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I am a shadow dwelling twisted green juice guzzling monkie overlord, inhabiting the DarkPlanet. Using my own oozing brain juice, I go about my days infecting the helpless drones who unfortunately find themselves on my domain.

The New Urban Micro Farm Lab… Almost Ready

gliving twitter yard 600x220 The New Urban Micro Farm Lab... Almost Ready
Sneak Peak at G Living’s new Urban Micro Farm / Lab. Yes… lab. New G Living coming very soon.

Urban Gardening / The Window Farm

0 Urban Gardening / The Window Farm

This is crazy, how come I have never seen this site/video before. The WindowFarms project is a non-profit organization out of NYC, collaborating and designing gardens you hang in your window. They have over 13,000 members all working together to create new improved systems. This is so awesome, I am thinking even a plant killing dark monkie like me could get this right. Look how cute the founder is too. Right?

The windowfarms project approaches environmental innovation through web 2.0 crowdsourcing and a method called R&D-I-Y (research and develop it yourself). Big Science’s R&D industry is not always free to take the most expedient environmental approach. It must assume that consumers will not make big changes. Its organizational structure tends toward infrastructure-heavy mass solutions. A distributed network of individuals sharing information can implement a wide variety of designs that accommodate specific local needs and implement them locally. Ordinary people can bring about innovative green ideas and popularize them quickly. Web theorists like Clay Shirky claim that this capacity to “organize without hierarchical organization” will be a fundamental shift in our society brought about by the web over the coming decades.

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Avocado Pesto Pasta By GreenChef Chloe’s For VegNews Magazine

0 Avocado Pesto Pasta By GreenChef Chloes  For VegNews Magazine

Last week we discovered GreenChef Chloe on VegNews and we posted her 4th of July dessert video. This week, we bring you her Vegan Avocado Pesto Pasta video (recipe link). This is a pretty simple and quick recipe, even I could imagine whipping this one up for dinner or lunch. Which means, I will be making this for sure in the next few days. If the recipes are too complicated, I tend to wait for a visiting greenchef to make them for me. I know, I am a very spoiled dark monkie.

Enjoy the video… and go checkout VegNews Magazine, they gave us an award a few years back. Best site to read at night, or something like that. No, I don’t know what that means either. Maybe we are too dark to be read during the day. Also, take a few minutes to see more recipes by Chef Chloe on her site, chefchloeblog.weebly.com

chloe coscarelli avocado pesto pasta 01 Avocado Pesto Pasta By GreenChef Chloes  For VegNews Magazine

GreenChef Juli {Kookie Karma} Wants Your “G” Family!

juli novotny puremamas 01 GreenChef Juli {Kookie Karma} Wants Your G Family!

Attention “G” Moms / Dads, Juli Novotny, one of our very own GreenChefs, is busy building her own “G” space on the internet called Puremamas. Her site is completely focuses on “G” children and families. Part her blog is focused on decor, where she features new families and their eco modern interior designs! You know, she basically is doing a mini dwell thing. Seeking out cool design ideas people put together as their families grow. Is your babies room vogue / dwell worthy? Great, Juli would love to see all your hard work.

If you would like your nursery, children’s room or play room to be a part of it, she’d LOVE to feature you. So much so, in fact that she will also send you free Kookie Karma (which are soooo good by the way) products if she uses your images and story on her blog. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

May I Be Frank Documentary | Raw Food Powered Transformation 4 Years in the Making

may i be frank documentary by Ryland Engelhart May I Be Frank Documentary | Raw Food Powered Transformation 4 Years in the Making

Possibly an interesting documentary by our friends over at Café Gratitude. I have to be honest, I say possibly, because I haven’t seen it yet. I have only seen the trailer but the trailer alone made me want to post about it. I love when people turn their lives around and find happiness on the other side. Congratulations to Cary, Ryland, Conor and Gregg for bringing May I be Frank to life.

New York Times: “May I Be Frank,” by Cary Mosier, Ryland Engelhart, Conor Gaffney and Gregg Marks, at S.F. DocFest. This film came about by accident: when Frank Ferrante, a depressed and overweight New Yorker, ate at Café Gratitude, a feel-good vegan and raw food restaurant, he did not imagine the effect that meal would have on his life. But after Mr. Ferrante, a divorced drug addict with hepatitis C, declared to three young male managers at the restaurant that he wanted to fall in love again, they set out to change his life and took a camera along.

Over the course of 42 days, the Café Gratitude workers put Mr. Ferrante through a regimen of wheat grass, colonics and touchy-feely advice. The New Age jargon may put off some viewers, but Mr. Ferrante proves to be a compelling on-screen presence: at once honest and manipulative, hopeful and frustrating.

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Bill Clinton Tells CNN, He Eat’s Only “G” Now To Heal Himself

0 Bill Clinton Tells CNN, He Eats Only G Now To Heal Himself

Why do people decided to add more plants to their diets or go completely vegan? Theres really many different reasons but a big one always seems to be, sickness. As soon as people actually feel what they have been doing to their body for years, they sometimes wake up and change everything. This is what President Bill Clinton is doing right now. No more dead cows… now its all about the nut milk, hmmmmm.

“I’m trying to be one of those experimenters,” said Clinton. “Since 1986, several hundred people who have tried essentially a plant-based diet, not ingesting any cholesterol from any source, has seen their bodies start to heal themselves — break up the arterial blockage, break up the calcium deposits around the heart. 82 percent of the people who have done this have had this result, so I want to see if I can be one of them.”

Clinton decided to adopt the diet in the early part of May 2010. While he does occasionally eat fish, the former president otherwise follows a strict vegan diet.

What made him go vegan? According to our source, Clinton has read many books on the topic, including books by T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr. Dean Ornish. Although losing weight was a benefit of the dietary change, the choice to go vegan was about more than just losing weight.

Room101 | Exposing Genocide in Darfur

Looking Back at Darfur. What happened, who was at the core of the violence and where do we go from here. Special Interview with Brian Steidle on Room101.

Brian Steidle, co-author of The Devil Came On Horseback, talks about his experiences in Western Sudan. Brain is a former U.S. Marine Captain and spent 6 months working for the African Union in Darfur as an observer. He took photos and wrote reports about the genocide taking place in front of his eyes. But no one seemed to care, so he took matters into his own hands. He left Sudan with the photos he had taken and headed back to the United States to raise the alarm. He joins G Living Host, Sarah Backhouse in our Room101. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Venice Based epOxyGreen Design Center Finds A New Home In The Belly Of The Orange

sander architects orange office venice 01  Venice Based epOxyGreen Design Center Finds A New Home In The Belly Of The Orange

This is an Orange Alert for all you West Siders living L.A. The center of our green universe is about to lose it’s anchor. I am talking about Abbot Kinney, and all those greenish businesses which are starting to dominate the street. The anchor company epOxyGreen on the corner of Venice Blvd and Abbot Kinney is pulling up it’s roots and heading North. Well, only a few blocks North, to the traffic chocked artery of Lincoln Blvd. They are moving in with our friends at Sander Architects in the belly of the Orange Office. From the email Catherine sent over, it sounds like they leased the bottom two floors.

epOxyGreen over the last few years has transformed their business to focus on green design and home improvement. opOxyGreen grew out of opOxybOx which is a gallery and event spot. Some time ago, the gallery started filling up with green paints, bamboo floor samples and assorted furnishings. Now with a larger space and a prime location on one of L.A. busiest streets, maybe epOxyGreen is about to transform it’s self once again. Photos after the jump

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Pretty Electric Scooter Lacking Details The Yamaha Divide

yamaha divide 02 Pretty Electric Scooter Lacking Details The Yamaha Divide

Now that I actually own my own electric powered bike (The Ultramotor A2B) and love it, I am obsessed with finding an even better bike. One that will go over 100 miles on a charge and at speeds up to 40 miles an hour, plus able to pull a bikewagon. I know California State law requires you to have a license if the bike goes over 20 miles per hour, but if they could design it with a switch, to let me choose, I would buy it. 20 Miles per hour is fine, but only for local trips. If I have to go all the way down town, I would never make it on my A2B.

So, today I came across this little modern looking electric bike from Yamaha, the Divide. It was announced back in 2003 so I very very late, in this discovery, but I don’t know what happened. Did it ever make it in to production? The Divide I guess is a scooter, not a bike, but it seems to be very small and even folds up. If your a boy from Texas, like me, you probly know Yamaha as the maker of motor dirt bikes. I personally owned a Yellow YZ 80, which I road endlessly. So I am guessing they know how to make a pretty cool scooter.

yamaha divide 03 Pretty Electric Scooter Lacking Details The Yamaha Divide

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An Eye for an Eye; A Shoe for a Shoe

tom shoes An Eye for an Eye; A Shoe for a Shoe

Usually, the best ideas are the simple ones. This is the case with Blake Mycoskie’s brand, TOMS Shoes. Just buy a pair of his classic Argentinian-style shoes (which are quite affordable), and a child in South America gets a free pair. These are not your mom’s Keds, mind you – TOMS are stylish, versatile, and most of all, comfortable. Already featured in Vogue Magazine, LA Times, Daily Candy, and Women’s Wear Daily, the shoes are also adored by celebrities like Sienna Miller.

Affordable, delightful, makes a difference, and G – the best of all worlds!

tom shoes 02 An Eye for an Eye; A Shoe for a Shoe

Life In Haite | A Short Visual Film About Beauty And Hardship

A Film by Leclerc Brothers Motion Pictures

A short visual film by the Leclerc Brothers. A visually beautiful film about the raw living conditions in the aftermath of one of the worst Earthquake disasters in our lifetime. The Earthquake which rocked the Caribbean Island of Haiti. The film, which is more of a slow motion music video, captures perfectly the extremeness of life the people of Haiti face. You can almost feel the heat and sweat of the people. The team seem to have been there for a bigger film about the Rescue of the Haitian Children, which you can watch the trailer below.

I am posting this short film here today just as a simple reminder to all of us, in the first world countries, how hard life can be. How lucky we are and what true hardships people in 3rd world face on a daily basis. Just to survive, just to live another day.

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Liquify | A Short Film Celebrating Flesh Monkies In A Water World

Video by Aira Music by Toro Y Moi – Talamak

Hey Drones and fellow Flesh Monkies, remember the love of water you had as a kid. How magical it seemed. Well, that’s how I remember it at least. The ocean the home of water, to me, was this magical world, almost like an alien world, which was a place of harmony, danger, and inspiration. I think that is why as an adult I love all water things. I mean I love to just be in water. My riches memories in this life are of being suspended in the ocean in the middle of the night. Floating in a pitch black sea of twinkling stars. No real separation between the ocean and the sky. Amazing experience. Water is everything to us, and sometimes we tend to forget that. We forget about it’s beauty, its value to all of us.

Set aside sometime right now, this minute, to reconnect with the magic of the ocean and that pure beautiful sustains we call Water! This short film by Aira, is a celebration of just being in a world of water. Don’t worry it’s all uplifting fun. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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