Jennifer Buonantony

Jennifer Buonantony

Jennifer is an LA-based writer, actor, host and a true Jersey girl at heart. Her passion is story-telling, which moved her cross-country to the heart of Hollywood. Whether it be creating a great script, embodying a new character, or reporting about the latest green trends or up to the minute entertainment news, she is up for the adventure. She is a red carpet reporter for several online sites- hosting live coverage of film premieres, awards shows, and charity events. She enjoys being environmentally conscious and hopes her contributions will help ensure a brighter, greener story for our future.

The 1 Hotel | Green Luxury From Starwood of the W Hotel Fame

the 1 hotel green starwood The 1 Hotel | Green Luxury From Starwood of the W Hotel Fame

The Starwood Capital Group plans to put a new star in Hollywood, with its conviction to begin construction on its green luxury hotel chain called “1”. Starwood aims to have fifteen locations in the next twenty-four months including Los Angeles.

Call it another example of going green in Hollywood.

The goal is to combine architecture that is environmentally sustainable with great interior design, service, and luxury. The Starwood Group, which owns high end hotels such as the W Hotels, Le Meridien, and Westin, hopes “1” will set a new standard for green hotels and eventually push the entire hotel industry to transform. Each “1” location plans to donate one percent of hotel revenue to local environmental groups, hence the simplicity of the name.

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Sainsbury | Fashion and Food Under One Roof

sainsbury tu fashion Sainsbury | Fashion and Food Under One Roof

We’ve all walked into our local Ralph’s, Whole Foods or one-stop shopping chain and witnessed the recent surge in carrier bags made from recycled plastic. But imagine walking into one of these stores wearing clothing made with the same eco-consciousness in mind. Sainsbury, the UK’s biggest supermarket chain, is taking recycled plastic to the next level.

Public demand to shop at eco-friendly stores and purchase green products has caused competition for establishments to provide environmentally friendly shopping options. The most prominent of these has become the carrier bags, which usually feature the store logo and are sold at a minimum price to encourage consumers to select these re-usable bags rather than traditional plastic or paper options. Sainsbury is no stranger to these bags, but unlike most stores who offer one type of reusable bag, Sainsbury decided to combine fashion with food purchasing and create more than six different niche carrier bags. A decorative Wine Bag for carrying up to six bottles, a trendy blue Cool Bag for keeping food insulated, and its best-seller — the 100% recycled Bag for Life which they will replace for free when worn! Try trading in your favorite Marc Jacobs each season!

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Stranded in Harmony in Costa Rica

harmony costa rica Stranded in Harmony in Costa Rica

If you fly into a small airport forty miles from the nearest paved road — an airport that uses a local cow field as an airstrip — you may initially wonder if you’ve been stranded someplace desolate. That is, until you notice the small beach in Nosara, Costa Rica and take a sip of your freshly squeezed juice cocktail. Then you’ll realize that this secluded paradise is the home of the Harmony Hotel.

Located on Guiones Beach, famous for its impressive surf and beautiful surroundings, the Harmony Hotel was recently renovated to combine relaxation with a dedication to preserving a healthy environment, both on the property and in the surrounding community.

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Vatican Calls Pollution a Moral Sin

vatican pollution moral sin Vatican Calls Pollution a Moral Sin

Regardless of what cloth you’re cut from, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Ten Commandments and the Seven Deadly Sins. But here’s a new one with which you may not be familiar: thou shall not pollute the Earth. According to an article in the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, the Catholic Church has added causing “environmental blight” to its lists of modern evils.

In a statement released this past week, Archbishop Gianfranco Girotti (for those of you who are unfamiliar with the church hierarchy, he’s the #2 guy, after the Pope) urged the faithful to beware of new sins that are affecting the world in which we live. Included in these sins are ecological offenses, bioethics & genetic manipulation and drug & human trafficking. That’s right, not recycling your double macchiato container from Starbucks is right up there with selling young women for sex or giving drugs to children!

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Gray Wolves Reemerge From The Edge Of Extinction

grey wolf 04 Gray Wolves Reemerge From The Edge Of Extinction

Here’s a stupid idea somebody had: let’s spend time and money to restore the population of a precious and nearly extinct species and then remove it from the endangered list so we can hunt it.

Not sure why I wasn’t invited to that meeting…

Gray wolves were almost lost in the 1970s due to over-hunting. Man’s fear of the animal brought about an eradication campaign from the ranching industry and, believe it or not, government agencies. Wolves were hunted for reward to protect livestock, and for their meat and valuable fur. It wasn’t until their near extinction in 1973 that they were protected under the Endangered Species Act. Research and education regarding wolf behavior and biology followed, revealing that – surprise, surprise — wolves play a critical role in maintaining their ecosystems.

Kill first, learn second. Wonder who thought of that plan?

grey wolf 01 Gray Wolves Reemerge From The Edge Of Extinction

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Suspended Greens in Urban Spaces

suspended Suspended Greens in Urban Spaces

It’s true what they say about the grass being greener. Or in this case, the moss.

For those of us living in an urban space, the sight of plants can be rare. Perhaps that’s what prompted the 2007 Awards for Emerging Architecture, for which architect Taketo Shimohigoshi was one of three prize winners. Recognized for his innovative thinking and ability to find “green space” among the crowded skylines of an over-populated and ever-expanding city, Shimohigoshi came up with moss-covered building-to-building beams designed for structures in Tokyo.

It’s one thing for buildings to incorporate plants and flowers near their entryways or in the lobby, but few can boast skylines with vegetation in mid-air, where (as the designer says) “nature is not in its natural place.”

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Kite Sailing Yacht | Cool Design | But Green?

kite sail 02 Kite Sailing Yacht | Cool Design | But Green?

If you’re the type of person that enjoys flying kites and sailing boats, the Kite Sailing Kitano Yacht designed by German designer Stefanie Krücke is your dream come true. Put simply, it literally has a kite for a sail.

Boasting luxury and eco-consciousness, it looks like it sailed right out of a James Bond flick. But does its sleek design and “look at me” flash live up to its hype?

In other words, why on earth would you trade in your traditional sail for a kite?

According to the designer, the kite has less surface area than a normal sail, but still generates enough force so that even a gentle breeze lifts the hull to a planing speed. Once airborne, the kite is able to reach heights that a traditional sail cannot, and higher altitude allows the kite to find stronger winds, equaling more speed. And on a calm day, it can mean the difference between floating along and actually sailing. In addition, the design includes a hydraulically operated centerboard which allows the boat to sail in shallow waters and littorals (seashore) with less risk. The boat can accommodate up to eight passengers comfortably.

kite sail 03 Kite Sailing Yacht | Cool Design | But Green?

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G Style Rocks L.A. Fashion Week

la fashionweek 02 G Style Rocks L.A. Fashion Week

Twice a year the fashion industry hosts one of its biggest and most important events Fashion Week. And Los Angeles, a city known for its red carpet celebrities dressed in designer duds, is vying for recognition among the top fashion cities of the world.

A week-long event that allows fashion houses and designers to showcase their latest collections, the events feature runway shows and often incorporate musicians, celebrity guests, charity events and high profile parties. Held in the fashion capitals of the world — Paris, London, Milan, New York and (now Los Angeles) – Fashion Week draws not only fashion professionals, but press, celebrities, members of the entertainment industry and fashionistas alike.

For me, the best part about LA Fashion week this year was the increasing trend toward highlighting green designers and giving back to the Earth and the local community. In addition to L.A.-based Petro Zillia’s bright sassy dresses, Nicky Hilton’s casual Chick line and chic “modern art” inspired dresses by Sue Wong, the event debuted eco-friendly lines Ecoganik and Evidence of Evolution and highlighted other designers making a move toward sustainable fabric choices.

la fashionweek 01 G Style Rocks L.A. Fashion Week

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Kim White | Vintage Car Handbags

kimwhitehandbags 01 Kim White | Vintage Car Handbags

When I think “Old Hollywood”, I picture classic film stars, drive-in movies and vintage cars. So, it’s no wonder that LA designer Kim White is fitting a new era of Hollywood consumers with eclectic purses made from vintage car fabrics.

I first met Kim at the New Mart Building during LA Market Week — a five-day showroom event spanning several buildings in LA’s downtown fashion district where designers showcase their upcoming season’s lines for buyers and media. As I walked around the event, I was overwhelmed by the magnitude of designers on every level, and overjoyed to see that LA Market Week was embracing fashion forward sustainability.

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Dave Matthews Band | Organic Concert at the Hollywood Bowl

davemathews01 Dave Matthews Band | Organic Concert at the Hollywood Bowl

I haven’t missed a Dave Matthews Band concert in the last decade, and I have all the concert T-shirts to prove it! But this year’s T is the best yet.

DMB has always inspired me through their music, but their philanthropic actions and environmental commitment was something I was unaware of until recently Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Three Crowns | Wyoming’s Green Golf Course

gulfcourse011 Three Crowns | Wyomings Green Golf Course

I am not an avid golfer. In fact, the last time I played golf I was probably putting a colorful ball through a giant windmill and praying it would land in the hole on the other side.

You don’t have to play golf, though, to know it’s a sport that embodies green fairways, blue lakes, white sand pits, and perfectly gardened flowers and trees. But if you do play, Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Cork | It’s Not Just For Wine Anymore

cork floors 01 Cork | It’s Not Just For Wine Anymore

Most of us are familiar with cork. In fact, we put our trust in this product daily when pinning our grocery lists and reminder notes to cork bulletin boards, or when we cork our bottle of wine so that it stays fresh until the next time we get to enjoy it responsibly Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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