They just happen to be using “Green” keywords.

The “Green” Movement as it was launched is Oh So DEAD, DEAD, DEAD, Don’t be grim, thats a good thing

I think I see the green movement different than most. I have from the beginning of this wave. I have always thought, generically labeling everything “Green”, “Eco” and so on was a bad way to go. By painting everything with the same label, guaranties nothing will stand out. It’s like the PC market vs Apple. If you have a PC, who cares what brand it is. Everyone assumes its a cheaply made computer with little thought put into the design or the materials used to build it. But Apple computer stayed away from that crowd and built a completely different type of product. In the end everyone, even PC people now know, Apple cares about the design, the experience and the materials used to create the products. Apple products are not PC’s. Everyone knows the difference, if they have used one or not. Even down to the ads… Apple stood alone and stayed unique. And now, Apple, not PC maker Number 1, or PC Maker Number 2 and so on, stands alone influencing how the entire world feels about computers, phones, music and anything with a chip in it.

This is what I hope G Living will achieve in the long run. Become a brand which means so much more than just “Green”. A brand people will instantly get and just naturally want to integrate into their lives. Someday everyone will want to live a little “G”! Right? Smile and just shake your head. And now go out there and be a “G” influencer yourself. Go set the trends that will pull in the 6 billion non “G” living knuckle dragging Flesh Monkies out there. We can only do this together… believe me, alone, we don’t stand a chance.

This documentary follows not the Trend Setting Green Brands but all the trendsetters, from music, fashion, politics and design. Checkout their official facebook page.

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