Julia Ocean

Julia Ocean

Being a creature of this city (London), I love the darker, dirtier, grungier side of green. I thrive on the green London fashion scene. The super star designers, who's designs seem to be growing straight out of the hydroponic basement gardens of Brixton. I find myself constantly inspired by the recipes, the flavors and even the insightful ideas coming out of the new raw food movement. Which I carefully balance with the equally mind stimulating tattooed mobs, who live in the pulsing lights, shadows, and music of the West Side dance clubs. I tend to write about what ever pops in my mind or crosses my path. I rarely have a plan and I definitely have no destination. So, if you are open to a long winding journey. I hope you stop by once in a while to share a little of your life with me here on G Living.

Architect Klein Dytham’s Undercover Lab Tokyo

Architect Klein Dytham Undercover Lab Tokyo 01 Architect Klein Dythams Undercover Lab Tokyo

Everyone knows space in Tokyo Japan is a rare thing and when you find a little, you don’t dare waste any of it. Space was obviously one of the inspirations for Architect Klein Dytham when he designed his Undercover Lab. A floating black box which seems to hover over the back alleys of Tokyo.

Undercover Lab is a building, which is undercover. Not only is it tucked away in the back streets of Harajuku but the site is also very deceiving. A 10m long narrow driveway leads to a 12m x 12m site at the rear.

The building houses a studio, press showroom, and office. A 20m long hanger rail to show the entire collection of one season was required. This is housed in a black tube running along the only 20m straight line on the site, which extends out over the entrance driveway. This cantilevered tube extends the building’s influence to the main street in a strong but stealth way.

The tube was made to look as anonymous as possible, almost like a shipping container where you have no idea of its contents. The tube also conjures up images of telescopes etc, which give the building a mysterious feel _ nobody knowing what quite is going on inside. So much so that some people may feel intimidated just walking under the tube if they are unannounced.

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Dwell Minimalist EB1 Residence

seattle eb1 residence 01 Dwell Minimalist EB1 Residence

Dwell in a minimalist modernist new house designed by Replinger Hossner Architects. Uncompromising design, masterly attention to detail and total livability. Kitchen with Bosch and Bertazoni designed for entertaining. Floor to ceiling commercial quality windows with views of West Seattle Golf Course, Elliot Bay and the Seattle skyline. Custom VG Fir built in cabinetry. Dynamic steel, glass and ebonized oak stair system. State of the art systems and green without green washing.

The house is selling for $895k so if you love it, go get it!

seattle eb1 residence 02 Dwell Minimalist EB1 Residence

seattle eb1 residence 03 Dwell Minimalist EB1 Residence

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Is Smoking Hot Again? Muse And Lindsay Lohan Seem To Think So!

lindsay loahan nude smoking muse 01 Is Smoking Hot Again? Muse And Lindsay Lohan Seem To Think So!

Has the world been dropped on it’s collective head? I mean every time I open a magazine, watch a tv show, listen to a song or go out to see a flick, there are people giving me the sexy eyes while sucking on a death stick. Okay, I don’t see the sexy eyes in songs, but its in the lyrics non stop. What gives? I thought the idea of cigs equals sexy died back in the early 90’s. Is it cool all over again to destroy your face, voice, stink and oh yeah kill yourself in a not so pretty way? The world really does have a short memory. What do you think?

What got me going today is this video (sex selling brand ad) featuring the drug addicted actress Lindsay Lohan sucking down cig after cig in her chain smoking way. All while rolling around in bed with not one but two other waifs models all puffing away. If that wasn’t bad enough, they also seem to be use the smoke as some kind of sex toy… cough cough.. vomit… is what went through my head. Not oh yeah.. sexy.

What I did like about the video was the shooting, lighting, the music and yes bodies on top of bodies.. but come on… stop making me gag on all the cigs, PLEASE!

Speak up.. what gives, are all the under 30 pretty people really into smoking?

Lidsay Lohan Smoking Ad for Muse Magazine

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The Times They Are A-Changin, Can You Feel It? Sinead O’Conner Can

Sinead OConnor bi polar The Times They Are A Changin, Can You Feel It? Sinead OConner Can

I never post lyrics from a songs, but this morning I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the realization that the world at large hasn’t got a clue. We go on with our lives, thinking everything will stay the same, when in fact there is no constant, everything is forever changing. Sometimes for the betterment of some, but almost always to the degeneration of most. This is especially true for the environment and non-humans among us. I think Bob Dylan’s said it best in his song “The Times They Are A-Changin”.

Oh when oh when will the winds of change finally sweep in the end of pain. Oh when oh when will humans put down their chains and pick up their brains. Oh when oh when, will G Living be more than just a passing phase. Oh when oh when will our children learn compassion and love are more than lyrics on a page.

The video below is of Sinead O’Connor singing Bob Dylans song on the Late Late show in Ireland earlier this year. The first thing you will notice, is that she is almost un-reconizable. She has filled out just a bit, looking very Irish I must say and the baldness is a thing of the past. Maybe Britney Spears ruined it for her. With that said, I love Sinead and if you don’t have her Throw Down Your Arms album, go get it right now. It is a beautiful album.

On the show she also talks about her life long depression, her children and her issues with the Catholic Church. You know, their policy of protecting child molesting catholic priest. Come on Sinead, whats wrong with that?

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Animation Break: When Humans Ruled The Earth by Stephen Ong

What will become of this world if us humans can’t stop the endless consuming of unsustainable goods? An insight into the human machine and it’s consumption addiction. ‘If it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger.’ – Frank Lloyd Wright Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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Dwell Features The Cordell Shipping Container House

numen container house dwell magazine 01 Dwell Features The Cordell Shipping Container HousePhotography by Dwell photograhers: Miyoko Ohtake, Jack Thompson

A while back we featured a small but well designed house in Houston Texas of all places, made out of mostly shipping containers. This version of a container house was different that most because it actually feels good. I don’t know what I mean by that other than a lot of container house are how do you say… hard, bare… build without design in mind. I mean the images of this place stand up to any well designed home and I am sure that is what the Dwell Magazine editors saw too and decided not only to do a story but to feature this special home on the cover (featured story on dwell.com).

Yes, the magazine issue came out back in 2009 but I just saw it. I know sad. But better let than never is what I say. So here it is, a little snippet of the dwell article, a few photos and yes a link back to our post On the Cordell Shipping Container House.

numen container house dwell magazine 02 Dwell Features The Cordell Shipping Container House
numen container house dwell magazine 03 Dwell Features The Cordell Shipping Container House

Spread The Delicious Gorgeous GreenChef Promo Love

Its time to start spreading some promo love. Here is a promo for GreenChefs. Pass it along, or just repost it on your own site. The promo is a big hug from us to all of you… Okay I have no I idea what I am talking about, but hey, it sounded good. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Edun Is Fashion Brand Africa

edun pre fall collection2010 01 Edun Is Fashion  Brand AfricaPhotographer: Exposure

Edun, the for profit / charity African Fashion house started by Bono and his wife Ali Hewson, has become Fashion Brand Africa. What do I mean by that. I have no idea. Maybe it just that the company not only manufactures the clothing line in Africa and gives money to African causes, it also has made a major effort to bring Africa / Africans into the advertising campaigns. So even if you never buy a single Edun garment, You will have a kinder outlook towards Africa and the plight of a majority of its inhabitants. It’s like the Movie Out of Africa, they’ve created a romance story about this wild land, it’s people and our duty to give back to where human life began.

Edun continues this romance in their upcoming Pre-Fall lines advertising campaign images. Have a look for yourself. Seamless integration and romance all in the same campaign. I am impressed.

edun pre fall collection2010 02 Edun Is Fashion  Brand Africa

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Pure Food & Wine Featured on Infatuation TV

0 Pure Food & Wine Featured on Infatuation TV

Pure Food and Wine, Sarma’s baby was featured on Infatuation TV. A New York City based site designed around the idea of a solid circle of friends telling each other where to grub down. Prepare to have some fun because I know I did watching this video. Every dish looks so good, they even break down how to make the Zucchini and Green Zebra Tomato Raw Lasagna, so get out your pens or head over to GreenChefs, we have that recipe. When oh when, will there be a Pure Food and Wine London, please someone tell me?

In episode two of Infatuation TV, Minneapolis Hip-Hop artist P.O.S visits Pure Food & Wine with Immaculate Infatuation and shows the world it’s possible to make a dope beat with what you find in the kitchen. Check P.O.S enjoying some raw food, learning how to make Pure’s famous Zucchini-and-Green-Zebra- Tomato Lasagna and performing a live version of his single “Optimist” in their kitchen. Check out more NYC restaurant reviews and original content at immaculateinfatuation.com

Ellen DeGeneres Breaks Her Drone Fever | Interview With Katie Couric

0 Ellen DeGeneres Breaks Her Drone Fever | Interview With Katie Couric

I knew Ellen DeGeneres was a pretty cool woman and had broken down unbelievable barriers to become one of America’s most like celebrities. But I had no idea she had gone Vegan. She explains to Katie Couric, how she just couldn’t fool herself any longer. She loves animals and the industrial food system just doesn’t. She even drops our friends Rory’s book (skinny bitch) as one of the sources of why she chose to become a vegan.

Also, she talks about a film everyone should see called Earthlings (watch it now free). A beautiful produced documentary narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. I must warn you, this film will change your view of Flesh Monkies, and not in a good way. Unless you yourself are deeply infected with Drone Fever, that is. If you think you might be infected, look for someone young to watch the film with. Someone maybe under the age of 7, you know someone who hasn’t been infected yet. Checkout their emotional response and try to mimic it if you can. If you start to feel real emotions, then you may just be on the road to recovery! Congratulations to you and congratulations to Ellen. She has just now became my favorite American Gay Woman Celebrity. Good bye Lindsay Lohan, hello Ellen! You rule girl!

lohan has drone fever 01 Ellen DeGeneres Breaks Her Drone Fever | Interview With Katie Couric

Crazy Fun “G” Girl Sunny Breaks Down What Is In Her G-Purse

0 Crazy Fun G Girl Sunny Breaks Down What Is In Her G Purse

Written by Sunny Subramanian | Since I recently vlogged about how to stylishly rock vegan clothes and accessories, I figured it only made sense to post a video showing y’all how to veganize the inside of your handbag, too. It’s as easy as can be and there’s no excuse not to do it!

Get rid of those nasty leather wallets, those icky, cruel, animal-tested cosmetics, and pack your purse with all kinds of fun and useful vegan goodies.

About Sunny: I’m an über-girlie, compassionate beauty junkie. Cupcakes are my favorite fruit; I even wrote a song about them. I have a mating call that snagged me a husband. I speak Kittese … almost fluently. I love writing and blogging, and I’m beyond stoked to be a part of peta2’s blog posse.

Looking Back At The Green Shows New York Fashion Week 2010

0 Looking Back At The Green Shows New York Fashion Week 2010

If you didn’t make it to NYC Fashion week back in February, here is what you missed when it came to the Green Shows. 2010 was the first year green “G” designers came together to present their collections during the biggest week in the fashion industry, The NYC Fashion Week.

I have to admit, I didn’t make it over to see the shows either. But the videos are still inspiring and give me hope the “G” fashion world is just beginning to burst into the main stream. Everyone should go out and support these designers. Buy something, show it off and hook up your friends. I know I will.
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