GreenChef Staff Monkies

GreenChef Staff Monkies

Monkies Oozing with pure green goodness. If you love to eat, they would love to show you the way to all that is yummy green and mmmmm so good.

Leonardo DiCaprio Wears Green On His Sleeve And Flies Commercial

leonardo dicaprio Leonardo DiCaprio Wears Green On His Sleeve And Flies Commercial

When Leonardo DiCaprio was in Cannes promoting his new documentary film The 11th Hour, at the press conference one of the reporters put him on the spot grilling him about his own environmental impact from flying around so much to promote his movies. DiCaprio answered the reporter smoothly by saying that he tries to fly commercial as much as he can. It is kind of odd how all these celebrities and personalities in the spotlight are doing the “green” thing simply by not flying in private jets.

Meanwhile the rest of us are pushed to feel guilty about our occasional flights on commercial airlines. Just goes to show how relative this whole being greener thing is. What or whom do we measure it by? We really can’t compare everyone. Just start where we are and try to do better and better. There are a lot of jobs, even ones promoting green lifestyles and global issues that require a lot of traveling. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

E! Entertainment features Organic Raw Food

rawfoods1 E! Entertainment features Organic Raw Food

E! Entertainment recently did a piece on raw food diets — of course it’s a crappy video, full of cheesy music and stiff voice-overs that make it sound more like an infomercial then a news segment. It’s hard to believe it’s from a major network like E! Entertainment — actually, on second thought — it’s not hard to believe at all. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Eva Mendes Prefers To Be Naked

evamendes Eva Mendes Prefers To Be Naked

Millions of animals (and no doubt countless men) are in agreement with Eva Mendes — they’d rather she go naked then wear fur! The sexy actress, best known for her roles in “Training Day”, “Hitch” and the new “We Own the Night” with Mark Wahlberg and Joaquin Phoenix, has bared all for PETA’s new winter anti-fur campaign. But while I applaud the efforts Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

First eBox Delivered to Tom Hanks

tomhanksele01 First eBox Delivered to Tom Hanks

AC Propulsion has delivered the first eBox customer car to Tom Hanks. The actor and producer, a veteran EV driver, ordered his eBox after driving the first prototype last July. I still have a Toyota RAV4 EV and never spent a penny on gasoline for it, said Hanks, What AC Propulsion is doing is fantastic. I drove their zero electric sports car a few years ago, so when they put the same technology in a four-door I wanted one for myself. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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Skinny Bitch | Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin

rory freedman 06 Skinny Bitch | Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin

Skinny Bitch is a new common sense diet book that takes a refreshingly honest approach towards a crazy diet culture swimming in half truths and insanity.

I think the title’s great. More of a joke poking fun of the pop culture slang and attitude towards women who are thin. I see the hostility all the time. Just in the superficial banter way of hating the very thing people envy. So the immediate prejudice is that there must be something wrong with them. Thin women are that way cause they are “anorexic”, or doing something else unnatural and unhealthy. While some, especially in the media do and fall into unhealthy eating disorders and mental ideas about themselves, there seems to be an underlying prejudice that it applies to all thin women who are not naturally curvy and voluptuous. And that only women who are very voluptuous are “real”. Skinny women are unnatural or just “lucky bitches“.

This book of course is all about eating healthy and real food, with the side effect of losing weight because of it. “Real” women in the media are portrayed as the ones who eat copious amounts of fast food, soda, pizza and junk and therefore are “healthy” and don’t “starve themselves”. I think that is the wrong message though and other extreme. There does not exist just the extremes of unhealthy starving on cigarettes, diet coke and diet pills vs. a “healthy” appetite of Mc. D’s and pizza. Neither approach involves “real” food and natural health, natural weight etc. While I think that everyone is different, with different shapes and metabolisms and will all look different on the same type of diet, these authors just dish out the common sense that if you eat healthy real food and stop eating so much junk, you will also lose the junk in the trunk, naturally. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

2 Skinny Bitches on the Today Show

rorysmilecc 2 Skinny Bitches on the Today Show

Skinny Bitch authors, Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin were interviewed on the Today Show to talk about the surprise success of their diet book, Skinny Bitch, 2 full years after its release. The book shot up in sales 20% in June, thanks in part to the media sensation caused by the overrated skinny Posh, Victoria Beckham. Beckham’s publicist stated that she hasn’t actually read the book, but she does follow a balanced vegetarian diet. Everyone’s talking about this book now, and it has its share of fans as well as some obstinate critics.Click here to watch the interview.

Contemporary Bambu Collections

bambu Contemporary Bambu Collections

Bambu calls themselves a renewable ideas company. They specialize in all things bamboo for the kitchen. Simple, clean and contemporary design solutions. I really like their collections. They have bamboo cutting boards, bamboo utensils, bamboo cutlery, plates, baskets etc.

They have Veneerware plates as a G alternative to paper plates. After they are disposed they biodegrade in 4-6 months. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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Stalk GreenChef, Sarma Melngailis ; )

sarma melngailis 02 Stalk GreenChef, Sarma Melngailis ; )

You know the type — eyes locked on their Blackberry or new iPhone and fingers ferociously going at it text messaging back and forth — oblivious to their surroundings. Twitter seems to be the new internet addiction for internet and SMS peeps following what their friends are doing or anyone on there they know.

The premise and question to keep answering is, “What are you doing?” It is like a quick real time journal summary of what you are doing throughout the day. Kind of an intimate peek into people’s lives to see what kind of things they do and to follow where they are at. GreenChef, Sarma Melngailis, owner of NY restaurant Pure Food and Wine, has been updating hers at least once a day. Sharing what she is eating and what’s going on in her day with messages like, “I’m on a fuji apple/green shake train. Been up for a while, but now just want to take a nap. Rainy in NYC. Actually, pouring.” You can follow her online or through your phone or IM. Maybe I’ll start reporting in too, just to see what is so addicting about it. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Hint | Flavor Kissed Water

bottles Hint | Flavor Kissed Water

Here’s a hint. Water is much healthier to quench your thirst than sugary and caffeinated drinks. For most people, especially children, water by itself is a little boring though. The solution is clear. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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The Making of Evan Almighty

0 The Making of Evan Almighty

Watch the behind-the-scenes making of Evan Almighty, where the cast and crew reduced the production’s carbon footprint by recycling and donating their materials to Habitat for Humanity, riding their bikes on set, and planting trees. Director Tom Shadyac is the founder of HtoO (Hope to Others), a bottled water company that donates 100% of their profits to charities. See our earlier article for more info.

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Bruce Willis Mocks Al Gore on The Late Show with Letterman

0 Bruce Willis Mocks Al Gore on The Late Show with Letterman

Bruce Willis stunned entertainment show host David Letterman when he appeared on The Late Show last week with his own wind power mini-turbine headgear in an apparent spoof on Al Gore, giving new meaning to the term propeller head.

So, what was with Bruce’s goofy new look? Obviously so he could crack bad jokes about Al Gore and his global warming documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”.

Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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Experts debate the Superfood ‘Hype’

0 Experts debate the Superfood Hype
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