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As a host, I have come home to my true calling…making a difference for the planet while inspiring others to live the G Lifestyle. This is the job I have always dreamed of!

Pearl Jam Uses Concerts To Protest Oil Company BP Amaco

pearljam 01 Pearl Jam Uses Concerts To Protest Oil Company BP Amaco

A look back at Pearl Jams Concert Protest against BP Oil to protect the Great Lakes. BP has a long history of being the root of major oil disasters. The current major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico isn’t the first evidence of BP making bad choices in the name of making a quick buck.

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder was once quoted as saying that when he saw himself on the cover of magazines at the supermarkets, he “hated that guy”. Not sure how the rest of the band felt about him, but one thing is certain: you can add BP Amoco to the list of things Vedder and Pearl Jam hate.

While the oil giant is often considered more enviro-conscious than their oily competitors, their Whiting Refinery in Indiana has a new permit that gives them permission to dump over 1,500 lbs. of ammonia and almost 5,000 pounds of suspended solids into area lakes. And Pearl Jam doesn’t approve.

Pearl Jam has done one better. At Lollapalooza, they performed a new song, “Don’t Go To BP Amoco”, which you can see in the video below, shot by someone in the audience.

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Petroleum vs. Diesel vs. Biodiesel, The Cold Hard Facts

audi r8 diesel 01 Petroleum vs. Diesel vs. Biodiesel, The Cold Hard Facts

Are people really making engines run on french fry grease? Apparently they are. You may also know by now that Mr. Rudolf Diesel premiered the engine at the 1900 World’s Fair to run on peanut oil. So, this is nothing new.

But I still don’t get it. I have no idea what the difference is between biodiesel and a grease car, other than the fact that one is a chemical mixture of organic materials and the other is straight veggie oil. But isn’t it all the same? No. Lets break it down before Josh Tickell (Mr. BioDiesel) joins me for an extended chat on The Real G Room 101. Here’s what I know so far (the rest will get cleared up when we speak)…

Petroleum: 87/89/91 grade fuel. Good old Gasoline.

The Wiki sez:

“Gasoline or petrol is a petroleum-derived liquid mixture consisting mostly of aliphatic hydrocarbons and enhanced with aromatic hydrocarbons toluene, benzene or iso-octane to increase octane ratings, primarily used as fuel in internal combustion engines.” Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Pro Skater Bob Burnquist And His Friends Are Taking The Fitness Business Green

bobburnquist 03 Pro Skater Bob Burnquist And His Friends Are Taking The Fitness Business Green

Pro Skater Bob Burnquist And His Friends Are Taking The Fitness Business Green. How by focusing on Fitness apparel of course. Fitness makes me think of athletic apparel. Which reminds me of the days I worked at a major athletic shoe licensee here in West L.A. The marketing director at the time always used to say “FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION.” I never bothered to ask what it meant, although I found myself repeating it when ordering food, dating or getting new pair of pants. That’s why Wikipedia is the greatest thing ever… and the Wiki sez: “form follows function… the basic principle stating the shape of an object should be predicated or based on its intended function or purpose.”

And that got me thinking G Fitness… what would it look like if fitness followed sustainability? (An exhausting intro to an article, I know… welcome to my mind.) In my effort to answer my new question, I found the Action Sports Environmental Coalition (ASEC).

ASEC, supported by action-sports athletes, industry leaders and natural-products companies, aims to answer their own question: “What would happen if the action sports industry became a role model for sustainability?” (Fitness Follows Sustainability?). ASEC founders Frank Scura, Bob Burnquist, Jen O’Brien and Damon Way answered the call in 2001 by creating the organization. ASEC specializes in progressive eco-education and empowers people to adopt a sustainable existence in a way that embraces their current lifestyle and enhances it. Sounds totally “G” to me!

bobburnquist 01 Pro Skater Bob Burnquist And His Friends Are Taking The Fitness Business Green

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A Glimpse At The Future Of Green Roofs

green roof 1 A Glimpse At The Future Of Green Roofs

With the Studio lit, furniture in place and The Real G up and running in Room 101… there’s only one thing left to do: Green the Roof! The roof is already pretty “G” with solar panels, a wind monitoring device (surveying the best location for our wind power) and water runoff going into our gardens. But there is more we can do?

In the old days, big city rooftop gardens were found mostly atop hotels or in the apartments of the elite few who could afford greener pastures in lands of concrete and glass shadows. But today’s rooftop garden industry has gone mainstream: now you, too, can take back the slates, tiles and shingles and exchange them for soil, bulbs and brush.

The units are genius: made of recycled materials, they interlock together and can be customized with whatever plants you want. While there are some structural requirements necessary to put them on your roof, they are a great addition to any space. Imagine going on Google Earth and seeing satellite photos of your neighborhood with green everywhere.

green roof 4 A Glimpse At The Future Of Green Roofs

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The Real G | Boise Goes On An Electric Car Date with Worm Tongue

When G Living told me I’d be cruising around with an actor named “Brad” in his electric car, I was like, “Whoa! I wonder if Angie and the kids’ll be in the back seat?”

“No,” they answered. “Not Brad Pitt. Brad Dourif.” I went to the Internet Movie Database to make sure I knew who they were talking about, and when I saw that the character actor had a amazingly diverse resume dating back to an Oscar-nominated performance in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, I was like, “Whoa! That’s even cooler than Brad Pitt!”

The ride was fun. And so was our chat, which extended far beyond movies and electric cars.

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Sharkwater, Who Is The Real Killer | Watch The Full Docomentary on G Living

sharkwater 03 Sharkwater, Who Is The Real Killer | Watch The Full Docomentary on G Living

When biologist / filmmaker Rob Stewart set out to document a creature most of us see only in Hollywood movies (or in our worst nightmares), he knew the project would be one of the most difficult in his life. But he never could have imagined the extreme and bizarre nature of those difficulties. In the process of making this emotional and tragic film about the Earth’s most feared predators, he realized that sharks were in fact prey — and that their greatest enemy was mankind.

A lifelong fascination with sharks led Toronto-born Stewart, an experienced diver and underwater photographer, to embark on “Sharkwater”. Along the way, the filmmaker managed to expose and debunk the stereotype of the 4.5 million-year-old stewards of the oceans as bloodthirsty, man-eating monsters and reveal the reality of sharks as a key component to the earth’s circle of life.

But after surviving generation after generation of mass extinctions on this planet, sharks are officially in danger of being wiped out by human greed.

Part One
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The Real G! | Wired LivingHome, The Future Is Here

Modern? Luxury? Green? Wow. Sounds like a job for G Living! And send me, please. We’re excited to be invited to the first ever Wired LivingHome. Off to Brentwood, California, taking you (wherever you are) to a residence that promises to serve as the benchmark for how we can live NOW. The future is here. NOW. We may not be fulfilling upon my vision of the future: the Jetsons with flying cars and instant pill meals (just add water)… but iPhones and electric cars come pretty close, and if you’re a total construction/architecture slut like me, these homes (if you’ve never seen one) make me want to swear. They’re cool. And this one is open to the public. We can get in, and you can, too.

BMW is getting in on the action by sponsoring the event, shuttling people and offering test drives with their CleanEnergy Campaign. And %s of the proceeds go to Global Green USA, the champions that enable people like you and me to afford a home like this. Look for them coming to visit us soon on The Real G.

wiredhome The Real G! | Wired LivingHome, The Future Is Here

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Virgin 1 TV | Richard Branson & Natalie Imbruglia?

richard branson Virgin 1 TV | Richard Branson & Natalie Imbruglia?

There’s no stopping Richard Branson. This guy began his $4 billion empire in the ‘70s when disco ruled, turned the “Me” decade of private jets to public air travel in the ‘80s, sipped soda in the ‘90s and now in the Oh-Ohs is going after… TELEVISION? Is he for real?

Yes. But as with any Hollywood story, there are facts and alleged facts.

The fact is this: Virgin Media is planning the first ever Virgin-branded television channel – Virgin 1. The alleged facts are that as part of the network’s programming, Branson will be launching his own version of Cribs-of-the-Rich-and-Famous – only with a green angle. Also rumored is that his host of choice is Australian soap actress turned pop singer, Natalie Imbruglia.

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Currently Energizing G Monkey, Shut Up and Let Me Go! by THE TING TINGS

ting tings rocking gliving 01 Currently Energizing G Monkey, Shut Up and Let Me Go! by THE TING TINGS

Working here at G Living requires endless hours of researching, designing, shooting, programming, seeking out new revenue streams and of course editing. And to keep going day after day, we need some really good music, to keep our brains pumping along. Basically we are powered by the beat of the music, which we call G/Soundtrack and loads of Espresso via our talking espresso maker JOE. And when we come a cross something extra special that just seems to make us forget about all the hours, days and years that are flying by, we are compelled to pass it along to you.

This week, thanks to the new itunes ad, we are being powered via The Ting Tings. Checkout their itunes ad and a few live performances via youtube. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Room101 | Terracycle Reversing the Terra-ble Cycle, CEO Tom Szaky in Room101

Going for the green, getting wasted, dropping out of college and collecting bottles is not the first thing you’d think of when you meet Tom Szaky, Princeton dropout. But the 25-year-old Hungarian born refugee, raised in Toronto, Canada, has done just that. The Ivy League freshman went home to visit friends who happened to be growing ganga plants. And they were doing really well. The secret wasn’t in the seed or the weed. It was in the soil. Vermicompost, the end-product of the breakdown of organic matter by earthworms — also called worm castings — is rich in nutrients and serves as nature’s soil conditioner and fertilization. And when Szaky saw worm poop, he saw dollar signs.

Szaky went greener by developing the first and only business built from beginning to end using waste: organic garbage, turned into worm castings, packaged in recycled soda bottles and shipped in other companies’ misprinted boxes. Ironically, all of this from New Jersey, which is referred to as both the “garden” state and the “garbage” state.

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What If The Music Could Make The Video

Jakob Trollback ask this question at a recent Ted Conference, What if the Music it self could direct a visual music video? What would that look like? Then he proceeded to show the audience exactly what that might look like with a few messages about the rising water tossed in.

Jakob Trollback is the founder and Creative Director of the firm Trollback + Company. They specialize in motion graphics for movies, television and music videos. He is also one of the pioneers who early one embrassed the on coming digital age of media and the major effect it would have on culture at large.

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Radiohead Shows Up For Green Week on NBC Conan O’Brien

An exclusive performance of “House of Cards.” Recorded live in London to avoid a transatlantic flight to New York which would have left a carbon footprint equivalent to driving. Tom also has a few words for Mr. Bush for not waking up and working with the world to reduce Carbon Emissions.

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