Ashley Judd | Not So Green?

ashleyjudd Ashley Judd | Not So Green?

When it comes to clothing forget machine washing. Beware of greenwashing.

“Ashley Judd Designs Eco-Friendly Fashion For Charity” or so screamed the headlines. The actress’s new “sustainable” range is available exclusively at the American clothing chain giant Goody’s, with a portion of the proceeds going to educational organizations across the country. This, from the actress herself: “Our schools are in dire need. With my eco-friendly, moderately priced clothes, Goody’s will give away half a million dollars to schools in need. And that’s just the first year.”

Not particularly known for her sartorial sense, Ashley has certainly created a line of moderately-priced clothes, but I think she should temper her eco-excitement. On closer examination, of the 49 items making up the Ashley Judd collection – including tops, bottoms, denim, sweaters, shoes and bags — only 2 are made from organic cotton.

ashley judd01 Ashley Judd | Not So Green?

Here’s how the rest break down: 25 are made from regular cotton; 2 from vinyl; 1 is a polyester/spandex blend; 1 is a cotton/spandex blend; 7 are made from leather; 6 are made from man-made materials; 1 is suede; and 4 are made from undisclosed materials.

Hmmm. Green? I think Ashley might be colorblind.

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