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Green Is Universal For NBC

nbc website Green Is Universal For NBC

NBC Universal launched their “Green Is Universal” campaign on November 4th in the hopes of (via their site) “entertaining, informing and empowering Americans to lead greener lives.”

Back in August, Fox announced that their hit show “24” was going green. Then “America’s Top Model” joined the good fight. But these are just individual shows. NBC is a whole network. Actually, it’s an enormous conglomerate of channels that include Bravo, Sundance, SciFi, USA, Telemundo and many other big impact, big moneymakers including Universal Studios.

Using the clever integration of environmental action and themes into their shows (including unscripted ones on CNBC, MSNBC and NBC Sports), and filling the breaks with eco-themed ads and PSAs, NBC seems hell-bent on spreading the green gospel. They’ve even gotten on-air heavyweights like Tom Brokaw, Matt Lauer and Bob Costas into the act and are throwing an eco-fabulous wedding on “Days of Our Lives”.

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Jennifer Connelly | Green When She Wants To Be

jennsogreen Jennifer Connelly | Green When She Wants To Be

I know Hollywood is a fickle town, but can’t the desire to live “G” be more constant? I don’t want to point fingers, but I remember not so long ago when Academy Award winner Jennifer Connelly made a point of researching and wearing conflict-free diamonds – this on the heels of promoting her film “Blood Diamond”.

At the recent premiere of her new movie “Reservation Road”, the actress showed up in a floral print Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga creation. She also wore Balenciaga to the 2006 Academy Awards ceremony.

And last month she was announced as the new celebrity face of Balenciaga.

Wait a minute. Isn’t this the fashion house known for its leather and lambskin motorcycle-inspired handbags? That’s not very “G”. And certainly not conflict-free. According to the Wiki, Jennifer’s a vegan. Interesting…

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Meat Biz Generates More Greenhouse Gas Emissions Than Transportation

pigs foodindustry 02 Meat Biz Generates More Greenhouse Gas Emissions Than Transportation

More news from the Global Warming front: Don’t just switch from gas to hybrid, eat less meat. What some people have known for years is now becoming a new focus for environmentalists. Meat production is perhaps (actually, it’s scientifically proven) a greater factor in global warming than even the biggest SUVs. And animal-rights folks are miffed at Al Gore for not focusing attention on the issue in An Inconvenient Truth.

The New York Times reported in August that the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization confirmed “the livestock business generates more greenhouse gas emissions than all forms of transportation combined” — a rather shocking revelation given that automakers have taken the brunt of the greenhouse gas complaints.

If you’ve ever driven across southern Kansas like I have, you might start to see the picture more clearly – mountains of manure and thousands of acres of cows penned in so tight that they have barely any room to move. Of course, this revelation is nothing new. Frances Moore Lappe wrote about the dangers of overproducing beef in her seminal 1971 book, Diet For a Small Planet, and earlier this year the Christian Science Monitor released some statistics about the amount of CO2 emissions from beef production.

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Angelina Jolie Writes For The Economist

angelina jolie 01 Angelina Jolie Writes For The Economist

As if Angelina Jolie didn’t have enough on her plate. In addition to making movies, raising four kids, acting as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and globe-trotting with Brad Pitt, the Academy Award winning actress and Hollywood royalty can now add “writer” to her already impressive resume.

No, she’s not jumping on the celebrity-penned-children’s-book bandwagon, Ms. Jolie will be contributing an article the atrocities in Darfur to the prestigious “World in 2008” supplement published by the economic and political weekly The Economist.

“The World in 2008”, which contains predictions for next year, will also feature articles written by U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, the Dalai Lama, French president Nicolas Sarkozy, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and Mexican president Felipe Calderón.

Published tomorrow and available internationally, “The World in 2008” will remain on newsstands all year.

For more information or to download audio interviews with some of the publication’s authors, click here.

Alec Baldwin Appeals to Hillary Clinton

alec baldwin 01 Alec Baldwin Appeals to Hillary Clinton

Remember when Ronald Reagan’s administration tried to officially declare ketchup a vegetable in order to save money on school lunch programs? Well, now that health and obesity issues are on the rise, concerned parents are wanting solutions and asking for them from the current presidential candidates.

One such concerned parent is actor Alec Baldwin. Baldwin has personally written Senator Hillary Clinton asking her to vote against the controversial Farm Bill that will bring more unhealthy food into our schools.

Sources suggest Baldwin did this to challenge Clinton and see how she stands on the issue of childhood obesity.

The Farm Bill, which will set agricultural policy for the next five years, has gained a lot of criticism for bringing high-fat and high-cholesterol foods into our school food programs. At the root of the issue, some feel, are the enormous profits going into the pockets of major agribusiness and manufactured food companies.

Let’s hope Alec’s starpower will have more weight than our nation’s children…

Changing Your Lifestyle | Changing the Climate

sea ice 02 Changing Your Lifestyle | Changing the Climate

BBC News reported earlier this week that people around the world would make sacrifices if they thought it would help the environment despite resistance to change from politicians and government bureaucracies. In a poll conducted by Globescan, over 22,000 people across the world were asked several questions ranging from support for higher energy taxes to making personal sacrifices.

Major findings:
1. There is strong support for higher energy taxes if these taxes go towards development of cleaner new technologies.
2. Responses in both China and the U.S. (the two most polluting countries) overwhelmingly support cleaner, greener policies.
3. A majority of those polled feel that energy prices on the worst polluting energies (coal and oil) will need to rise significantly before these sources will fall from favor by both individuals and industry.

4. An overwhelming majority worldwide report that lifestyle changes are necessary to reduce the amount of climate-changing gases.

sea ice 01 Changing Your Lifestyle | Changing the Climate
It’s time for a change… According to Doug Miller, president of Globescan, “The principal message for political leaders is that they are leaving a significant amount on the table by not asking their citizens to play more of a role [in combating climate change].” So, why aren’t politicians paying more attention – especially in the US where people are constantly polled and where politicians often respond quickly to polling information?One reason may be that increasing taxes has become a political “third rail” in late-20th /early-21st Century, and so has regulation; we are still dealing with the mess caused by 1990’s de-regulation of utilities in US. Another is that stricter environmental policies is bad for business (remember Bush’s reaction to Kyoto?).

Most important, however, the poll shows that people recognize the consequences of their actions at the individual level. So why wait for the politicians? If the people lead, the leaders will follow.

Click here to get the full results from the poll.

Will Population Control Guarantee Utopia?

overpopulation 01 Will Population Control Guarantee Utopia?

The Director of the British Antarctic Survey claims that the global population is much higher than the Earth can sustain. In a new environmental opinion series from BBC News entitled The Green Room, the Director states that solving environmental changes such as climate control are impossible without first tackling the issue of over-population.

In the recent Montreal Summit “beyond Kyoto”, over 10,000 delegates came together to discuss the control of carbon emissions. While an announcement was made after the summit stating that over 40 decisions were made (an “historic success”, it was ruled), Chris Rapley with Viewpoint, part of BBC News, feels the decisions made might not be sufficient to sustain an acceptable quality of life for future generations. Rapley writes that it’s almost impossible to bring together 10,000 delegates to make any kind of positive decisions in regards to the substantial amount of environmental issues currently at hand.

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Victoria Beckham May Go Green Without Realizing It

victoria beckham 01 Victoria Beckham May Go Green Without Realizing It

Not sure of the validity of this story, but The BeanSTOCKd Project just ran a piece claiming that Victoria Beckham’s doctors are worried her alleged lack of food intake may drastically affect her energy levels (and therefore her performance) on the upcoming Spice Girls world tour.

According to the article, doctors have ordered a detox/cleanse followed by a “fattening” program consisting of brown rise, steamed veggies and a handful of nuts.

Not sure how “fat” one can get with a just a daily handful of nuts, but when compared to a steady diet of nothing, it just might make a difference.

No word on whether Ms. Beckham is actually planning to follow the diet. Here’s to hoping her body won’t go into shock upon coming in contact with real food. According to The BeanSTOCKd Project, “we’re sure she’s got some tricks up her sleeve for those day she feels guilty about consuming the 85 extra calories in a handful of almonds; so that instead of chomping them down she can stow em away in some eco-friendly tupperware – in that way, not only will she avoid wasting disposable plastic or paper carrying bags, but she will also guarantee the visibility of a collarbone that could cut through glass.”

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UCLA | Water & Climate Change Conference

waterpolicyconference UCLA | Water & Climate Change Conference

From UCLA’s Sustainable Resource Center Director comes news of an important conference for water and environmental reform. Scheduled for Wednesday, November 14 and Thursday, November 15 at L.A.’s downtown Sheraton Hotel, the conference (dubbed From Sizzle to Substance) will examine the crucial connection between water resources and climate change. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Video Footage of Hayden Panettiere | Dolphin Rescue

hayden panettiere dolphin03 Video Footage of Hayden Panettiere | Dolphin Rescue

The Hayden Panettiere trying-to-save-the-dolphins story seems to be picking up steam everywhere you look. (For a recap, click here.) Gossip blogger Perez Hilton managed to get his hands on some ITN news coverage showing the “Heroes” star and her fellow activists paddling through the water on surfboards and a gaggle of furious Japanese fisherman trying to stymie (and/or injure) them with their boat propeller. Watch the Shocking Video Here

The footage is not for the faint of heart. If the sight of dolphins in bloodied water isn’t heart wrenching enough for you, the sight of Hayden breaking down while describing the experience should have an effect on you.

I have a hunch we still haven’t heard the end of this story. But let’s hope the endless media coverage and the young star’s efforts will have a positive effect.

In the video a very shaken Hayden, tells the camera’s about her experience in the water with the dolphins. She says the dophins where looking up out of the water and she could see a baby and can’t believe that baby is no longer with us, because of this slaughter.”

To find out what you can do to help save Japanese dolphins, click here.

0 Video Footage of Hayden Panettiere | Dolphin Rescue

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Greenwashing as a Corporate Marketing Strategy

yukonhybrid 01 Greenwashing as a Corporate Marketing Strategy

I came across the term “greenwashing” recently while surfing through the blogosphere. I didn’t know what it was, so I did some investigating. Wikipedia describes greenwashing as “a term that is used to describe the actions of a company, government, or other organization which advertises positive environmental practices while acting in the opposite way.” Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Motorboard | Personal Transportation Device

motorboard 01 Motorboard | Personal Transportation Device

Wish you could get around town without taking a gas guzzling car or the bus? Well, Roth Motors has a really cool solution. With the look of a scooter, Roth has designed the Motorboard for urban travel. The 2000XR base model weighs only 16 pounds and has a 6-mile range with top speeds of 15 mph, thus making the Roth Motorboard a powerful personal transportation device. (Extended range battery upgrades are an option, which add only ounces to the weight of the board and provide up to a 20-mile range.)

The design of the Motorboard is unique and clever; the scooter uses the world’s most advanced nanotechnology battery cells from A123 systems (essentially the Gucci of batteries). They’re not only incredibly powerful, they’re also the safest lithium batteries around. Charge time is a little under two hours. The best part of it is, if you’re Motorboarding about and you run out of juice, the Motorboard can be kick-scooted until you get to where you can plug in your battery for re-charging.

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