Atlanta Shipping Container House

atlanta shipping container houses Atlanta Shipping Container House

If you’re a regular follower of the Design section here on G Living, you’re probably aware of my shipping container obsession. These 32,000 pound containers, which decades ago shipped everything from furniture to clothes overseas, are now all sitting around taking up space.

Except, of course, for those that are being used to build disaster relief shelters or affordable housing, like this 1,920 square foot three-container structure in Atlanta. What this place shows is one of the many outside-the-box design possibilities for these recycled containers. They can be stacked, laid side by side or arranged in less symmetrical and more creative ways. As a basic building block, the possibilities are pretty much endless. And all it takes is minor modifications — i.e., cutting out windows, like you see here — to make it your own. Better still, the containers protect against hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and fires — and termites hate ‘em.

And down the line, when you need more space — just have another one shipped to you. It’s that easy.

This house, spotted on materialicious, was reportedly designed by Soren Ludwig of Global Peace Containers. If you haven’t seen their site, I highly recommend it. They’re a not-for-profit org working to produce “sustainable housing and community buildings such as medical facilities, schools and neighborhood centers” out of retired containers.

Shipping container house. I want one. And I know you do, too.

  • GeorgeRunkle

    Actually, the architect on this house was Francis Kirkpatrick, and my company did the structural design: Runkle Consulting, Inc. We’re working on a couple projects right now in Atlanta, GA. To be exact, we have one single family home that we will be designing as a demonstration project for a home builder, Myers Group LLC, and we have two proposals in for design of other jobs. One will that we submitted a proposal on is a dormitory/administrative facility for Rebox Green ( and the other is for an accessory structure for a house near Georgia Tech. In Dekalb County, we’re working on a proposal for a house near Stone Mountain. We also are getting a proposal together for the design of a house in Louisiana. Our website, covers a lot of the specific information on what we’re doing.

  • George Runkle

    We're building another one pretty much like this one next door. The architect will be Francis Kirkpatrick (same architect as the first one) and the structural engineering will be by my company (again), Runkle Consulting, Inc. We're really excited about this. Soren Ludwig was not involved with the first one, and won't be involved with this one btw. The blog post is in error there.

  • Damdaman

    I have the same obsession, I like many others want to build a nice custom shipping container home. I think its cool, hope it doesnt become trendy, though it looks like it might have happened already. One problem with your post; You refer to this as as a "three container structure" Its three stories, thats for sure, but it is also two containers wide, a single container is only eight feet wide. 1920 square feet, thats 28x40x3. Personally, living in the country where space isn't an issue, I would go at least three wide, staggered to add interest. This is still a very nice home though.

  • cerno

    what is the cost for some like this???

  • gmonkie

    Here in L.A. a container house runs around $200 sqft but this is a very expensive market. In places like Oregon, custom building can run as low as $70 sq ft.

  • gmonkie

    Here is the companies website, which built the house in this post:

  • Nmansilla

    Visit MEKA World, they have very nice proposals / solutions, all based in CNT

  • Shipping to Australia

    Great architecture can be accomplished with the help of containers!!

  • christina007

    What does the INSIDE look like ???

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