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Stroh Haus | Modern Day Straw House

strawhouse 01 Stroh Haus | Modern Day Straw House

When I think of a straw house, I imagine three little pigs and a nasty wolf. But of course, straw houses only exist in fairy tales, right?

Think again. Check out Felix Jerusalem’s Stroh Haus in Switzerland. This cool (and literally green) house is made from compressed straw bales that serve two distinct purposes: not only do they provide the building’s exterior surface (beneath a translucent siding), they serve as the structure’s soundproofing insulation.

strawhouse 02 Stroh Haus | Modern Day Straw House

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New Honda Concepts | Impressive and Not So

honda crz 01 New Honda Concepts | Impressive and Not So

“For the endless joy of mobility on our earth”. Sounds like the gift of a god or something, right? Like, the great hero Honda, having outrun the titan Lexus, hath brought the joy of mobility back to his people of Oildepentia, thus restoring to the world the great boon of the Sun God, Alternativus Energus Maximus.

Well, it’s not that. It’s the theme of the booth sponsored by Honda at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show, held last month in Japan. At the show, Honda unveiled two concept cars onto the world’s automotive stage. The first was the Honda CR-Z, which is basically a hybrid replacement for the widely popular but sadly defunct CRX, the second was the new fuel cell vehicle Puyo.

Both models, as fits their theme, are fun to drive and “G” friendly.

puyo honda 01 New Honda Concepts | Impressive and Not So

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Casa Cachagua | Seamless Union with the Forest

foresthouse 01 Casa Cachagua | Seamless Union with the Forest

From Chile, the country with the most superb summertime snow skiing in the new world, comes Casa Cachagua, the Forest House by F3 Arquitectos (that’s “architects” for you gringos out there).

The Forest House, located in Cachagua, Chile has created a seamless immersion and union with its forest surroundings through the use of wood for every surface of the residence. That’s right, no white stucco peaking out from underneath the forest canopy, no brick or mortar to stand in stark contrast to the natural beauty within. The floor, walls, and roof blend utterly and completely in harmony with the surrounding forest, and a tree allowed to grow over the entry porch lends to the abode a symbolic meaning that cannot be lost on even the most casual observers.

foresthouse 02 Casa Cachagua | Seamless Union with the Forest

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Recycling 101 | What You Can and Can’t

recycle tips 011 Recycling 101 | What You Can and Cant

No city is ever going to be perfect. Certainly not Los Angeles, with its ridiculous traffic and high cost of living. But one thing the city has going for it is an excellent recycling program.

It wasn’t until perusing the official City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation website that I became aware of the fact that you could now recycle Styrofoam®. Long thought of as the annoying and beyond redemption party crasher of the green living movement, the product officially known as polystyrene thermal insulation is actually part of the plastic family and has some sustainability. Who knew?

Here’s a rundown on what else can be placed into your city-issued blue recycling container. It breaks down into four categories: paper, metal, glass and plastic.

Paper must be clean and dry in order for the city to take it, but just about any paper will do, from the large (telephone books) to the small (Post-it® notes). This includes unwanted mail, newspapers, cardboard boxes (flattened down, of course), magazines, wrapping paper, toilet paper rolls and envelopes (even those with clear plastic windows).

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MOMO Modular | Swedish Summer Home

momo house 05 MOMO Modular | Swedish Summer Home

At first glance, I thought MOMO was a nickname for a museum. The Museum of Modern… Organisms?

I should have been thinking globally. MOMO, which stands for Modernistiskt Modulhuskoncept and is Swedish for “modern module house concept”.

momo house 01 MOMO Modular | Swedish Summer Home

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Twike | The World’s First Bike-Car

twike 01 Twike | The World’s First Bike Car

If you have $27,500 burning a hole in your pocket, you should check out the Twike by FINEMobile. The Twike is a hybrid “car”, combining traditional electric battery power with your own personal hamstring/calf/quadriceps/abdominal power. The idea is interesting: the typical hybrid braking-energy recapture, plus the ability to pedal energy into the battery while driving Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Electric G-Wiz Vs Table

g wiz Electric G Wiz Vs Table

Here’s a car that I’m thankful has not been released in the U.S. It’s so small it’s not even a “car”; it’s “quadracycle.” Interesting that it was designed in California.

The G Wiz AEV (Automatic Electric Vehicle) is Britain’s most popular electric, but to me it represents everything we Americans fear in these small packages, namely safety. Although the 2008 G Wiz reports to have improved safety over previous versions, the only proof I’ve seen is this horrifying YouTube video in which the car is outrun by a table.

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Daryl Hannah | Life By Daryl aka A Love Life

daryl hannah 01 Daryl Hannah | Life By Daryl aka A Love Life

Photographer: G Monkie

Lets say you are one of the hottest most famous Monkies on this hunk of rock. You know all the other cool Monkies and you look good in an eye patch. What would you decide to do with your free time.

(A) Lay around all day on the deck of a Super Yacht, eating organic raw food, while sipping some chilled organic champaign.
(B) Date Billionaires to gain access to their fleet of helicopters, so you could island hop until you found the perfect beach with just the right amount of shade?
(C) Hang out with Paris Hilton, spending night after night looking at boy toy candy, as they endlessly tell you how amazing you are and ask stupid questions like, does it hurt when your tail grows?
(D) Spend your days promoting biofuels, living greener, getting arrested while trying to protect urban gardens, while making a show about it all, which no one pays you for.

Well, you can stop guessing and head over to to see what the hot, eye patch wearing, sword swinging Daryl Hannah actually does with her time. She calls it LOVE LIFE — a life replayed through a series of images, videos and a soundtrack. Daryl goes about living her life, meeting people, exposing the bad and the good and just simply experiencing a friendlier way of living. It’s kind of like a TV show without the writing staff, the crew or an ending.

So, why am I bringing this up now? Daryl has been hauling around her handycam for years, filming footage everywhere she goes for — why feature her now? Well, its because she’s taking the time to step out and lead others when she doesn’t have to. She’s willing to get way out there on the edge without a net and tell it as she sees it. She picks up her camera and shows us what life on this planet could be, if only we really wanted it.

So, for those reasons and more, I asked the G Living writing staff to do a profile on Daryl and bring us all up to speed on how cool this woman really is.

Forward writen by G Monkie

daryl hannah 02 Daryl Hannah | Life By Daryl aka A Love Life

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Uniqlo | Unique Container Concept

uniqlo container mobile store 01 Uniqlo | Unique Container Concept

In business, location is everything. But who says you can’t be in business before you find a location (or in this case, before your location is ready)? If you’re Uniqlo, you hire innovative designers LOT-EK to create some temporary venues and jump right in. And if the concept is cool enough, you’ll generate enough free publicity to get your product noticed.

Pretty smart, right? Last year, as they waited for the completion of their swank 36,000 square foot SoHo flagship store, Uniqlo (the Japanese equivalent of H&M) dropped several modified shipping containers around New York City and opened for business.

Functioning somewhere between the style of a summer street fair (common in the city) and a fully operating retail venue, the container stores were located in nine choice New York neighborhoods, including the West Village, Jones Beach, Cobble Hill Brooklyn, Coney Island. Each had vertical strip windows cut into the exterior and was powered by an external generator. The door and ramp opened and closed via hydraulic struts and the insides were lined inside with laminated cubes for shelves.

uniqlo container mobile store 03 Uniqlo | Unique Container Concept

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Linx | Temporary Shelter For Permanent Constructions

linx 1 Linx | Temporary Shelter For Permanent Constructions

We’ve seen the container house and the pop up coffee shop, but what about the container construction shelter? Conceived by Dublin-based designer Richard Barnwall, the Linx is a two-story break room comprised of four 20-foot shipping containers. Easily shippable (obviously) and erectable, this temporary structure seems to have everything a construction worker would need, including (it seems) luxury. No more blue porta-potties, the Linx comes equipped with a bathroom, a changing room with showers, office space and a lunchroom. (Evidently Barnwall doesn’t advocate sleeping on the job because there’s no nap room.)

linx 2 Linx | Temporary Shelter For Permanent Constructions

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Ewan Pearson | Dynamic Pop-Fuelled Reworks

ewan Ewan Pearson | Dynamic Pop Fuelled Reworks

Review by Craig Roseberry, BPM Magazine

Since bursting onto the music scene in 1998, Ewan Pearson has established himself as a versatile producer/remixer and DJ with a boundless, esoteric musical aesthetic. His uniqueness? Bridging the gap between house, disco, electro, dance rock and mainstream pop (often with radical results). He has programmed for Goldfrapp and Gwen Stefani and his production credits include Tracey Thorn’s acclaimed solo debut, Out Of The Woods, The Rapture’s Pieces of the People We Love and timeless original works as Maas, World of Apples, Partial Arts (with collaborator Al Usher), as well as under his own name. His remixes for Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Pet Shop Boys, Franz Ferdinand, Goldfrapp, Moby, and Freeform 5 have made him one of dance music’s most respected and sought-after producers.

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Electrobike Pi-E | Two-Wheeled Urban Transport

electrobike1 Electrobike Pi E | Two Wheeled Urban Transport

We are inching towards a two-wheeled urban future with several new electric bikes out there, and we can add the Pi-E to the mix. Electrobike actually offers several powered alternatives to the car, all of which sport the distinct Pi-series arched frame.

The Pi-E is powered by plug-in electric (not my favorite alternative) for local jaunts to the grocery store, park or just a little town cruise. It’s also freeway-legal for those who want to test their courage. All you need to do is add the optional gas engine and you’ve got yourself a little Prius-like hybrid. But beware, it looks like you just strapped on a weedeater engine. And although you can ride it on the highway, I’d feel a lot more comfortable on one of the bigger motorcycles available for about the same price.

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