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San Francisco Bay Spill | Delayed Response Worsens Impact

sanfrancisco oil spill 01 San Francisco Bay Spill | Delayed Response Worsens Impact

The most chilling part of what occurred on November 7th in the San Francisco Bay is not so much the accident itself human error is inevitable to a certain degree but the slow response to the accident that, according to an article on abc.com, will result in most of the 58,000 gallons of spilled oil being absorbed into the ecosystem. Shouldn’t previous oil catastrophes (Exxon Valdez, anyone?) have taught us to treat each of these as worst case scenarios? Must we wait for the inevitable before putting into place a real, actionable plan?

While the Coast Guard maintains that their response was immediate 30 minutes after the distress call – they did acknowledge some “miscommunication” with local officials, but said this didn’t interfere with relief efforts. However, the article points out that the much-needed oil-skimming vehicles did not show up until 90 minutes after the call, allowing many more thousands of gallons of oil to do their damage.

sanfrancisco oil spill 03 San Francisco Bay Spill | Delayed Response Worsens Impact

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African Odyssey – Deception Valley Lodge, Botswana, Kalahari

Botswana, from the caravan ride i t appears to be a desertw/no sign of any surface water, yet it supports a vaired wildlife population. A refuge for bushmen,the last of hunters and gatherers descendents of Southern Africas earliest residents

It Takes Just One Village to Save a Species

white headed langurs It Takes Just One Village to Save a Species

Long ago, in the poverty-stricken hills of southern China, a village banished its children to the forest to feed on wild fruits and leaves. Years later, when food stores improved, the children’s parents returned to the woods to reclaim their young.

To their surprise, their offspring had adapted to forest life remarkably well; the children’s white headdresses had dissolved into fur, tails grew from their spines and they refused to come home.

At the Nongguan Nature Reserve in Chongzuo, Guangxi province, the real-life descendants of these mythical children — monkeys known as white-headed langurs — still swing through the forest canopy. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Animal Rights Special on National Geographic

Should animals have the same rights as humans? The National Geographic show Inside Base Camp presents the controversial proposition of animal rights. Guest include professor Steven Wise, the author of Drawing the Line: Science and the Case for Animal Rights.

From Wikipedia: Wise’s position on animal rights is that some animals, particularly primates, meet the criteria of legal personhood, and should therefore be awarded certain rights and protections. His criteria for personhood are that the animal must be able to desire things, to act in an intentional manner to acquire those things, and must have a sense of self i.e. the animals must know that s/he exists. Wise argues that chimpanzees, bonobos, elephants, parrots, dolphins, orangutans, and gorillas meet these criteria. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

National Geographic Animals of Indonesia

Finally the broadcast networks are wising up and releasing their shows online and thankfully that includes National Geographic. Finally I can watch nature documentaries online. Which for me is great, I love learning about the world around me, but I wouldn’t buy the dvds and I don’t have a tv.

So, I am going to do my best to find the most interesting nature shows and post them within G Living, making it easier for you to find. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Is The VW UP / Really The Apple iCar?

vw up04 Is The VW UP / Really The Apple iCar?


VW shows off a new concept car called the UP. Could this be the rumored Apple / VW vehicle all of us will instantly want to go along with our iPhones and MacBook Pros? Well, if the interior is any hint, I am guessing the UP is not too far off from a future iCar. Buzz around the internet earlier in the month, was that Volkswagen and Apple were collaborating on an iCar project, so it wasn’t surprising when VW’s rear-engined up! Concept Car was introduced in Frankfurt, and a close-up of the dash’s navigation, climate, and in-car entertainment screen revealed a suspiciously Mac OS-eqsue interface, with Mac screen fonts, Mac reflections, and even Mac-like universal pictograms for each function.

According to a recent intervie with VW CEO Martin Winterkorn, there will be a "New Small Family" of value-priced rear-engined cars.

via: AutoblogGreen Like the original Volkswagen and the much newer Smart ForTwo, the up! has it’s engine mounted in the back driving the rear wheels. Unlike the Smart, the VW gets four seats into its 11.3 foot length. As a somewhat more practical challenger to the Smart, it may be interesting to look back at the history of Smart. The Smart was conceived by Swatch founder Nicholas Hayek and was originally a partnership with VW. Now VW has built this new car as a low cost urban transportation module with low CO2 emissions.”
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Bulb Art / CFL’s Take Trafalgar Square During The London Design Festival

tombulb Bulb Art / CFLs Take Trafalgar Square During The  London Design Festival

So, this weekend I was scouring the internet for the latest and greatest in green fashion and design as usual. When I came across a beautiful posting by the site inhabitat.com. The post was featuring a london based artist/designer Tom Dixon and his 500 CFL Art Installation in Trafalgar Sqaure in London.

So, what is the big deal about creating a 500 CFL bulb lighting Art Installation? Well, it turns out the point is to demonstrate how little energy these type of bulbs use and how beautiful they can be. The bulbs are a new design by the company Glowb. As you can see from the photo above, they don’t look like the standard ugly coil bulb we are use to seeing from manufactures of CFL bulbs. The new shape and light looks very modern with or without a lamp shade.

Glowb is hoping to make make a big impact with Londoners by giving away 1000 CFL light bulbs a day, totaling 3,500 light bulbs being given away and used over the course of the installation. According to the Energy Saving Trust, the 3,500 Glowb bulbs will save 754 tonnes of CO2 in their collective lives, the equivalent of filling 150 hot air balloons or 4,300 double decker buses, compared to the 60watt incandescent equivalent, this is the equivalent of £212,000 saved in electricity bills.

Tom Dixon will take over Trafalgar Square during the London Design Festival from Monday 17th September until Wednesday 19th September 2007. The Blow lights will be powered by a renewable energy source and lit for 3 hours per day from 7pm – 10pm Monday and Tuesday, and on Wednesday 19th from 5pm – 10pm.

About the Bulb: Glowb offer a complete environmentally-friendly product, including their innovative new packaging concept: the Glowb tube is not only 100% recyclable but also allows consumers to return their old conventional bulb in the tube by freepost for recycling and allows the packaging to be re-used again thereby avoiding unnecessary waste.

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African Odyssey – Uganda, East Africa, Semliki Wildlife Reserve

A remote area of diverse terrain and vegetation. Lake Albert where we hope to find the rare and elusive Schubyll. Semliki Lodge is a haven in the middle of a vast savanna. We stay at the reserve lodge, which is a classic safari lodge, with an open plan and thatched roofs.

The Real G! | The G/Super Star Maker Over, First Up Elizabeth Kucinich

Here at G Living we like to live on the darker cooler side of green. You know the Rock N Roll, modern, slick G/Designer clothing side of the green world. So when we decided to bring on some new personalities to help us cover world of G, we made sure to hook them up with a fresh organic make over and a suitcase of the best organic fashions on the planet. And to make sure we had only the best, we brought in a Green Fashion expert and our close friend Summer Bowen, the owner of BTC Elements an online Eco Fashion Boutique.

Our first G/Roving Correspondent is no other than, Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s wife, Elizabeth Kucinich. Join Sarah and Elizabeth as they G/Up Elizabeths battered but faithful clothing from the campaign trail.

The Batman Super Electric Concept Car

nissan mixim02 The Batman Super Electric Concept Car

Electric Super Motor Batman Concept racing down your street, soon? Just like Boise (host of The Real G!), the rest of the monkies at G Living are looking for new types of vehicles to fulfill all of our transportation needs here in L.A. Now that isn’t as easy as it sounds. The current batch of greener type vehicles are not really that cutting edge, good looking or practical. There are a few that are coming close but nothing that just jumps out at us. So, whenever a new concept car comes out that might just become reality, we become very interested. Unfortunately, this Nissan concept Batman all electric car doesn’t sound like it will make it to the production line. We hope we’re wrong and Nissan takes going all electric serious and wows us with cool cars, which use super “G” electric coming straight from our studio’s roof. But as with many concept cars, this concept hints at future. The car is powered by two electric motors, front and rear, and uses lithium-ion batteries.

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African Odyssey – Sausage Tree Camp-Lower Zambezi Valley, Zambia

On this addition of African Odyssey, we fly into Jeki Air Strip followed by a 40 minute drive to camp observing the dry, wide open savannah. Sausage Tree Camp-Lower Zambezi Valley, Zambia. We camp in rustic tents and enjoy the calmness of strolling along the river in the African bush.

The animals here in the park seem relaxed and worried about poachers. The local lions have a very unique trick, they can climb trees. In the rest of Africa you never see this, and in fact many animals climb trees just to escape lions.

Room101 | Turning Shipping Containers Into Your Next Dream Home

G Living gets the heart of the container/home story buzzing all over the web. When we posted the story Genius Design: The House That Moves With You about a Dutch architecture firm building University dorms out of shipping containers, we got pounded. The flood of people reading that story was one of our biggest ever and it hasn’t really let up. As a result, we wanted to know more about why people are so fascinated by the idea of living inside the same containers that all of our other stuff arrives in. So, we went to one of the leading architects building his career around this new type of architecture, Peter De Maria.

Peter was kind enough to come into the studios and sit down for a special ROOM101 about the future of living in containers. Enjoy.

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