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Fisker Is Becoming A Real Tesla Challenger

fisker karma 02 Fisker Is Becoming A Real Tesla Challenger

For the past few years, Tesla Motor has been the only high performance, high design, electric car company in the headlines. Taking all the glory and all the bashing that comes with creating a forward thinking company like Tesla. But that time seems to be coming to an end. A one time Tesla partner and now competitor, Fisker has developed their own line of cars, called Karma. Their very first extended range all electric luxury sedan is about to hit the roads, the company says in late 2009.

But Fisker is done, they have already developed a second generation car called the Karma S- for Sunset — concept that debuted at the Detroit auto show shares its gas-electric drivetrain with the Karma sedan but wraps it in an even sleeker two-door body that could see production within two years. The California startup’s range-extended electric vehicles — like the Tesla Roadster, Cadillac Converj concept and high-dollar hybrids from Mercedes and BMW — point to an emerging market of premium green cars that place as much importance on performance as they do efficiency.

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Media Watch | The Global Credit Crisis Explained

Crisis of Credit Visualized Part 1


How did the current economic crisis today? The Short and Simple Story of the Credit Crisis. Jonathan Jarvis has created this short video using simple graphic cartoons to explain this crisis. “The goal of giving form to a complex situation like the credit crisis is to quickly supply the essence of the situation to those unfamiliar and uninitiated.”

Crisis of Credit Visualized Part 2 Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Media Watch | Mega Polluters Can Now Buy Up Carbon Credits On The Cheap

oil fire polution Media Watch | Mega Polluters Can Now Buy Up Carbon Credits On The Cheap

As the world economy goes into a tailspin, the green victims are piling up. First the recycle market collapsed, making it cheaper to cut down a fresh forest, instead of recycling the paper we already have, and now the carbon markets. You know that plan which would charge polluters a fee which would to re-plant forest and other carbon off setting projects.

(Guardian) By Julian Glover

‘Roll up for the great pollution fire sale, the ultimate chance to wreck the climate on the cheap. You sir, over there, from the power company – look at this lovely tonne of freshly made, sulphur-rich carbon dioxide. Last summer it cost an eyewatering €31 to throw up your smokestack, but in our give-away global recession sale, that’s been slashed to a crazy €8.20. Dump plans for the wind turbine! Compare our offer with costly solar energy! At this low, low price you can’t afford not to burn coal!” Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

WWF 2008 Victory | Legislation Enacted TO Curb Illegal Logging

 orangutans 01 WWF 2008 Victory | Legislation Enacted TO Curb Illegal Logging

Photographer: Iain Rendle (cc)


In June 2008, the United States became the first country in the world to ban the import and sale of illegally-sourced wood and wood products when a ban was enacted as part of the 2008 Farm bill. WWF thanks the thousands of activists who spoke out in support of the prohibition on illegal wood.

At the behest of Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), the 2008 Farm Bill included the ban by incorporating provisions of the Legal Timber Protection Act (H.R. 1497), sponsored by Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.), and the Combat Illegal Logging Act (S. 1930), sponsored by Sen. Wyden.

The illegal logging ban is a huge victory for conservation. Sumatran tigers and rhinos, Siberian tigers, orangutans and many other species that depend on forest habitat around the globe will benefit from this legislation. WWF, through its Global Forest & Trade Network, helps responsible companies, including wood importers, to source legal and sustainable wood. The illegal logging ban will help level the playing field for these businesses that are doing the right thing. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

A Small Collection But A Good One

smallcollection alyson fox 03 A Small Collection But A Good One

A Small Collection would fit right in at a MOMA as part of an avant garde art installation, but these eleven short videos actually showcase Austin-based designer Alyson Fox’s eco fashion line. Inspired by vintage clothing, Alyson decided to emulate that look using only sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, hemp and linen, and organic elastics and buttons made from fallen tree branches.

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Austin Architect Goes Really Really Old School With Rammed Earth

rammed earth house austin texas 01 Austin Architect Goes Really Really Old School With Rammed Earth

So, many of you might already know this, I am a product of the cow poking state of Texas. Yep, I know, it doesn’t seem possible, how could a good looking Twisted Green Juice Guzzling Black Monkie like me be from Texas? Well, I not from there, I was just trapped for a while. Most of my non-Monkie family still lives in Austin Texas, which just happens to be the greenest, most forward thinking city in that entire state. Austin is even the birth place of Whole Foods, how cool is that. So, when I saw this story about a green house made with Rammed Earth, in Austin, I had to post about it, even though it is not the type of place I would go for. It’s a very traditional designed home, and here at G Living we lean towards the sleeker modern side.

This 5000 sq. ft beast of a house is interesting because it uses one of the oldest building techniques know to man, Rammed Earth. Before humans ever figured out how to make concrete, they where using Rammed Earth, to build their cities, temples, and their high protective walls. By pounding a mixture of dirt, grass and clay between forms, ancient societies, build very efficient structures, which can stand for thousands of years. And since the rammed earth walls are so thick, they enable the buildings to maintain a steady temperature all year around.

rammed earth house austin texas 03 Austin Architect Goes Really Really Old School With Rammed Earth

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New Electric Mini Uses Electric Motors In The Wheels

The Mini made by BMW has been hijacked by PML a British company which has transformed the popular micro sized gas car into a 900 Miles Per Gallon hybrid electric vehicle. PML version of the Mini replaces the standard engine with four of our electric wheels, a lithium polymer battery, a large ultra capacitor, a very small ICE with generator (so small it almost fits alongside the spare wheel), an energy management system and a sexy in-car display module.

The car has been designed to run for four hours of combined urban/extra urban driving, powered only by a battery and bank of ultra capacitors. The QED supports an all-electric range of 200-250 miles and has a total range of about 932 miles (1,500 km). Explains Martin Boughtwood, PML’s MD: “Until now, most electric vehicles have been little more than souped-up milk floats, limited by range and speed, with compromised performance.

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Fun Side Of Green | Zaproot Covers The Non Green Oscars

I can’t speak for all the monkies here at G Living, but I have always thought Zaproot was pretty funny, timely and informative and Jessica’s accent got me hooked. So, we will start posting the show on G Living, so maybe a few of you will get hooked too.

This weeks show

The Oscars are just around the corner. Check out the green nominations for 2009. New Alt-Autos: Honda Insight, Top 10 Efficient Cars for 2009, Mission One, and more. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

The $100K Green Pre-Fab Which Makes You Money

100k home 01 The $100K Green Pre Fab Which Makes You Money

We stumbled across a very cool green pre-fab building project in development in Italy, which shocking enough will only cost a little over $100k U.S.

Details from MC A

This research project explores the design of a 100m2 home that is low cost, high quality with zero CO2 emissions and a low environmental impact. A building that brings back the pleasure of living and repays the investment cost with the energy produced. The architectural design integrates photovoltaic panels, solar capture during the winter months, circulation of air in the summer months and other passive environmental strategies that render the residence a bioclimatic machine.

The building cost is kept to a minimum by using light and flexible pre-fabricated building systems: structural elements, integrated services, and mobile elements such as sliding-removable-supple wall panels for internal divisions in the apartments. External walls are made from modular panels. The material changes – glazed or opaque- creating an elevation that is dynamic materially and spatially integrating balconies, terraces and loggias. The structural framework allows a variety of apartment sizes adapting to the different spatial needs of the occupants.

100k home 02 The $100K Green Pre Fab Which Makes You Money

Check out the project site on mcarchitectsgate.it Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Have A Laugh, It’s Only A World Wide Economic Meltdown

Are you feeling a little stressed about the economic meltdown? Have a laugh with the Flight of the Conchords. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Dark Days | Documentary About NYC Homeless Living Underground

First 10 Minutes of the film

I have decided to start looking at what might happen to the millions of people living on the economic edge. Those people living meager pay check to pay check. What will happen to them as even the low paying jobs begin to evaporate?

Here is a film which was made in the 2000, which features a community of homeless people living in the tunnel systems of New York City. A glimpse of life on the edge. The official Dark Days Website: palmpictures.com | Full film on youtube

via wikipedia

Dark Days is a documentary made by Marc Singer, a British filmmaker. The film follows a group of people living in an abandoned section of the New York City underground railway system, more precisely the area of the so called Freedom Tunnel. When he relocated from London to Manhattan, Marc Singer was struck by the number of homeless people he had seen throughout the city. Singer had befriended a good number of New York’s homeless and later, after hearing of people living underground in abandoned tunnel systems, he met and became close to a group of people living in The Freedom Tunnel community stretching north from Penn Station past Harlem. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Media Watch | Rory Friedman (Skinny Bitch) Goes Head To Head On OReilly Factor

Bill O’Reilly invited our friend Rory Freedman on to his show to talk about the rejected Peta Ads. The ads show sexy women licking veggies, and make the statement that a meat based diet can lead to men become impotent. Bill also invited a pro-meat eating women to counter Rory. So, basically it was two people saying we are going to eat our meat, no matter what, but lets make a joke about Peta’s ads, which is basically what Peta wanted in the first place. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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