Julia Ocean

Julia Ocean

Being a creature of this city (London), I love the darker, dirtier, grungier side of green. I thrive on the green London fashion scene. The super star designers, who's designs seem to be growing straight out of the hydroponic basement gardens of Brixton. I find myself constantly inspired by the recipes, the flavors and even the insightful ideas coming out of the new raw food movement. Which I carefully balance with the equally mind stimulating tattooed mobs, who live in the pulsing lights, shadows, and music of the West Side dance clubs. I tend to write about what ever pops in my mind or crosses my path. I rarely have a plan and I definitely have no destination. So, if you are open to a long winding journey. I hope you stop by once in a while to share a little of your life with me here on G Living.

Bjørg Jewellery Wearable Nature

bjorgjewellery 01 Bjørg Jewellery Wearable Nature

I don’t have a green angle to talk about Bjørg Jewellery, but I wanted to include this amazing line on G Living because of the spirit behind the jewellery is very “G”. I don’t know how jewellery is green or not, except for when it comes to the mining process. Most of that is very destructive, but how much metal could be in a ring. Your average so called green bike uses more metal than it would take to make hundreds of rings.

Bjørg was born on a dark winter-night in December 1966. She grew up in the arctic nature where the wild mountains meet the North Ice Ocean. With bright summer nights and winter days with darkness and colors of the Nordic light.

Bjørg was gifted with an energetic family with open minds, and was the youngest of four children. She was always encouraged to enjoy her creativity and she had an endless line of projects like the rest of her family.

“At one stage I think my parents felt we were too much with all our activities, all happening in the tiny living-room. They converted a small bedroom into a timeout zone, for themselves. My big brother had a tiny room where he developed photos. I was always fascinated with the magic of a blank paper turning into a piece of art.”

bjorgjewellery 02 Bjørg Jewellery Wearable Nature

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Ecopod The Vacation Home You Have Delivered

ecopod container vacationhome 01 Ecopod The Vacation Home You Have Delivered

A vacation home you can order and have delivered to your destination of choice. The Ecopod, made from an old shipping container, is a tiny home away from home. This little guy goes for around $27,000 canadian and seems to be more like a hard shell tent, than a home. Get this, no bathroom, no kitchen, and no air conditioning.

The ecopod does come with a single 80 watt solar panel, a 12 volt battery system, recycled car tire rubber floors, windows and a drop down deck. The deck is designed to lift up and close off your ecopod, while your away for extended periods of time. Basically the deck is the old siding of the original container, and when closed, the container, is a container once again.

Checkout the site at: ecopods.ca

ecopod container vacationhome 02 Ecopod The Vacation Home You Have Delivered

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The Cove, A Film Everyone Should See

thecove The Cove, A Film Everyone Should See

In the 1960’s, Richard O’Barry was the world’s leading authority on dolphin training, working on the set of the popular television program Flipper. Day in and day out, O’Barry kept the dolphins working and television audiences smiling. But one day, that all came to a tragic end. THE COVE, directed by Louie Psihoyos, tells the amazing true story of how Psihoyos, O’Barry and an elite team of activists, filmmakers and freedivers embarked on a covert mission to penetrate a hidden cove in Japan, shining light on a dark and deadly secret. The mysteries they uncovered were only the tip of the iceberg. Watch the trailer on Apple.com

Los Angeles Times, reviews The Cove (video below)

“The Cove” is a powerful and effective piece of advocacy filmmaking, but it’s difficult to watch it without thinking of subtitles like “The Place Where Evil Dwells” or “The Little Town With the Really Big Secret.” Which is no accident.

“The Cove’s” story of a quiet village in Japan that specializes in clandestine dolphin slaughter is quite consciously structured as a thriller by director Louie Psihoyos who won an audience award for it at Sundance. Read the full story on latimes.com

London’s Container City Goes Mainstream with History Channel Feature

Shipping Container homes are really starting to go mainstream, when the History Channel jumps on the bandwagon. Here is a clip for the show Modern Marvels. The show features two projects we have covered here on G Living in the past. Container City in London and the Aussie Shack Container. The London project is the “G’er” of the two and is something we wouldn’t mind housing out studios in. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Cameron Diaz, A Movie Star, A Model & The Hottest G Woman On The Planet

cameron diaz nude vogue cover 01 Cameron Diaz, A Movie Star, A Model & The Hottest G Woman On The Planet

Cameron Diaz is one of those Actresses, who just makes you feel happy. Maybe it’s because she always seems to be in the best mood. She lives in some magical happy place. I wish I could bottle her happiness and spray it on all the grumpy people of the world. Would that be great. So, you have to ask yourself, what makes this woman so happy? She isn’t married to Brad Pitt, she doesn’t have an Oscar and she isn’t married to Brad Pitt. Well, I think I now know the answer, she is living “G”! In the video above, she is on location in Palm Desert California, modeling for a new Vogue cover and she tells the camera guy, how green she really is. How she loves green fashion and her life. Check it out and if one of you out there, know Cameron, tell her to give us a call or email. We would love to make her a G Living cover girl. Are you reading this CAA?

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Media Watch | G/Woman Former Miss USA Shanna Moakler Tells Donald Tump I Quit!

shanna moakler 01 Media Watch | G/Woman Former Miss USA Shanna Moakler Tells Donald Tump I Quit!

Normally G Living wouldn’t touch this story with a 10 foot carrot! But for some reason, tons of people are searching for Shanna Moakler and finding G Living. Googlers are finding our story about Shanna going Vegan after reading Skinny Bitch! So, we thought we should shine a G / Light on this G/Woman. It’s the least we can do!

Who is Shanna and why are people searching for her? Well, it turns out this former Miss USA / Playboy Centerfold was working for the Miss California Pageant as the Co-Executive Director. That is until a few hours ago. She has just quit in protest! Oh no, is what your saying right! What is the big deal, who cares? We don’t really know who cares, but here is why she quit.

She is mad at the Donald! Yes, Donald Trump, the YOUR FIRED, Mega Combover Guy Super Hero. He owns the pageant and will not de-crown Miss California, the anti-gay air head Carrie Prejean. At a news conference on Monday, Moakler accused Prejean of violating her contract with the Miss California Pageant and said she should lose the crown. Moakler thinks because Prejean broke the rules and lied about posing nude, amongst other things, she should no longer be Miss California.

carrie prejean2 Media Watch | G/Woman Former Miss USA Shanna Moakler Tells Donald Tump I Quit!

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David Letterman Joins Telsa Motors As Pitchman

Looks like David Letterman is so mad at GM and the other big automakers, he has decided to support Tesla. He goes on and on about how he loves the first Tesla car and even rolls out the new prototype sedan, The Model S. Tesla’s Chairman, Elon Musk gives credit to the documentary Who Killed The Electric Car, for bringing a spotlight to the demand for electric cars. Musk said ” When was the last time anyone cared about the death of a GM vehicle?” He was talking about GM killing off the EV1 electric car, to make way for the Hummer Beast Line of vehicles. Which have now been killed off as well.

Elon, couldn’t have paid David enough for this type of endorsement. I am sure being on shows like Late Night and The Tonight Show, puts Tesla on the map in Washington D.C. Giving them a chance at some Government funds to make the Model S into a reality. From the news hitting the web over the last few weeks, the Model S is smoke and mirrors for now. They have a long way to go and their really is no way to price the car yet. The flat screen display on the dashboard would cost $7 on its own.

david letterman teslamotors David Letterman Joins Telsa Motors As Pitchman
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Paris | Stella McCartney Show’s Off Her Vegan Sheer Collection

stella mccartney 2010 spring summer collection 03 Paris | Stella McCartney Shows Off  Her Vegan Sheer Collection

Fellow Londoner Stella McCartney stands firm in her beliefs that high fashion doesn’t have to include such things as fur and leather. Showing off her latest collection in Paris, to an audience which included super stars, such as Pink, Kanye West, and even her father Paul McCartney. The collection focused on the idea of femininity, sensuality, sheerness and delicacy. All the things I would love to have in my closet, this summer. She even does some amazing things in black which would look amazing on me if only I could come up with the cash ($1145.00 for the Cotton Cashmere Dress in the image at the top of the page). I am sure all of the designs are well beyond my G Living micro pay budget. But if it didn’t cost a small fortune, then it couldn’t be called high fashion, Right!

To get the Stella Look, check out her pretty interactive site stellamccartney.com. She has most of the collection online for you to try out.

stella mccartney 2010 spring summer collection 04 Paris | Stella McCartney Shows Off  Her Vegan Sheer Collection

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Keira Knightley and Stella McCartney (g-fashion designer) Team Up For Red Nose 09

Fashion designer and daughter of famous Beatle Paul McCartney has teamed up this year with Comic Relief and T.K.Maxx to sell Stella designed Red Nose T-Shirts. Really it’s a complete family affair, when you count that dad is tossing in the photos of his band and Stella’s sister joined in to shoot the celebrities wearing the shirts for the ad campaign. Look how the Vegan Super Rich do it. They are givers!

The Details from the official Red Nose Facebook site: Since 2005 TK Maxx has worked with Comic Relief raising money through selling the official Red Nose Day t-shirt and staff fundraising. 40% of the funds raised go to projects in the UK, while 60% covers long term developmental work in Africa. The Comic Relief philosophy is giving a leg up not a hand out. To date, we have raised over £3 million for Comic Relief. This money has helped Comic Relief to fund projects to fight poverty and social injustice in the UK and Africa. We have designed, manufactured and sold hundreds of thousands of exclusive t-shirts and have engaged in some outstanding and downright mad fundraising efforts. We raised £2 million in 2007 alone… twice what we raised in the previous campaign! We are incredibly proud to be a partner of Comic Relief and to support the life changing work that they do. This year, more than ever. TK Maxx will be encouraging all its staff to go all out and raise tons of money themselves in addition to transforming every TK Maxx store into a celebration of all things funny for the duration of the Comic Relief campaign. We hope you’ll join us in the challenge to make RND 09 a sidesplitting success.

Stella enlisted Sienna Miller, Gwyneth Paltrow, Claudia Schiffer and Keira Knightly to show the British public how best to wear the tops.

stella mccartney red nose tshirts 01 Keira Knightley and Stella McCartney (g fashion designer) Team Up For Red Nose 09 Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Media Watch | Save The Whale Again! Full Scale Whaling About To Start

whale slaughter 02 Media Watch | Save The Whale Again! Full Scale Whaling About To Start

Just when we thought the world had finally grown wiser, we see this headline “Save the whale (again): Secret plan to lift hunting ban”. The world is going insane. First the economic melt down and now a complete mental meltdown.

(The Independent) By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor

Twenty years ago, commercial whaling was outlawed. But hush-hush meetings between officials have paved the way for its return

Governments are preparing to breach the worldwide whaling ban, legitimising commercial killing of the giant creatures for the first time in more than 20 years. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

DIY Motorized Bikes For The “I Am Loosing My McMansion Crowd”

girl riding bike DIY Motorized Bikes For The I Am Loosing My McMansion Crowd

Come on, face it, if your reading this, you are most likely one of those humans, who snuck your ass into a McMansion loan, borrowed way way to much, with plans to flip that sucker. Now instead of flipping it, it’s flipping you, right into something called the Poor House! Hmm, am I right?

Your also most likely one of those office cubical grunts, who actually worked for the multi-national bloated mega banks who gave out all those worthless loans, to guys like yourself, hoping they could off load your dumbness to suckers like the bankers in Iceland. And to your bosses, you were just another number they needed to delete, so the big headed, speech vomiting U.S. Congress, would whip them out a tit, to enable them to suck the rest of us dry. I am so right, right? I thought so. So, now that you are bleeding red from every hole, you have to dump those blood sucking things you to be so smug about. Yes, I am talking about the Merc, the Bimmer, Ranger Rover, or what ever crotch stuffing device you bought to use as your vehicle.

It’s time to use that last $250 you found in the kids room to get yourself a vehicle that will set you free. Free from the pump. Free from looking cool ever again. Free from being able to pick up chicks who are endowed with perfect silicon breast. But most importantly free from ever having to shell out that gut twisting un-ending thing known as the monthly car payment. Now your cracking a smile, right!

For this type of freedom, my human friend, you’re going to have to roll up your sleeves and get on your knees, because its DIY time. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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