Juli Novotny

Juli Novotny

Juli has been creating healthy vegetarian, vegan and also raw food recipes and menus since the age of 20. Then at age 24 Juli's talent and passion led to the creation of her own vegan food company, Kookie Karma, specializing in raw vegan cookies and snacks. Now, 6 years and 2 babies later, she is still creating vegan food but this time, she's also focusing on children's health and their ever-so-picky taste buds. Follow her PUREmamas blog to stay up on her growing catalogue of healthy kids snacks, meals and modern decor ideas. A "Mimi" G Living, if you will!

COMPAI | Old Clothes Made New

compai 003 COMPAI | Old Clothes Made New

Sick and tired of the sight of your old jeans? Do the shirts in your closet no longer thrill you, but you don’t have the money to buy a new wardrobe? Don’t throw them away just yet. Try turning them into something new and exciting.

What? You’re not that clever? That’s where Compai comes in Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Josie Maran | Non-Toxic Organic Makeup

josie maran cosmetics Josie Maran | Non Toxic Organic Makeup

Does it ever feel like this organic obsession has gone overboard? It seems everything is going organic these days — even clothes and makeup. I certainly didn’t see that coming. I mean… MAKEUP? Come on. Cosmetics are only used on a portion of the skin, right? And how toxic could they be?

The answer is very. After doing some serious research, I came across a cosmetics safety database that allows you to search a company and find out its “toxicity” scoring. Not only was it fun to peruse, it also made me realize how misinformed I was…

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Josie Maran | Organic Celebrity

josie maran 02 Josie Maran | Organic Celebrity

Josie Maran definitely puts herself out there for the greater good. The model and actress, who essentially puts on makeup for a living, was so concerned about the toxicity of ordinary cosmetics that in October of last year she started her own organic toxin-free makeup line called Josie Maran Cosmetics. And she continues putting her efforts to good use, encouraging makeup artists and other models to toss out their M.A.C in favor of cleaner products Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Chris Sorensen – Painting the Town Green

the siemon house 001 Chris Sorensen   Painting the Town Green

Architect Chris Sorensen, the mind and soul behind Sorensen Architects, is painting the town green with his efforts to literally shape Malibu into a more modern, progressive place.

When it comes to building or renovating homes, “most people don’t have a clue about the more sustainable, greener building material alternatives out there,” says Sorensen. “That’s why it’s our responsibility as the architects to inform our clients about their options.”

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Modern Cellar | Wine and Furniture

modern cellar Modern Cellar | Wine and Furniture

I’ve been taken on a journey. When it comes to great wine, I’d always considered myself an enthusiast. But when I came across Modern Cellar, I was inspired enough to become a true collector. I was so impressed, in fact, that I purchased the Sporadic Wall Panel in walnut both Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Larabar’s Organic Jocalat

larabar 01 Larabars Organic Jocalat

LARABAR makes pretty darn good energy bars that are perfect to take along on any outdoor adventure. They are affordable, raw, vegan, gluten-free, nutritious and easy to pack. The only problem is they are not Organic. Sounds a little counterintuitive since they are raw and vegan, right?

Well, LARABAR must have realized the same thing because they just recently introduced a new line of ORGANIC chocolate bars called Jocalat (formerly known as Maya Bars). Flavors include traditional Chocolate, Chocolate Organic, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Coffee. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Staglin Family Makes “G” Wine

stagfamily wine Staglin Family Makes G Wine

I love the Staglin Family. Not just because they produce some of the best wine in the world, but they are honestly people to admire. The Staglins are a tight knit family of 4 who all share the same intense fascination for wine, amazing work ethic, and passion for travel and life. They do what they love and do it well!

Why is Staglin Family Wine Green? First of all, for the record, wine produced in the US cannot be Certified Organic if it contains sulfites. This is why many Organic wines don’t taste as good as their non-organic counterparts. Wines from Europe however can be considered Organic despite their sulfite content.

The Staglins grow their own grapes using Organic farming practices and actually make their wine on their private vineyard.

According to their web site:
“Our vineyard is organically certified, reflecting the sustainable farming we’ve practiced since 1990. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

New DUBAI Tower Clocks the Sun

dubaitower New DUBAI Tower Clocks the Sun

(via: inhabitat)

Wow, I couldn’t resist sharing this great post from inhabitat with everybody here at gliving.

“What is it,” you might be wondering?

It’s a new a 200-unit solar powered apartment tower – that will rotate!

“The latest spire to be added to the desert landscape of Dubai will be the Time Residences building in the City of Arabia…The complex will turn a full 360 degrees over the course of a week, utilizing stored solar energy to power the turning mechanisms.

“Sitting on a high-tech bearing system, the 80,000 ton building will rotate using solar power that will be stored and distributed from a power plant in the base of the building. In addition to the 5mm/second rotation, it will also feature a timepiece down its length, allowing onlookers to gauge the hour by studying the constantly-changing façade features.
“The $109 million dollar project is expected to start in June 2007.”

Perhaps a bit conspicuous but but at least it’s done in an environmentally responsible way?
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Antioxidants 101

20060530 110402 FD31 rec3 Antioxidants 101
(image via: denverpost.com)

We’ve all heard of free radical damage and the power of antioxidants, right?
Well, if not, here is the perfect time to learn a little bit about how antioxidants affect your health, your beauty, longevity, and more. If so, well, you can refresh yourself on the subject.

Free radicals (the antagonist) are the by-product of our bodies turning oxygen into energy. Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are the toxic-free radicals that are responsible for cellular damage. Their highly-reactive nature is what makes them so dangerous and potentially responsible for chronic disease and also thought to be the driving force of human aging. We all have free radicals in our bodies and are exposed to them daily in the form of heated fats and oils, or as a result of atmospheric radiation, and environmental pollutants.

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VURU – Personalized Supplements

home hand2 VURU   Personalized Supplements

(article/review written by Juli Novotny)

Introducing VURU, the customized, made-to-order daily supplement pack. What a great idea! Why hasn’t anybody thought of this before?
From an entrepreneurial perspective, I give many kudos to a great site, idea and branding: it’s fun, creative, personal and interactive. Read the Founder’s story. From a nutritional perspective I like the incorporation of herbs, enzymes and phytonutrients. However, it does not solve an ongoing dilemma: how do we know what we NEED?

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Tomberlies RAW Vegan Ice Cream

ice Tomberlies RAW Vegan Ice CreamBelieve it or not, this is a real image taken of Tomberlies RAW ice cream. Decadent and beautiful, Tom and Kimberlie (the minds behind Tomberlies, hence the name) are geniuses. Some of the most amazing desserts you’ve ever tasted and I know this first hand. Take a look at the cake I received for my birthday—my very own Tomberlies masterpiece (that we devoured in 2 days).

Tomerblies makes custom ice cream cakes and ice cream pints. With over 25 flavors, cake combinations are endless.

All cakes and ice cream are made with a blend of organic, 100% RAW ingredients: young thai coconut, raw cashews, raw agave syrup, whole vanilla bean, raw cocoa powder, raw cocoa butter and fresh seasonal fruit. Can you believe how simple and healthy these desserts are?
UNBELIEVABLE. Keep the ice cream on hand in the freezer or order a cake for your next party. Prices are competitive with gourmet vegan cakes and ice cream–$60 for this cake and only $5 for a pint of ice cream.

visit the web site for updates.
email them to place an order today.

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