Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson, created in 2007 to document his journey from eating cooked to raw (“live”- plants, nuts, fruit) foods. Motivated initially by the desire to lean up and lose a little weight for his modeling career, he happened upon a book about raw foods and decided to try it for 2 weeks. Aside from seeing physical changes almost immediately, he also experienced profound bursts of energy, happiness, and metal clarity. He became convinced through his own trial, errors, and further research that eating raw/living foods is the way human beings should eat and live. He has gone through the ups and downs of raw foods and hopes to share his experiences in order to make it easier for others that are just begining their own journey.

Plant Therapy

There is just something so therapeutic about working with plants. Beyond conventional therapies (possibly including many meditations) and both chemical AND natural powders and pills – I would love to see people who are sadly suffering from stress and maybe even depression simply include more plants into their lives. Its really something special.

I’m adding more and more edibles to this lovely space in Arizona, and the potential really feels endless. The Desert Space of Love! Little pockets everywhere to put in good soil with a beautiful little plant.

I’m thinking about Desert adaptable plants –

Prickly Pear Cacti
Pinion Pines
Hardy Rosemary
The Wonderful World of Citrus

I’m mulching everything heavily, and giving them lots of attention. They are all doing really well – lots of flowers and new growth.

Plant more edibles. Little pockets EVERYWHERE.

In Fitness Consistency Gets the Goods

raw model consistency 01 In Fitness Consistency Gets the Goods

Opinions on what we should and should not eat flood our lives every day. I’ve been on a high-raw vegan diet for almost 5 years now. A good proportion of that ended up being green smoothies and superfood smoothies. If someone includes those two items into their day, its pretty difficult not to stay high-raw…they are total meals by themselves.

I’ve been branching out a little bit lately with what I’ve been listening to. Not exactly the same raw vegan material as before. I’ve been listening to some speakers with a more “paleo” style of eating, which would include raw, grass-fed meat and dairy. And eggs. LOTS of eggs. I heard a speaker online today talk about healing someone with 18 raw eggs a day.

Im not saying AT ALL that im going to get into that way of eating. I like my diet the way it is. I’ll occasionally have some pasture-raised chicken eggs, but the real bulk is in the superfoods, greens, and raw plant fats, especially hemp and coconut.

raw model consistency 02 In Fitness Consistency Gets the Goods

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RawModel Re-Discovers Water

healthy spring water rawmodel 01 RawModel Re Discovers Water

I thought I had water figured out. Municipal tap and all its goodies like chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, and toilet paper residue were long gone from my reality. When I would see friends and family drinking it I would cringe inside. We are giving ourselves a light dose of antibiotics when we drink chlorinated water. And fluoride? Can anyone say mind control? Google “fluoride mind control” for some very interesting reading material.

I was a bottled water drinker. I hated the idea of all the plastic, but I tried as much as possible to buy gallon bottles and to reuse them for watering my plants or other duties. I figured they were quickly recycled anyways.

Then I started to learn about xenoestrogens (estrogens found outside of nature, such as in PLASTIC), and how they were totally screwing with our endocrine systems. Feminizing men and giving cancer to women…wha? Just because plastic is EVERYWHERE, doesn’t mean that its ok to use. We are not only what we eat, but also what we drink. Drink more plastic…could it be? So what to do about all of this?

I came across Daniel Vitalis through the website We Like it Raw. He has been experimenting with optimal nutrition for 15 years, going through vegan to raw-vegan to wild foods, and now even grass fed animal products. He is about thriving, and his approach to nutrition has inspired me immensely.

healthy spring water rawmodel 02 RawModel Re Discovers Water

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The Raw Models 43 Day Full Body Transformation

rawmodel weightloss muscle gain before after 04 The Raw Models 43 Day Full Body Transformation

Photographer: Ron Cadiz

You sometimes must experience what you are not in order to become what you are.

This was a while ago for me, but I remember it well. I struggled immensely with emotional eating. I was living alone, my family was 1500 miles away, and I was in a long distance relationship. That, and the fact that I allowed my diet to exclude me from most social situations left me pretty solitary for many, many months. Sometimes it would just be too much, and I would start to stuff the emotions with junk food. This would make me tired, and so I would cease going to the gym as well. Double negative.

The pictures below were from September 06. I had a bad spell, which lasted about 3 weeks. My body couldn’t handle the barrage at all. I slipped into a mild depression.

Everyone has a breaking point though. I gained about 15 lbs, and that was enough for me.

rawmodel weightloss muscle gain before after 01 The Raw Models 43 Day Full Body Transformation

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The More I Travel | The More I Realize How Amazing United State Really Is

anthony anderson traveling 02 The More I Travel | The More I Realize How Amazing United State Really Is

The more I travel, the more I realize how amazing the USA is.

Let me be straight here.… I have been pretty harsh on US policies, mostly reflecting the past 8 years, and actually the past 60 years of America. So much wasted potential…so much needless suffering that just creates more suffering.

BUT… Ive been traveling around lately, and Im coming to realize just how great we have it back home.
I speak for Europe too. Especially as conscious eaters, we are so fortunate to live in countries where we can actually buy healthy stuff. If you travel to SE asia, you pretty much have to throw your organic standards right out the plane window before you land.

Its just not going to happen. Ive had to really make adjustments here, and I cannot tell you how great it will be to drink green smoothies again.

We went to a juice bar today, and their idea of “juice” was blended carrots with water in a half-assed blender. We talked them into making an avocado-mango smoothie, but had to tell them TWICE not to dump sugar in it like they usually do. Seriously. We had a coconut water at a restaurant today, and you could totally tell that they put syrup in it. WHAT THE HELL???

anthony anderson traveling The More I Travel | The More I Realize How Amazing United State Really Is

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Bali | Everything A Conscious Traveler Needs To Know

anthony anderson bali 01 Bali | Everything A Conscious Traveler Needs To Know

So here is the scoop for all you lucky souls out there considering a trip down to SE Asia.

Just a sidenote:
Those of us born in the “developed” world have so much to be thankful for. We were born rich.
Most people that you will meet in SE Asia have never left their own country. When you feel down because of your tax bill in april or because your computer keeps shutting down unexpectedly, take a deep breath and regain the awareness of how UNFATHOMABLY lucky you are.

Ok…here we go.

If you are going to Bali, you will likely want to just stay in Ubud. The island is relatively small, so you can do day trips from Ubud, which is centrally located. The beach is an hour away,
the mountains are an hour away…all easily reached. When you are ready to hire a driver for the day, avoid all the guys that hassle you on the street yelling “Transport?” “Taxi?” You will have to negotiate with them, and it can be a bit maddening at times. Use these guys for quick trips around town if you don’t have the time to go on foot. DO NOT be afraid to walk away. There are many more of them down the road, and this bold move will usually get them to accept your offer. For a quick drive around town, expect to pay about $2, maybe $3 if its rainy or late at night. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Indoor Super Sprouting…We don’t need no fields!

spinich sprouts Indoor Super Sprouting…We don’t need no fields!
As more of us become aware about the large amount of nutrients found in very recently picked produce compared to the produce that is shipped for days over thousands of miles, indoor sprouting is becoming a common site in the kitchen of green foodies everywhere.
Why Sprout?

1. Keepin’ it fresh…

There is simply nothing fresher. Not only are sprouts still intact and alive, but they are FAR fresher than any organic produce bought in a grocery store…even a local farmer’s market. As soon as a plant is cut off from its life source (the roots), it begins to die. The beauty of eating sprouts is that they are usually eaten 10-15 minutes after harvesting, many times sooner. Think about it; even at a local farmer’s market, the produce you are buying has been harvested at the very earliest that morning, more likely the day before. That equates to hundreds of times longer than the freshly harvested sprouts. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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