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The Down Pillow Alternative, Kapok Pillows

organic kapok pillows 02 The Down Pillow Alternative, Kapok Pillows

As cave people, we slept on animal pelts. And 10,000 years later, what are we laying our heads on? Pillows stuffed with feathers or down, plucked from a living creature, or petroleum-based foam/synthetic fills with the potential to off-gas. Not exactly the march of civilization, if you ask me.

But fear not, sleepy heads, there are (as always) less poisonous and barbaric options available.

One of the most exciting new options is kapok, “a silky fiber harvested in the rainforests of the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, tropical America and Africa.” The manual harvesting process is labor-intensive, which involves separating the seeds from the fiber and then cleaning and drying it before it’s ready for stuffing. But not only is kapok a healthier alternative for the consumer, “it helps preserve rainforests and the indigenous people who harvest it.” Kapok pillows are not treated for flammability, so they are only allowed to be sold as decorative items – not intended for sleeping. But if the choices are breathing in fire retardant chemicals every night or sleeping on a pillow that might suddenly burst into flames – I, for one, will take my chances.

organic kapok pillows 03 The Down Pillow Alternative, Kapok Pillows

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Urban Green Clothing Company NAU, Blogs About True Cost Of Their Products

nau truecost 01 Urban Green Clothing Company NAU, Blogs About True Cost Of Their Products

NAU reached out to its customers today in an effort to have an open honest conversation about the true cost of the clothing on our backs. We thought this would be great opportunity for NAU to speak directly to all consumers, not just their current customers. And yes, many staff members here at G Living are current customers. I myself own more than 30 NAU Clothing items and you will see me in a NAU shirt most days of the week. So, I guess you can say I am more than a little curious to hear what they have to say. I understand the issue of cost and find myself weighing cost vs usage. How many times will I really wear something and what does that cost workout to be. Most of the time it works out to be pennies, so it makes it worth the up front investment.

Tell us what you think about pricing of green clothing. If you have an opinion, please say something in the comments.

The following is from nau.com about us section: The post is titled, Our case for a new value equation.

In any economic climate, and particularly in one as difficult as this, it’s natural to consider the price of the products we buy, and whether their value justifies their cost. In recent months, we’ve received a number of comments on The Thought Kitchen regarding the prices for Nau products. One poster commented that “the clothing is great and unique but the pricing is outrageous,” while another wrote “You have to own the grid to afford those prices.” At Nau, we’re big believers in making considered choices, so we understand our customers’ desire to understand what value our prices reflect. So here’s a look at the true cost of producing Nau clothing.

nau truecost 02 Urban Green Clothing Company NAU, Blogs About True Cost Of Their Products

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Nature | Killer Whales In Danger of Extinction

killer whale extinction Nature | Killer Whales In Danger of Extinction

More sad nature news and documentary on yet another species in trouble of going extinct. This time its the top predator of the sea, the Killer Whale. The Pacific coast of North America is the largest laboratory on earth where on-going studies into the state of the Killer Whale reveal startling new information about the oceans we inhabit. Killer in Peril is a sobering report on our planet’s heath told from the unique perspective of an extraordinary animal.

Via seattlepi.com: Killer whales in grave danger

Puget Sound’s southern resident killer whales are going extinct faster than the Seahawks playoff hopes, but the government agency charged with protecting them has refused to do anything about it. So today conservationists are going to court to force the agency to comply with the law and protect the whales from extinction. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

A City For The Monkies | A Future Ocean Based Floating Eco City

ocean city 01 A City For The Monkies | A Future Ocean Based Floating Eco City

I have been following this architecture firm since they designed a house out of containers, something I would like to do. So, I check out their site pretty often, and today they have rewarded me with a new design fit for the Monkies. Yes, a ultra modern floating eco city they are calling Gyre Seascraper. Since I was a kid, I thought it would be ultra cool to be able to live below the surface of the ocean. It would be like living in the International Space Station. A completely foreign world.

(via zigloo.ca)

Gyre creates a new class of Eco-tourism by bringing scientists and vacationers together to understand what is the least known environment on our planet, the ocean. As much as a skyscraper is an economical method of reducing humankind’s footprint on land, Gyre goes a step further by juxtaposing that footprint to the ocean, and is perhaps its greenest feature. Its unique design permits the simultaneous application of wind, solar, and tidal energy generation technologies thereby making it truly ‘off-grid’. Peaking at a depth of 400m, its ample space provides for a comfortable living and working environment, including space for shops, restaurants, gardens, and recreation.

The center piece of the design features a double-hulled vortex with both hulls being clad in reinforced glass, where each of the floor levels are essentially a layering of concentric rings ranging in size from 30,000 sq.m. down to 600 sq.m. Inclinators riding along the inner structural ribs provide for vertical/diagonal transportation between floors. Total floor area of the entire structure (levels, radial arms, barriers) is approximately 212,000 sq.m. (or roughly 40 football fields). The Gyre’s radial arms feature a pedestrian upper level and a transit system on the lower level to access to the outer protective barriers. The barriers create an inner harbor and port of approximately 1.25 km in diameter, accommodating the needs of even the world’s largest ships.

ocean city 02 A City For The Monkies | A Future Ocean Based Floating Eco City

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frei | Beautiful Clothes Born From a Beautiful Idea

frei designs beautiful clothes 03 frei | Beautiful Clothes Born From a Beautiful Idea

As an emerging green fashionista will tell you, it’s exciting to discover and fall in love with a new designer — and then later unearth the fact that they are green. It’s like eating an entire tub of ice cream and learning afterwards that it was National No Calorie Day. Or to find out that cigarettes were good for you after all. (I’m so kidding about this inflammatory last remark — no pun intended).

frei designs beautiful clothes 02 frei | Beautiful Clothes Born From a Beautiful Idea

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Commuun | A Cut Above

commuun japanese fashion 01 Commuun | A Cut Above

Amidst the all excitement that surrounds socially conscious fashion these days, it’s easy to forget about the basic principle that either makes or breaks beautiful garments, green or otherwise — the cut. There’s no such oversight when it comes to Japanese design duo, Kaito Hori and Iku Furudate. Their Paris-based label Commuun has been presenting exquisite collections at Paris Women’s Ready to Wear Fashion Week since its debut in 2005.

The core of each collection is nature with all its idiosyncrasies. The designers reconstruct these ideas through “simple but strong shapes and fine detailing”. Their commitment to the environment is also displayed through their choice of fabrics: Japanese organic cotton and Italian linen, to mention a few. With the design and materials chosen, the duo employ their trademark French pattern technique to construct long-lasting, beautifully tailored garments that are functional and stylish.

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San Francisco The New Living Museum Embraces Green

california academy science 01 San Francisco The New Living Museum Embraces Green

Finally a truly forward thinking design here in America that incorporates both old and new, molding seamlessly into the landscape. The Living Museum, due to open this fall in Golden Gate Park, should push forward all sorts of public building design, and it should be the largest public building to earn a LEED platinum rating (which only 70 buildings worldwide have received so far).

The building is made up of three “domes” built into the ground and topped with 2.5 acres of native plants growing on a sod-style roof, an ancient technology that is making a modest comeback in green circles. From above, it looks like a series of small hills, except for several skylights that dot each hill and provide natural lighting below.

Check out a cool virtual tour of the building.

california academy science 02 San Francisco The New Living Museum Embraces Green

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The Real G! | The G/Super Star Maker Over, First Up Elizabeth Kucinich

Here at G Living we like to live on the darker cooler side of green. You know the Rock N Roll, modern, slick G/Designer clothing side of the green world. So when we decided to bring on some new personalities to help us cover world of G, we made sure to hook them up with a fresh organic make over and a suitcase of the best organic fashions on the planet. And to make sure we had only the best, we brought in a Green Fashion expert and our close friend Summer Bowen, the owner of BTC Elements an online Eco Fashion Boutique.

Our first G/Roving Correspondent is no other than, Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s wife, Elizabeth Kucinich. Join Sarah and Elizabeth as they G/Up Elizabeths battered but faithful clothing from the campaign trail.

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De Brazza Monkeys Don’t Like Global Warming

de brazza monkey 01 De Brazza Monkeys Don’t Like Global Warming

What’s worse than a roaming monkey? How about a monkey that’s on-the-go because he’s been pushed out of his habitat by climate change?

Talking about White Bearded De Brazza’s monkeys, who got their name from French explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza. Normally found in the wetlands of Africa, these guys have recently been spotted far from their natural homes, hiding in the forests of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley.

According to Richard Leakey, son of famed paleontologist Louis Leakey, this extremely rare migration is just one of several pieces of evidence that Africa’s climate is rapidly changing. Leakey’s peeved at African authorities, claiming they’re ignoring the crisis. He continues to urge them to take action and address the issues at hand.

de brazza monkey 02 De Brazza Monkeys Don’t Like Global Warming

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Beauty Fused with Function | The Perfect Kettle For The Modern GreenChef

vessel one tea kettle 01 Beauty Fused with Function | The Perfect Kettle For The Modern GreenChef

If you love design in your life, you just might fall in love with this simple high tech water kettle.

Vessel the company who makes this kettle, which they are calling ONE, made a design and function choice to skip the standard steam whistle on most stove top kettles and go with a visual indicator. This is the interesting part. The visual indicator is just freaking hot. Images appear to bleed into the white surface as it heats up. Images like Space Invader Ships, Hello Kitty, and others.

But they didn’t stop there, the kettle also cuts out the middle man. You can go directly from the stove to the table and to the cup. Detail photos after the jump.

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Miraval The Green Luxury Desert Spa With Oozing Style

miraval residential villas 01 Miraval The Green Luxury Desert Spa With Oozing Style

A modern green gem rising up out of the Sonoran desert. That might be the best way to describe the Miraval. A resort spa designed by the architecture firm Miraval. Mithun’s design of 16 new single family villas at Miraval’s Tucson, Arizona resort combine the desert’s rich human history with environmentally intelligent practices and brings Miraval’s physical environment in line with its award-winning spa experience, so their site says.

The interesting part of the villa’s design for me are the Rammed Earth walls. Using the dirt from the property to create the walls, the architects, where able to give the villa’s a timeless feeling. Rammed Earth is one of the oldest building techniques known to man. But unfortunately isn’t used very often in modern buildings, because of strict city building codes.

Details about the resort:

Nestled at the base of the stunning Catalina Mountains, Miraval Arizona’s 400 acres of lush Sonoran Desert creates an inspiring backdrop that is warm and welcoming any time of the year.  The luxurious accommodations and world renowned spa, have lead the readers of Travel & Leisure, SpaFinder and Conde Nast to vote Miraval the #1 spa in the world, year after year.  The award winning cuisine is created with our fundamental belief that healthy ingredients can also mean exquisite flavor.  A complete selection of daily programs, both indoor and outdoor, in areas such as fitness, meditation, nutrition, relationships and more, help individuals learn new ways to live and feel better.  For time to relax or explore, to spend time with loved ones or with yourself, Miraval provides hundreds of experiences that make every individual’s time at Miraval unique and unforgettable.

miraval residential villas 06 Miraval The Green Luxury Desert Spa With Oozing Style

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Modern Eco-Alphine Hut by OFIS Architects

alpine hut ofis architects 01 Modern Eco Alphine Hut by OFIS Architects

Monkies are not big fans of snow, but we would make an exception to hang out in this cool eco-mountain modern hut. The hut is situated in a small Alpine village, part of Triglav national park in Slovenia, with very strict rules of construction and architectural design. The client bought the site together with existing construction permit for the generic project. Demand was not to change construction permit but change the elements of the house to suit his family, sustainable factor and open the windows toward the views.

What is green about this building? Large corner window was positioned toward the sun therefore in winter-sunny days no heating is needed. Extra thermal isolation is put between the wooden cladding – both in exterior and interior, black foil that is put behind the wood absorbs the heat of the sun and transforms it onto the walls. Upper floor is pushed over the ground floor and acts as sun protector in summer when sun is higher. Rain water is collected from the roof and transported through vertical pipes that are covered with wooden masks

Lots of photos after the jump.

alpine hut ofis architects 06 Modern Eco Alphine Hut by OFIS Architects

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