Author Claims Global Warming Is A Myth

globalwarming myth Author Claims Global Warming Is A Myth

Author Bjorn Lomborg’s latest project proves to be as controversial as his former offerings. His new book, Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming, takes on climate change, which in his opinion is a myth perpetrated by environmentalists with their own agendas and perpetuated by the wrongly informed, overly emotional populace. He denounces the predicted effects of global warming, labeling them “vastly exaggerated and emotional claims that are simply not founded in data”.

For example, he states that the experts’ predictions that Greenland’s melting ice threatens a catastrophic sea-level rise, is, in his opinion, grandiose hype.

Lomborg’s in-your-face manner may not be the bedside suave we prefer when being jolted by alternate point of view. However, there may be some validity beneath his bluster. What I would like to see out of this controversy isn’t a town-hall debate between both factions on the topic of, is global warming fact or fiction?

In my opinion, we’re asking the wrong question. By intellectualizing as to will ice melt and will polar bears become extinct, we take precious time and energy away from a proven, indisputable fact that we aren’t being responsible citizens of this world.

Maybe a better question would be, “Can we make changes in our behavior and eradicate the true culprits — apathy, entitlement and irresponsibility — leading to whatever disaster awaits us?”

Back in my Catholic school days, some teens questioned if there was a heaven or hell, and used their hope of no hell to participate in destructive behaviors. The global warming debate is an extension of that mindset – those not believing in hell continue to abuse our valuable resources…and in so doing just might end up creating that hell here on earth.

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