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Ford Airstream | Post Funk Meets Hi-Fidelity

ford airstream 01 Ford Airstream | Post Funk Meets Hi Fidelity

Ford is up to something and I like it. Maybe you’re starting to tire of the new concept cars; it seems like they are all starting to look the same. When I saw the Ford Airstream, I thought, “yawn, there’s a concept SUV/van” — but then I saw the inside Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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Al Gore Speaks Climate Crisis on 30 Rock

al gore 30rock 01 Al Gore Speaks Climate Crisis on 30 Rock

Seeing Al Gore on 30 Rock Thursday night reminded me why he’s the coolest nerd in existence. I worked on An Inconvenient Truth and was duly star-struck by him every time he came into the office — even though there is no need to be.

He is one of the nicest, most polite men ever.

Working on An Inconvenient Truth was a very emotional experience. During the filming and the editing — before the awards and the Nobel Prize — it still was hard to reflect on a world in which Gore wasn’t president. I worked on the section of the film in which he discussed the 2000 election, and would come home nights and cry at how sad it was for everyone — for America, for him, for his family and for me.

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Paul Newman Expands Food Line to Include Organic Wine

paulnewman gives220million1 Paul Newman Expands Food Line to Include Organic Wine

First Francis Ford Coppola, then Martha Stewart and now Paul Newman. After 25 hugely successful years with his Newman’s Own line of salad dressings, lemonade, salsa and pasta sauces, the blue-eyed actor with the enormous charitable side has joined the vintner club Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Flight Concept Bathroom by Isabelle Hauser

supercompact bathroom01 Flight Concept Bathroom by Isabelle Hauser

Looking for a way to save space in your small apartment? Want to change the way you think about your daily cleansing ritual? Check out this super-compact bathroom from Yanko Design Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

The Dubai International Financial Center | Green Skyscrapers

lighthouse tower The Dubai International Financial Center | Green Skyscrapers

Keeping in step with Dubai’s desire to do everything better than anybody’s ever done anything, they’re stepping up the green game with the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). It’s nicknamed “The Lighthouse” because it’s designed to serve as a beacon for modernity that guides people toward this forward-looking cityscape Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

EasyGlider | A Unique System of Propulsion

easyglider EasyGlider | A Unique System of Propulsion

Have glider –- will travel. It’s refreshing to see that, with the multitude of transportation options available, people are still able to invent new and innovative ways to get from point A to point B. This innovation is made manifest not only in coming up with space-saving vehicles, but more importantly, vehicles that are more eco-responsible and environmentally safe.

Enter the EasyGlider, the brainchild of Funsport-systems, Inc. The EasyGlider combines the facility of an electric motor with the most biomechanically ingenious chassis ever designed – the human body.

The EasyGlider itself is basically a wheel attached to a long, slightly curved steering bar with handlebars attached. That is the basic concept. Now, add to that an environmentally friendly electric motor that will propel its user at speeds of up to 20 kph and you have a unique system of propulsion. The EasyGlider is meant to be used in concert with your inline skates, skateboard or what they call the “char,” a chariot-like trailer that’s included with the EasyGlider.

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Formula 1 Goes Green

formula1 racinggreen 01 Formula 1 Goes Green

By this tipping point of our evolution, most car companies are accepting the obvious (though W. is still holding out for one more conclusive study to come in from a friend of his dad’s). Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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Jennifer Lopez Splinters Fans

jennifer lopez 01 Jennifer Lopez Splinters Fans

They call it a new way of selling music, but I’m not buying it. Gresso — the company that brought us the ever so tacky (and un-“G”) wood covered cell phone — is at it again. They’re distributing J.Lo’s new album, “Brave”, on a USB Flash drive made from African Blackwood — a type of tree that’s in jeopardy of being wiped out.

According to Wikipedia, African Blackwood trees are being harvested at an unsustainable rate. Apparently, it takes 60 years for these types of trees to mature. There are two organizations dedicated to conservation efforts. The Mpingo Conservation Project is working to raise awareness of the problem while the African Blackwood Conservation Project is tackling the problem one seed at a time by replanting the trees.

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David Beckham Fights Wildfires

david beckham David Beckham Fights Wildfires

David Beckham’s final appearance of the year with the Los Angeles Galaxy made over $100,000.And for once, we’re not talking about his salary. Becks and his team played a friendly match against Hollywood United FC, a roster of Hollywood celebs including Costas Mandylor and Anthony LaPaglia, to raise relief money for those affected by Southern California’s devastating wildfires.

“This is a great opportunity for our organization to do something positive for our area, our home, and for our friends and neighbors who have been impacted by these incredibly devastating wildfires,” Galaxy General Manager Alexi Lalas told the Associated Press. “Our players are residents of Southern California. This is a great way through soccer for us to bring some attention and, most importantly, raise some money. And, in the process, give the people another opportunity to see the stars we have here with the Galaxy.”

Also on the Hollywood team were Jimmy Jean-Louis and former World Cup players Frank Leboeuf, Joe-Max Moore, Richard Gough and Eric Wynalda.

The event, which was underwritten by Galaxy sponsor Herbalife, took place Sunday at L.A.’s Home Depot Center. Proceeds will go to the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army.

Mega Disasters Delivers Big-Time

“Mega Disasters: Glacier Meltdown”, which airs next week on the History Channel, is as bombastic as its name. Drums beat incessantly, the narrator speaks urgently, and pieces of glaciers fall dramatically into the water. Despite the Day After Tomorrow feel, “Glacier Meltdown” is quite informative. The producers bring in top experts from the US Geological Survey, Scripps Institute of Oceanography and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to tell the story of the glaciers.

They are indeed melting — and in places like Glacier National Park, the experts all concur that they’ll be gone in less than twenty years. In terms of the planet, it might just as well be the day after tomorrow.

Each week, “Mega Disasters” takes a different type of natural disaster, explains it scientifically, and then shows — using a computer simulation — what would happen should the disaster happen in an unusual context. Think earthquake in Chicago. The bulk of the “Glacier Meltdown” episode deals with the science and possible consequences of, well, glacier meltdowns — namely sea level rising, flooding and hurricanes. The most impressive part of the episode is the end, during which a hurricane is simulated in Chesapeake Bay, causing the water on the Potomac River to rise. Watch out, Washington DC!

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Greenland Follow-up | Bringing Back Green

greenland warming 01 Greenland Follow up | Bringing Back Green

Greenland, a misnomer for an island covered in ice, once saw a time when its climate sustained vegetation and forests. A cooling period called the Little Ice Age, which occurred between the 14th and 19th centuries, made Greenland dependant on foreign resources for produce. But according to a recent article in the New York Times, warmer temperatures caused by global warming are creating a climate that can once again sustain plant life.

In fact, this island’s once craggy hills and mountains are sprouting vegetation and warm-water loving cod are making their way to its southern shores. For those debating the validity of global warming, Greenland provides a rare glimpse at the speed with which the climate is changing.

On this island, an increase in temperature of a degree or two becomes a catalyst, changing centuries-old routines and livelihoods. As the Greenland ice sheet thaws due to longer summers and shorter winters, families who once relied on Iceland for vegetables are beginning to grow their own on experimental farms. Trees once thought dormant are showing signs of new growth. The Greenlanders very way of life is changing. And rapidly.

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Solar Decathletes Unite and Take Over

solardecathlon 01 Solar Decathletes Unite and Take Over

You don’t have to let go of the good life living on solar power. Heck, maybe life gets even better. At least the winners of this year’s Solar Decathlon from Darmstadt University (Technische Universität Darmstadt) in Germany sure make it appear that way. Their gorgeous prototype not only proved that they could create a home generated by solar power, but they also proved they could design a house more stylish than anything on recent magazine pages.

Twenty collegiate teams competed in the Solar Decathlon and all of them built attractive and energy-efficient solar powered homes, but Darmstadt University took the cake showcasing some of Germany’s best technology and developing a house for the local climate. The site for this year’s Solar Decathlon was again Washington D.C., so the house was designed for a humid and hot atmosphere.

A long line of onlookers waited to check out Darmstadt’s solar house best described as a flat roofed, glass cube wrapped in beautiful oak shutters. On the outside and from a distance, the house appeared relaxed, earthy, and very low tech. But in fact, when up close, the oak louvers were the solar panels equipped with photovoltaic cells, serving to generate electricity, as well as providing protection from overheating. To increase the efficiency, the shutters always move along with the sun’s angle.

solardecathlon 02 Solar Decathletes Unite and Take Over

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