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As a host, I have come home to my true calling…making a difference for the planet while inspiring others to live the G Lifestyle. This is the job I have always dreamed of!

What are we REALLY doing to our Oceans?

dead sea What are we REALLY doing to our Oceans?

By Boise Thomas

Now I am getting upset. A great man once said, “Human beings cannot correct problems he creates, for if he could see he was about to cause a problem, he would stop if before it needed the solution.” Or something like that. The point is, we are doing things that are seemingly irreversible. Most of us know what we have done to our air with the advent of the automobile and the petroleum-fueled engine. It was created to get rid of the problem called, “the streets smell like horse dung.” Thus it was deemed the horseless carriage and horsepower is still the way we measure an auto’s speed. What had me go off on this topic today??? In reading the Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

NIN | Mother Nature Is A Whore | Survivalism

0 NIN | Mother Nature Is A Whore | Survivalism

Review by G MONKEY

Okay, if you have been here for any period of time, you know G Living is all about the darker side of green. When it comes to music you can’t get much darker than NIN. Trent Reznor is not only dark, he seeks to point out what is right in front of our faces but refuse to see it. With the new Album Year Zero, Trent isn’t holding back, he shows us a bloodied mother nature in their very first single, it is called Survivalism. The lyrics are simple and straight forward, mother nature has her limits, and humans have their greed, violence, and never ending hunger for more than we need.

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Baltimore’s Trash Interceptor

According to the Container Recycling Institute, 60-80 billion bottles are discarded annually in the U.S. alone. But once thrown away, these bottles (along with candy bar wrappers, takeout containers and other garbage) don’t disappear they go into landfills or into our bodies of water via storm drains.

At the urging of Baltimore Harbor Watershed Association members, nets were installed in the city’s creeks and other small waterways to catch floating debris before it reached the harbor. The nets were intended to hold the trash until workers were able to remove it. However, the sight of all the refuse clogging the mouth of Jones Falls so disgusted local resident John Kellett that he decided to take the concept a step further.

Inspired by a hay baler and devised on a cocktail napkin, the trash interceptor is a 12-foot water wheel powered by the current that acts as a mill to scoop the trash from the water and place it onto a conveyor belt, on which it’s moved to a nearby trash bin.

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Learning Sustainability at UCLA

green los angeles future Learning Sustainability at UCLA


I don’t need ‘80s pop music to know that the children are our future, but I agree to teach them well and let them lead the way, absolutely! That’s why I was stoked to see an invitation in my e- inbox today from the University of California at Los Angeles’ Sustainable Resource Center! UCLA’s SRC hosts a gathering for its students that teaches them how to be “G”. There are also programs for the community.

Their vision is spot on. Even Antonio Villaragosa, the mayor of L.A. has a quote on their site: “Let’s dare to imagine Los Angeles as the cleanest and greenest big city in America… The great cities of the 21st Century will not be famous for their factories or have smokestacks in their skylines. They won’t be the traditional homes of polluting or extractive industries. They’ll be places where residents are at home in vibrant, clean and sustainable communities.”

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Central NY | Home Sweet Home

cortlandny Central NY | Home Sweet Home

Last weekend, I flew to the Empire State to visit my home town of Cortland, New York, and no, I didn’t carbon offset my airfare. (Call the Ecorazzi!) I did see my grandmother, all 94 years and 6 months of her. In between hugs, kisses and yelling four inches Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Abbot Kinney’s Green Street Festival

abbot kinney festival 2007 01 Abbot Kinneys Green Street Festival

What does it take to make me work on a Sunday? I’ll tell you.
Everyone knows the white man gave the Native Americans $24 in trinkets for Manhattan Island. In today’s real estate market The Big Apple would go for $25 trillion. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Wired Nextfest | Monoco Knows Zero

boise solar gliving Wired Nextfest | Monoco Knows Zero

There aren’t too many things that will get me to drive to the LA Convention Center… The L.A. Auto Show (I’m there every year), some killer music or, last but not least, something “G”. WIRED Nextfest 2007 had some cars of the future, a few things G and as for the music? Lets just say I went for the Solar Car and the future of Green Pavillion.

The first thing to catch my eye was the Astrolab electric concept car, the first high-performance solar vehicle to be commercialized in the world. For the record, Monoco got there first – and for a small country, that’s a big feat. Venturi Automobiles created this ping-pong-table-meets-sportscar covering 3.6 sqm of photovoltaic cells. The Astrolab goes 70 mph for up to 70 miles per trip.

My first question was, “Does this thing just go forever as long as you have sun?” The answer was no. It’s an electric car. The solar panels only assist in the recharge — left alone with no driving, the panels charge the battery about 10 miles per day. Still pretty cool, if you ask me. BTW, how do you get in? It comes with a metal plate you put over the sides to sit on while you swing your legs into the cockpit.

boise solar2 gliving Wired Nextfest | Monoco Knows Zero Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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Greenopia | Your Guide To Green L.A.

greenopia gliving Greenopia | Your Guide To Green L.A.

Greenopia?  Sounds like a fruit basket with cucumbers and lettuce. Alas, it is good for you but you don’t eat it. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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Woven Stops By With Veggie RV

woven grease1 gliving Woven Stops By With Veggie RV

Grease Is The Word

As promised, the rockers came back to G Living today to show off their Veggie RV. At first glance, I wondered, “is it going to make it?” I was told the beauty lies not on the outside (nor apparently on the inside with its post Milli-Vanilli/pre-Nirvana decor) — the real attraction is underneath the Ford Diesel engine, which was recently converted to run on vegetable oil.

On the Road Again

For the next 30 days, the band’s five members, along with the sound man and Merc Girl (in charge of hocking CDs and shirts at the shows) will share this 10-year-old home on wheels. The group has had it for four years and has logged two non-Veggie Oil tours under its belt. When asked whether or not they use the kitchen (I found a few pantry items under the bed and the fridge was all rocker with two cans of beer, three bottles of wine and a bottle of champagne), Woven claimed to eat better on the road than at home in L.A., adding that the tour’s Northern California leg will set the pace with a farm delivering fresh food to the gig. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Another Recycle List | But Don’t Tune Out Yet

21 things  gliving1 Another Recycle List | But Dont Tune Out Yet

Great. Another “Top things to… green… recycle… blah blah blah.” A fan of top ten lists since Letterman made them his own in the ’80s, I’ve grown tired of the ones you find in the green space. Recycle. Change your light bulbs. Drive less, walk/bike more. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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WOVEN | This Week’s Featured Artist

woven005 WOVEN | This Weeks Featured Artist

When I heard Woven was coming to play in our studios, the first question I had was about the name. After listening to their music, you get the point. It really does interlace sound in a specific way from interconnected elements. I’m not a music reviewer so no spewing of various adjectives arranged in a way that has you go, “Hmmm.” Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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Skeuter | A “G” Transportation Alternative

skeuter gliving Skeuter | A G Transportation Alternative

This just in: Boise gives up car to save the planet, vows to ride Skeuter forever.

GLNewswire 8/27/07: Boise, one of the host on The Real G!, is forced to sell his hybrid vehicle and told never to use petroleum based products as long as he works for G Living! Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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