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Live Earth’s Coolest Band: Nunatak

Is it just me or is there something hot about a band rocking out on a glacier in Antarctica to a sold out crowd of 17 scientists, and an entourage of Empire Penguins? It’s not something you see every day (or ever). If you missed this clip during last Saturday’s global concert for climate crisis known as Live Earth, here’s a second chance to see the debut performance of Nunatak, Antarctica’s most popular — ok, only — rock band. But they’re quite good, and they’re scientists! Enjoy.

nunatak Live Earths Coolest Band:  Nunatak

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Spinal Tap Reunites for Live Earth

spinaltap2 Spinal Tap Reunites for Live Earth

The last time Spinal Tap members Nigel Tufnel, David St. Hubbins, and Derek Smalls “reunited” on stage was back in 2001, for a nine-city “Back from the Dead Tour.” But with old tensions still unresolved, the musicians known for heavy metal hits like “Big Bottom” and “Stonehenge” couldn’t hold on to their brief union. They parted ways again, launched fresh careers involving ferrets and colonic chairs, and sadly, put music behind them. Until now.

According to “official” sources (Wikipedia that is) Spinal Tap plans to reunite again–this time performing at Live Earth this July 7 to help raise awareness for global warming. “They’re not that environmentally conscious, but they’ve heard of global warming,” said This is Spinal Tap mockumentary filmmaker Marty DeBergi, “Nigel thought it was just because he was wearing too much clothing–that if he just took his jacket off it would be cooler.” Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Posh Grocery Gear

g shoppingbags Posh Grocery Gear

“Paper or plastic?” It’s the quintessential question of our generation. This G Living staff writer has made several attempts to bring-my-own-bag, without much success. Challenge #1: most grocery bags available for purchase are branded by store. Is it worth getting stoned walking into Trader Joe’s while holding a sac “logo-ed” Whole Foods? Challenge #2: I forget to bring them into the store. Ninety percent of the time. Probably because, (how do I put it delicately) the shopping bags I own are–not very attractive. However, thanks to Aussie company Envirosax I may just kick my disposable habit once and for all.

Envirosax has finally crossed the ocean and opened up an online store servicing North America. Each bag features a feisty graphic, with four collections available in all. They can be bought individually ($6.95) or as a five-bag set ($31.95) that stow away easily in a glove compartment or bicycle basket.

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Desertification: Will We Act in Time?

desert2 Desertification: Will We Act in Time?
The United Nations issued an alarming wake-up call yesterday: tens of millions of people could be displaced from their homes within the next ten years unless governments revamp their environmental policies to combat growing desertification. The study conducted by over 200 experts from 25 countries proclaimed desertification as “one of the greatest environmental challenge of our times.”

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Ready, Set, Grow: Tap the Power of Blue

blue Ready, Set, Grow:  Tap the Power of Blue

Few “superfoods” are as succulent, sweet and downright delectable as the blueberry–or as easy to grow in your own backyard. So if your quest for a daily dose of blue has been hampered by its typical $5/pint price tag, consider cultivating your own bounty of berries at home at a fraction of the cost. Hey, it also gets you outdoors. If you’re an urbanite this means getting doses of fresh air. And that other thing…what’s it called? Oh yeah, sunshine.

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Live Earth Announces Rio Lineup

kravetz Live Earth Announces Rio Lineup
Be still my heart: Lenny Kravetz will headline the Brazilian leg of the Live Earth
concert in Rio de Janeiro. Unless you’ve been living under a rock this summer (and it’s okay to admit if you have), you’re probably keen to the upcoming 24-hour, intercontinental concert series designed to (literally) rock the world out of climate crisis this July 7, 2007. From New York to Istanbul, Hamburg to Johannesburg, Live Earth will mark the gathering of over 100 music artists, and 2 billion people across nine international cities. But Rio is the only locale of the slated nine that offers the concert free to the public. As recently released jail-chick Paris Hilton would say: “that’s hot.”

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Behind the (Green) Scenes of Evan Almighty

ark lead Behind the (Green) Scenes of Evan Almighty

Thinking about seeing the new comedy Evan Almighty this weekend? If so you may be happy to know that your ticket purchase will be supporting Hollywood’s first official “green movie.” Evan Almighty tells the story of newly elected Congressman Evan Baxter (played by Steve Carell), whose life turns topsy-turvy when God (played by Morgan Freeman) appears and summons him to build a modern-day ark to save the world from a great flood. Lucky for Evan, help behind the scenes made sure the on-screen ark would be a sustainable one.

Director Tom Shadyac wanted the film’s production to be in line with the film’s subtle green theme so he instituted several practices to minimize the environmental impact of production. Recycled paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass were used on the set. Shadyac even bought mountain bikes for the crew members to reduce their dependence on gasoline while shooting. Trees were planted near the site of the ark as a personal thank you to the local community of Crozier, Virginia where the film was shot. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Angelina Shows Off Her “G” Side

angiefinal copy Angelina Shows Off Her G SideAngelina Jolie created a buzz last night when she wore a $26 vintage frock to the New York premiere of her new film “A Mighty Heart”. Jolie gushed on camera to Access Hollywood about the “G” fashion find–a black, crushed velvet gown bought on the cheap by a friend at Wasteland, the vintage mecca on Melrose Avenue. Anyone would agree that she looked like a million bucks–even if she hadn’t worn her $1000 Christian Louboutin heels.

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Inside the Designer+Agents Show

danda Inside the Designer+Agents Show
The Designers & Agents Show is always an exciting time in the fashion industry. Over 1,000 handpicked fashion designers show their latest cutting edge clothing in three locales: London, New York, and Los Angeles. As a West Coast-based boutique owner focused exclusively on “G” fashion, I go every year to peruse the latest and greatest–but have rarely found anything beyond conventionally-made clothing.

But not this year fashionable friends…D & A finally had its own G section! Affirming once again that choosing items for their environmental impact is not only good for the planet, it’s now en vogue.

danda2 Inside the Designer+Agents Show
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G Fashion Steals and Deals

beklina sale3a G Fashion Steals and Deals

For the fashion-minded and budget conscious I’ve good news: summer sales to help green up your wardrobe without breaking the bank. First up is a sale at Beklina on season ready tops, jewelry and accessories. Our picks: a delicate graphic Lace Trim Cami by Stewart + Brown made of 100% pima cotton (shown left) and a crisp, summer weight Multi Stitch Trench made sans sweatshop by Myth and Ritual (shown right).

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Schwarzenegger “Pimps” His “Ride”

mtv25 Schwarzenegger Pimps His Ride

Arnold Schwarzenegger took a break from governing to star in MTV’s Earth Day episode of “Pimp My Ride.” The special episode was shot as part of MTV’s thinkMTV 12-Step Campaign “Break The Addiction.” The actor-turned-California-Governor Schwarzenegger teamed up with rapper/host Xzibit to pimp out a 1965 Chevy Impala by turning it into a biodiesel classic.

Schwarzenegger was so blown away by the makeover he told mechanics to install the same biodiesel engine in his gas guzzling Hummer. Of course he’s much better off switching up to a ride that uses far less biodiesel resources per mile, but it’s certainly a step up from petroleum!

Here’s the press release via HipHopRuckus:

In accordance with Earth Day 2007, MTV and the “Pimp My Ride” crew prove that going green can get extreme, especially with a little help from a friend -California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. As part of a very special Earth Day episode airing April 22nd at 1 pm ET/PT, Governor Schwarzenegger visits Xzibit, Mad Mike and the entire “Pimp My Ride” crew at G.A.S. Galpin Auto Sports, as they take aim on a ‘ 65 Chevy Impala, and give it a one of a kind ecological alteration. Ultimately proving that power and preservation can co-exist thanks to partners at Galpin, Imperium Renewables, General Motors and others, the Impala gets an 800 horsepower diesel engine that will run on biodiesel, turning it into one extraordinary clean machine! “I would like to thank MTV and the entire ‘Pimp my Ride’ crew for shining the spotlight on the importance of alternative fuels and the fight against global warming. I am very encouraged by the great potential in converting vehicles to run on biodiesel as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Governor Schwarzenegger. “I am pleased that the power of MTV’s message will reach an audience throughout California and the nation to reinforce the benefits of alternative-fuel vehicles and protecting our environment.” Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Fashion Preview | Debut of 108

fashion005 Fashion Preview | Debut of 108

Allison Lebross at Under the Canopy sent over some images of its new collectionof women’s wear called ‘108’ that debuts this spring. The name ‘108’ takes its inspiration from a sacred number representing a “road map to the human soul.” The collection has been designed using soft, sensual, sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo, soy, organic linen and organic linen.

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