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Blue-Eyed Son Talks Trash and Digital Music

Blue-Eyed Son’s Andrew Heilprin is the former front man for 40 Watt Domain (the group that created the sonic surf smoke punk genre) whose album “West of Lincoln” shows off the singer/songwriter’s stripped down, acoustic side. An avid surfer and outdoorsman, Andrew recently stopped by to perform an exclusive 2-song set on The Real G and chat about his environmental concerns.

I caught up with Andrew this afternoon via telephone to find out what he’d been up to since his “great” (his word) experience on The Real G. He said he’d gone “to Mexico and scored some insane surf,” which he’s editing footage of right now for possible use on his website

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Limitless Options For Handbag Connoisseurs

handbags ecoist gliving Limitless Options For Handbag Connoisseurs

I am a handbag enthusiast. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always walked around with one. My look had to be just right and the handbag was the final touch. As I became older and more green, my handbag choices seemed to unfairly dwindle. The early organic handbags were always boring colors and unstylish.

Designers are now taking that into consideration and creating great looking bags that adhere to green standards. They’re coming up with ideas on how to use recycled materials to create products that are not only stylish, but functional and durable.

Dutch designer, Doreen Westphal received a bag full of inner tubes as a joke for Christmas. Instead of getting rid of them, she decided to play around and came up with an inner tube handbag.

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A Micro House To Love The ZeroHouse

zerohouse micro prefab house 01 A Micro House To Love The ZeroHouse

“zeroHouse” I gotta say, the name doesn’t thrill me. In this age of crappy no-calorie sodas that taste like metal or underfed actresses with no curves who can fit into a size smaller than 1, the word “zero” connotates that something vital is missing or that the product is somehow subpar. And who wants Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Summer Rayne Oakes | Much More Than A Pretty Face

summer rayne oaks 02 Summer Rayne Oakes | Much More Than A Pretty Face

Seeing a model posing for “G” a.k.a. eco-jeans or walking the runway for Ethical Fashion Show is admirable and sexy, but Summer Rayne Oakes is more than just a pretty face making commendable fashion statements. She’s a smart beauty who has figured out how to combine her image with her real interests and has become an earnest activist and entrepreneur. Heading up SRO (after her initials), a consulting company focused on sustainable business strategies, Oakes is using her background in science and her cause related modeling, and now travels the world helping companies tie in style with sustainability.

It’s one thing to read that Oakes graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in Natural Resources and Entomology, but it’s another to hear her speak her mind on environmental issues. She is, of course, still a pretty face, but the beauty falls to the wayside and you’re left listening to a confident, comfortable, and very intelligent female communicate with passion on a subject that has been close to her heart since youth the environment.

summer rayne oaks 01 Summer Rayne Oakes | Much More Than A Pretty Face

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Chris Jordan Can’t Stop Counting – 106,0000 Cans – 11,000 Jet Trails…

chrisjordon 01 Chris Jordan Cant Stop Counting   106,0000 Cans   11,000 Jet Trails...

My favorite photo from Chris Jordan’s show, Running the Numbers, is the first one I saw: Jet Trails. 11,000 white jet trails set against a soft blue sky gave off an ethereal feel while evoking a sense of childhood adventure and freedom something similar to staring at airplanes and cloud formations in the sky at seven. Impulsively, I wanted to melt into the photograph and experience flight, take me into it and away from the mess of life on earth.

But regardless of my reaction to the photo, Chris Jordan’s 11,000 jet trails are a visual representation of the number of commercial flights in the U.S. every eight hours. Of course, the real meaning behind the pretty picture is the effect these thousands of jet trails have on our environment. Jordan is reminding dreamers like me that the mess is also being created in air.

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Bicycle Vending Machines? | Bikedispenser

bikedispenser 01 Bicycle Vending Machines? | Bikedispenser

Move over Lance Armstrong, and forget the Tour de France. Prepare instead for the Tour de… Amsterdam? Well, not quite, but it is the hope of a small firm from Amsterdam, Bikedispenser, to help facilitate bike rentals in urban areas by installing bicycle dispensing machines. These machines would be located in various urban transportation hubs, such as train stations and parking garages, where people could quickly and safely rent a bicycle from the fully automated dispensing system. This would thus assist in integrating the use of bicycles into people’s daily commute. Along with the obvious physical benefits of cycling (exercise), this green, “G” idea would help cut down the carbon signature we so readily sign across the environment on a daily basis as we head to and from work.

Intrigued? Well, here’s the straight skinny (like we’ll be, once we start biking to work every day):

With the use of a chip card, the fully automated Bikedispenser rental station will give commuters access to new, state of the art bikes quickly. Within 15 seconds, the bike rental process will be underway and the commuter will be off to his or her destination. When the bicycle is returned, the system will once again recognize the commuter and finish the transaction. The bicycles will be placed in the clearly indicated depository and stored in a safe, indoor location.

bikedispenser 03 Bicycle Vending Machines? | Bikedispenser
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G Living Takes The Lexus Greenish Flagship For A Test Drive | The LS 600h

Got $105,000 in loose change and a malleable idea of green? Then Lexus has just the vehicle for you. Also, want to hang out?

Primped and primed just in time for the holiday season, the LS 600h L is the most expensive Lexus ever built. Expect only a few valet parked at the Malibu Green Drinks. Only 2,000 are planned to be sold in North America.

The 600h is meant to target buyers of luxury sedan flagships from Mercedes, BMW and Audi. But perhaps sensing that a different approach is in order in an era where hypocrisy gets noticed, the Japanese automaker is approaching the arena with its own geeky swagger.

lexusls600h 01 G Living Takes The Lexus Greenish Flagship For A Test Drive | The LS 600h

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The SkyFreighter From Millennium Airship

millennium airship 01 The SkyFreighter From Millennium Airship

Who can forget the pictures of the Hindenburg bursting into flames as it was landing at a New Jersey airfield in 1937? Millennium Airship, Inc. is bringing back zeppelin-style, lighter-than-air technology with its new SkyFreighter Aircraft.

The Skyfreighter looks more like a flying ergonomic computer mouse than a lighter-than-air aircraft (it took me a while to figure out that is a “blimp”), and if you’re worried about another fiery crash, the Skyfreighter uses helium rather than hydrogen for its floating power. What’s important is that this thing may just change the way markets think about transporting goods to markets.

Here’s why… Millennium boasts that the “SkyFreighter will create a paradigm shift in the aviation and trans-oceanic freight industry with the ability to transport most any product almost anywhere on the globe safely and quickly and most importantly, at very low cost.” It also has a large enough cargo hold to carry large, pre-assembled items that would otherwise need to be disassembled before transport and reassembled elsewhere. Perhaps more important is that these Airships can travel 6000 miles without refueling, using hybrid technology (Millennium doesn’t describe exactly what kind of hybrid) to power its engines.

millennium airship 02 The SkyFreighter From Millennium Airship

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G Living Takes The Lexus GS 450h For A Test Drive| An Environmental Codpiece?

The big brains at Lexus have evidently stumbled upon a fundamental truth of the American car market: instead of trying simply just make cars run more efficiently, it’s more lucrative to make cars run fast more efficiently.

Take the Lexus GS 450h.

Coming into its second year on the market, the 450h is the second of Lexus’s now three vehicles to feature the Lexus Hybrid Drive (in reality just a relabeled second-generation Toyota Synergy Drive). Along with the RX 400h sport utility and brand-new LS 600h flagship sedan, Lexus is attempting to corner the market on performance hybrids, just as Toyota has with efficiency hybrids.

Its 3.5-liter V-6 engine puts out 292 horsepower, while the electric motor-generator ups its power is equivalent to a 4.5-liter V-8. The generator produces some 197 horsepower, but because the peaks don’t match up, 292 and 197 add up to 339. Don’t ask me how.

lexus450h 01 G Living Takes The Lexus GS 450h For A Test Drive|  An Environmental Codpiece?

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Environment Furniture | A Perfect Balance

santos platform bed Environment Furniture | A Perfect Balance

It isn’t easy coming up with a new idea, but that’s just what Thomas Bina has done. While traveling through Brazil with a friend, Bina came upon what would become his design muse — a perfectly weathered piece of Peroba wood. That one piece of wood, and the natural process that created it, has ushered in Environment Furniture and the Peroba Collection.

Imagine an old shed or a dilapidated barn, leaning and nearly collapsed. I’ve just described the birthplace of Bina’s designs. EF dismantles these structures and uses the wood for new and exciting furniture. For me, the appeal is not just the clean modern aesthetic or the “rawness” of the Peroba wood that speaks to me; personally, I’m a sucker for history and a good story. These pieces of art are not just preserving the planet, they’re also preserving a piece of history. I like to imagine where some of this wood came from, and who may have lived with it before me…

environment furniture 03 Environment Furniture | A Perfect Balance

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Mumbai Tower | The Greenest Kept Secret in India

residence antilia skyscraper 01 Mumbai Tower | The Greenest Kept Secret in India

Lately, a mysterious building in the heart of Mumbai has been growing two floors a day. Literally growing. It’s covered in plants. It’s the greenest kept secret in India, until recently, when owner and oil tycoon Mukesh Ambani finally revealed his plans for what he purports to be the most environmentally friendly building in Mumbai. It’s called the Residence Antilia.

Architecture in Mumbai often looks very green in color because of the popular blend of modern Indian architecture and ancient Indian Vaastu, which calls for a lot of greenery in the design. In the Vaastu tradition, the spine of the building reaches up, towards enlightenment, and the foliage on the building creates “gardens-in-the-sky.” The Residence Antilia takes this concept to the extreme, creating the largest and tallest living wall in the world.

The plans show a variety of landscaping: garden tiers, terraces, waterfalls, ponds and recreational facilities. The Residence Antilia will be one of the tallest buildings in Mumbai, and all of the floors are included in the green wall. The views will also be spectacular, some of the best in the city.

residence antilia skyscraper 02 Mumbai Tower | The Greenest Kept Secret in India

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Fuel Cell Suzuki Crosscage Motor Bike

suzuki crosscage electricmotorbike Fuel Cell Suzuki Crosscage Motor Bike

Add Suzuki to the list of motorized vehicle companies trying to reduce carbon emissions. At the Tokyo Motor Show this year, Suzuki introduced its hydrogen-powered Crosscage concept motorcycle. A hydrogen fuel cell powers an electric engine mounted in the rear wheel and it has front and rear mono-shocks. The power delivery was designed by Intelligent Energy from the UK, but the bike design is definitely Suzuki. If you’re looking for specs, there aren’t any yet because neither Suzuki nor Intelligent Energy have issued a press release.

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