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The Modern “G” Woman Can Finally Feel Stylish From Head To Doe With Charmé Heels

charmone vegan shoe 02 The Modern G Woman Can Finally Feel Stylish From Head To Doe With Charmé Heels

Thanks to Kate McGregor of Kaight for introducing me to this newly launched line of shoes by Charmone. The sculptural wedges and platform shoes designed in menswear tweeds are some of my favorites for adding some chic to your office style:

According to their website the shoes are vegan and PVC free. They use instead high-quality microfiber suedes, and water-based glues which tread lighter on the planet and are healthier for people. Their shoes are made in Europe and they’ve incorporated recycled materials into their production process, and donate 5% of their profits to charities like Women for Women International, a charity that provides women survivors of war, civil strife and other conflicts with the tools and resources they need to move from poverty and crisis to stability and self-sufficiency.

charmone vegan shoe 01 The Modern G Woman Can Finally Feel Stylish From Head To Doe With Charmé Heels

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The weeHouse | A wee For Every Need

wee house 01 The weeHouse | A wee For Every Need

I’m not sure what I like more: the weeHouse website or the weeHouse itself. As far as prefabs go, the weeHouse is similar to the Micro-compact in that it arrives by truck, factory-built and ready to live in, and it can be set down just about anywhere. Even on your roof.

Framed in wood and steel and floored in sustainable bamboo, the house is can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be. From the LiveRight studio apartment-sized to the 2 bedroom SleepTight, the weeHouse was “inspired by sustainable design principles such as building small and efficiently.” But unfortunately, that’s about as “G” as the wee gets in the base model. If wee want greener materials and systems (solar, a green roof, etc.) wee have to request them.

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env Hydrogen Motorcycle Undergoing Changes

env 003 env Hydrogen Motorcycle Undergoing Changes

What’s happening with the eagerly anticipated env? According to its website, the UK-created hydrogen cell motorcycle will be undergoing changes before the bike is ready for commercialization. What sort of changes? Most likely on the engineering side to make it “even better to ride and even easier to build”.

“But don’t worry,” assures the site, “the cool design won’t change.” Which hardly soothes this observer. It’s touted in the press as the “the first bike to be designed from the fuel cell outwards”, which to me means they designed the fuel cell and let the aesthetic take a back seat. Which explains why the env looks so funky. Kind of like a scooter. But I’ll cut them some slack here, since its “almost clearly clean” emissions are clearly the vehicle’s selling point.

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The Toxic Body And Your Defense

skin 01 The Toxic Body And Your Defense

With the possible exception of David Beckham, I reckon we all have issues with our bodies. But extra poundage, thinning hair and wrinkles around the eyes seem like small potatoes compared to what researchers call the “Body Burden”.

Even those with little or no known exposure to industrial chemicals may be surprised to learn that their bodies are potentially contaminated with dangerous compounds they never thought possible. The San Francisco Chronicle cites the case of the president/founder of an environmental research institute who, after giving blood and urine samples, found his body “polluted with 101 industrial toxins and penetrated by elevated levels of arsenic and mercury”.

But his is not an isolated case. In the study of nine seemingly healthy people, led by New York’s Mount Sinai School of Medicine, the Environmental Working Group and the nonprofit health and environmental research institute Commonweal, “researchers at two major laboratories found an average of 91 industrial compounds, pollutants, and other chemicals” in the bodies of people who neither work with chemicals nor live near a facility that produces them.

Several of the compounds found in the study were known to cause cancer, birth defects, abnormal human development and damage to the brain and nervous system. The findings were best summed up by a woman who participated in the study: regardless of how safe you imagine your personal environment to be, “we all live in the same chemical neighborhood.”

skin 02 The Toxic Body And Your Defense

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ORV Alguita Tracks Devastating Effects of Plastics

plastic beach 05 ORV Alguita Tracks Devastating Effects of Plastics

Here’s something you may not know about plastic: every piece of it ever produced, since it came on the scene in the 1950s, is still with us today. And it isn’t going anywhere.

Plastic is a non-biodegradable substance. No organisms, no bio-engineered bacteria are coming to the rescue to break down the molecular make-up of any of the plastic we create. It’s here to stay. And a great deal of it is floating around a Texas-sized whirlpool called the Northern Pacific Gyre, which has become infamously known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Update: Jacques Cousteau Joins Oprah For A Show On The Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch

A research vessel called the ORV Alguita, led by Captain Charles Moore, has been analyzing this gyre. Their latest research, which concluded in late February, entailed using what they call a Manta Trawler. The trawler is basically a fine net with a tail to make it look like a manta ray, with which they trawl across the gyre and collect samples. The samples are then analyzed to discover how the plastic accumulation is disrupting the ecosystem.

plastic beach 03 ORV Alguita Tracks Devastating Effects of Plastics

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Laughter Yoga | Laugh Your Way To Health and Happiness

laughing yoga Laughter Yoga | Laugh Your Way To Health and Happiness

Courtesy of Yoga Journal

As I lie on a wooden floor stretched out in Savasana, my mind is calm after an hour of vigorous exercise and deep breathing. The people around me are still and the room is quiet, save for the sounds of slow, gentle inhalation and exhalation. It could be the final moments of any yoga class. But then the man next to me suddenly lets out a thunderous guffaw. Across the room, a woman giggles in response. Soon the entire room is alive with sound — chortles and chuckles, hearty laughs and howling hoots.

The whole evening has been filled with such eruptions of laughter, some spontaneous, some scripted. In fact, Madan Kataria, the leader of this class, has promised to make us all laugh harder, more deeply, and more fully than we’ve ever laughed before.

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AFS Trinity | Ultracapacitor Plug-In

afs trinity 01 AFS Trinity | Ultracapacitor Plug In

Looking for something interesting at the Detroit Auto Show? Don’t spend too much time, because there isn’t really anything new. Sure, there are hybrids, flex-fuels, and testosterone machines, but there’s nothing that people who care haven’t seen already.

There is however, a new-ish hybrid that changes the dynamic of hybrids, if only a tiny bit. The AFS Trinity is boasting 150 mpg from its XH 150. The difference between the Trinity and other hybrids: battery technology. Instead of charging batteries that discharge to the engine, the Trinity charges ultracapacitors that discharge to the engine quicker than traditional Lithium-ion batteries – so fast, in fact, that it will get you up to 90 mph on battery power alone. The Trinity can also go about 40 miles before the gas engine kicks in, making it a zero-emission vehicle for most commuters.

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Diet Soda Linked to Metabolic Syndrome

diet coke killing people Diet Soda Linked to Metabolic Syndrome

In my ongoing attempt to live a cleaner life, I’ve managed to drop several unhealthy habits from my behavior (and no, I’m not listing them for you). But the one thing I can’t seem to shake is the diet soda. There’s something about that ice cold metallic taste that has me hooked.

But now there’s hope, as scare tactics are usually effective. New findings from researchers (via an article in the New York Times) says that diet soda is thought to cause metabolic syndrome. Sounds scary, but what does that mean exactly? It means your body might have an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. And under those umbrella maladies come such nastiness as high cholesterol and blood glucose levels, high blood pressure and abdominal obesity. Yuck.

A nine-year study of almost 10,000 men and women between the ages of 45 and 64 revealed that those eating the standard “Western diet” of red meat, fried foods and refried grains were at an 18 percent higher risk for metabolic syndrome than those whose meals consisted of fish, fruits and vegetables. This news isn’t shocking. I’ll bet I would have correctly guessed that, had it been put to me as a true/false question.

diet coke killing people 01 Diet Soda Linked to Metabolic Syndrome

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Green Zebra | Chicago’s Vegetarian Eatery

greenzebras chicago Green Zebra | Chicagos Vegetarian Eatery

I get excited whenever I’m in a new place and I learn there’s a green restaurant nearby. Being a vegetarian from Nashville, I’m accustomed to having to pre-think which restaurants will suit my dietary needs and still give my friends and family what they crave. Regardless of the city, it’s never any fun to have the orders go quickly around the table and then hold up the server for 10 minutes as I try to figure out if there’s a way to get spaghetti and meatballs without the meat or wheat. (But wheat’s a whole other story.)

So, when I hear about a restaurant with a focus on a vegetarian diet, I’m there. This time it was Chicago.

Long known for brats, beer and deep dish pizza, Chicago has also been leading the green way for many lifestyle choices. (There’s even a rickshaw taxi service!) This includes food as well. So, when my good friend, Nashville chef John Stephenson, and G Living’s Chicago-based chef, Vanessa Sherwood, recommended Green Zebra as one of their favorite vegetarian eateries, I just needed to know when and where. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Love Acrobats | White Tailed Eagle Bounces Back

whitetail eagle 01 Love Acrobats | White Tailed Eagle Bounces Back

We have a lot to learn from the white tailed eagle — especially in regards to romance. Other than a fascinating mid-air acrobatic display, this cousin of the American bald eagle keeps it simple when it comes to mating. There’s no worry about vulnerable displays of emotion or the exhausting ritual of overlooking someone else’s bad habits.

According to The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), love affairs among eagles occur naturally and easily: “The breeding season is characterised by frequent loud calling, especially by the male in the vicinity of the eyrie, sometimes taking the form of a duet between the pair.” From there, the lovebirds engage in “a characteristic aerial courtship display” in which they lock their claws together and whirl towards the earth in a series of spectacular cartwheels.

whitetail eagle 02 Love Acrobats | White Tailed Eagle Bounces Back

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Global Warming aka Global Extinction Six

global warming science 03 Global Warming aka Global Extinction Six

We’re all going to die!

According to leading scientists, our world has made minced meat of most of its former tenants. Fossil records indicate mass catastrophic climate change has occurred on Earth five previous times throughout her many revolving days of existence. Climate change that looks a lot like the end of the world. Or at least the end of our world.

Now, some scientists are predicting we are moving aggressively towards Climatic Revolution Number Six. (And no, it’s not on the Beatles White Album.)

That’s right. We’re not just gonna die. We’re going to be consumed. Burned up. Used as fuel for the great space machine.

Relax; it’s not the end of the world. The world will go on turning. It’s the tenants who get forcibly evicted. Extinction style.

global warming science 02 Global Warming aka Global Extinction Six

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The LRX | A Very Different Land Rover

lrx The LRX | A Very Different Land Rover

Does small mean economical? Sometimes. Does it equate to environmental friendliness? Not necessarily. In the case of the new Land Rover LRX, the jury’s still out. Land Rover recently announced the new concept LRX, claiming the car will appeal to the luxury and executive sector, as well as those wanting a compact.

Really? While I can’t recall the last time I saw a CEO driving from a board meeting to the Ritz in a sturdy little compact, I’m willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt.

According to Phil Popham, Land Rover’s managing director (via their website), “The LRX concept delivers the powerful message that we are as serious about sustainability as we are confident about the continuing relevance and desirability of our vehicles. The LRX is in every respect a Land Rover, but it’s a very different Land Rover.”

lrx 001 The LRX | A Very Different Land Rover

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