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Ethnically ambiguous with the accent to prove it, I’m thrilled to be on the cutting edge of this brave, new green world.

Vogue Magazine Presents The Chanel Bicycle, Because Coco Loved Sports

chanel bike 01 Vogue Magazine Presents The Chanel Bicycle, Because Coco Loved Sports

Despite my acute phobia of helmet hair, riding a bike suddenly seems like an attractive proposition… and I swear it has nothing to do with the new Chanel bicycle, which will be sold exclusively at Chanel boutiques next month. The eight-speed ergonomic bike is part of the luxury brand’s spring/summer 2008 collection and is an ode to Coco Chanel, who had a strong passion for sports.

In his 1996 book L’Allure de Chanel, Paul Morland quotes the legendary designer as claiming to have invented the female sport suit. Before that, she says, “They had very low waistlines, and were constrained at the hips, the legs, everywhere. By inventing the jersey, I liberated the body, I got rid of the waistline, I created a new silhouette.”

Now 11 years later, the company’s trying to do the same with the bike. Like the rest of Chanel’s line, the bicycle is destined to become an instant modern classic and a must-have for any socially conscious fashionista. It’s hand finished in refined black and of course is emblazoned with the obligatory double C logo. So what if it costs $12,400? Think of the all gasoline you’ll be saving and greenhouse gases you won’t be emitting. Well that is the the 2 hours your not jetting around the world in your private airplane, of course. Now, if only Chanel would design a bike helmet to match.(Spotted in Vogue Magazine)

q question interview Vogue Magazine Presents The Chanel Bicycle, Because Coco Loved SportsQuestion for the Monkies or Drones reading this, how many of you out there, would drop a cool $12k on a Chanel Bike? Why or why not? Is this a good investment maybe for a future auction?

chanel bike 02 Vogue Magazine Presents The Chanel Bicycle, Because Coco Loved Sports

Jurlique: For A Beauty That’s Biodynamic

jurlique anti aging 01 Jurlique: For A Beauty That’s Biodynamic

What were you doing in 1985? Angsting over St Elmo’s Fire? Harmonizing to A-ha’s Take On Me? Celebrating the birth of Keira Knightley? Or Greenland’s departure from the European Union? While you were doing some/none/all of the above, on a small farm in South Australia, chemist Jurgen Klein and his horticulturalist wife Ulrike, were quietly going about their business of starting an organic skincare line. That company was Jurlique.

It’s remarkable to think that this Aussie skincare company was founded when organic was, quite frankly, out of vogue. Let’s face it, the 80s were a celebration of the artificial: big hair, red lips and plenty of lycra. But 20 odd years on, Jurlique is an international brand and their organic skincare business is booming.

What sets Jurlique apart from other organic and natural skincare lines is their use of biodynamic farming. This involves paying close attention to soil health and to the earth’s cycles — which in turn affect all aspects of a plant’s life – from seeding to propagating to growing and harvesting. Not surprisingly, maximizing the living energy of plants maximizes the potency and efficacy of the end product.

jurlique anti aging 02 Jurlique: For A Beauty That’s Biodynamic

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Miss USA / PlayBoy Centerfold Shanna Moakler Goes “G” and Vegan

shanna moakler 04  Miss USA / PlayBoy Centerfold Shanna Moakler Goes G and Vegan

A blast from the past: G/Woman in the News! First Posted in 2008

Shanna Moakler is a name that’s long been associated with good old American values. This former Miss USA has appeared in Playboy magazine, on “Dancing With The Stars” and married former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker on that illustrious institution of merry matrimony, MTV. (A union that ended up – like those of her TV predecessors Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey and Carmen Elektra & Dave Navarro — in that even more popular restitution, divorce).

And what American dream would be complete without the opportunity to (allegedly) batter and be battered by that icon of American womanhood, Paris Hilton, at a Los Angeles nightclub?

But now the “Mother of all Beauty Pagents” has decided to do something rather un-Amercian… she’s switched to a vegetarian lifestyle. Moakler was recently quoted on Ecorazzi as saying “My husband is a veggie and I always wanted to try it. Our first step was making our entire family go ‘organic’. I only wish we had done it sooner! I also read a book called Skinny Bitch (by our friend Rory Freedman), which opened my eyes to cruelty to animals, and that was it! It hasn’t been that hard for me… Los Angeles offers lots of great alternatives!”

shanna moakler 03  Miss USA / PlayBoy Centerfold Shanna Moakler Goes G and Vegan

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Saaf | The perfect package

saaf skincare Saaf | The perfect package

For me, it’s all about the packaging. Give me black, sleek and chic with a hint of gold and I’m in. This versatile formula holds true for shoes, handbags, dresses, you name it. It also happens to perfectly describe the exquisite range of face and body products from Saaf Pure Skincare. This beautifully packaged skincare range ensures we stay beautifully packaged too.

Indulgent yet organic, ethical yet luxurious, scientific yet natural, Saaf Pure Skincare will help every woman’s skin to look its best. Founder Dr Mah Hussain-Gambles, a Homeopath and Pharmacologist, shuns alcohol, irritants and anything synthetic. Instead her products are packed with active ingredients like Neem Oil, Safflower Oil and Rosehip Seed Oil, which have been used in cultures around the world for centuries. Combined with some modern day mojo, the result is a range must-own items including: the Organic Ultimate Moisture Face Serum to rejuvenate the skin and smell like heaven in the process thanks to a heady splash of Ylang-ylang; the Organic Hydrating Face and Lip Balm which helps reduce pigmentation and scar tissue; the luster-restoring Organic Enriching Hair Oil; and finally, the Organic Eraser Body Oil, which new moms will especially dig as it prevents unwanted stretch marks and helps erase existing ones.

All of the Saaf’s products are tested on humans not animals, oh, and that black, sleek, chic packaging with a hint of gold? Recyclable, naturally. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Designer Mushrooms See The Light

mushroom led lamp 02 Designer Mushrooms See The Light

When you think of mushrooms, you think of dark, dank environments. I should know, as a child we grew some in our kitchen cupboard under the watchful eye of my mother. (Here’s a tip, kids: never complain of being bored, or there’s a chance you’ll be roped into “fun” experiments such as home mushroom cultivation.)

But now, a designer from Down Under has flipped this concept on its head. The mushroom floor lamp is the brainchild of Australian designer Simon Duff, whose innovative designs promise to illuminate any dark, dank environment. Embedded in the mushrooms gills are low wattage LED lights, which offer the user the ability to change color and intensify the light source. The good part is, not only can you create your own mood lighting, you’ll be doing so in an energy efficient way.

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Cohda Design Transforms Your Trash

choda design chairs 03 Cohda Design Transforms Your Trash

That’s bloody rubbish, that is.

The saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” holds true on the other side of the Atlantic, too. The only difference is, we call it rubbish in the UK. Semantics aside, how do you transform household rubbish, especially hard-to-recycle plastic, into a new design aesthetic? Well, if you’re Brit designer Richard Liddle of Cohda Design, you invent a machine and demonstrate in front of a live audience.

Cohda Design’s innovative event took place from October 20 – 28 as part of the UK Design Council’s festival. The public was invited to bring plastic waste items to be broken down in Cohda’s modified industrial machinery. The plastic was then re-heated, re-formed and recycled into one long spaghetti-like strand, which was then manipulated to create colorful chairs, tables and whatever else the imagination could dream up.

choda design chairs 01 Cohda Design Transforms Your Trash

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Evidence of Evolution | Hot & Edgy Style

evidence of evolution 01 Evidence of Evolution | Hot & Edgy Style

Creationists can cool their heels. By “evolution”, I’m referring to the clothing label from LA-based designers Ali Alborzi and Andrew McCarthy, not that lunatic Charles Darwin. The duo were among just a handful of green designers selected to show their spring/summer 2008 collection Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

elsom. | stylish. sustainable. period.

elsom fashion 01 elsom. | stylish. sustainable. period.

elsom. Stylish. Sustainable. Sydney. Timeless. Uncompromising. Tailoring. 2006. Launch. Sam. India. Organic. Cotton. Antwerp. Innovative. Textiles. Desirable. Modern. Period.

What? Not enjoying my label-inspired writing style? Look, everything I want to say about Sam Elsom’s label is reflected in the gorgeous images on their website. I’m not exactly speechless. Just buzzing with buzzwords.

elsom fashion 02 elsom. | stylish. sustainable. period.

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Terra Plana | Modern Aesthetic Footwear

terraplana 02 Terra Plana | Modern Aesthetic Footwear

“Terra Plana means Flat Land. It looks like we live on a flat land but, as with Terra Plana products, there is a more subtle truth.” So says the London-based shoe designer on their website.

Huh? By subtle truth, do they mean absolute non-disputable fact? No need for a response. Luckily for us, their skills lie in crafting footwear, not analogies.

terraplana 03 Terra Plana | Modern Aesthetic Footwear

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Kuyichi | Not A Japanese Pop Star

kuyichi fashion 01 Kuyichi | Not A Japanese Pop Star

Strong, sexy and provocative. This is how Dutch style-conscious jean label Kuyichi describes their customers. With a name derived from the Peruvian god of the rainbow, Kuyichi are arguably the coolest threads to come out of Amsterdam since Viktor and Rolf. Their collection of jeans, tops, hoodies, dresses and T-shirts are Gap with an edge. Casual, yet rock ‘n’ roll. Pair them with some woollen tights, a skinny tie or a pair of Converse and you’re ready for your close-up.

Kuyichi was born in 2000 from the NGO, Solidaridad, who wanted to introduce organic cotton to the Dutch clothing industry. After a chilly reception, they went it alone. The result was the birth of their contemporary and cutting edge label, which is as stylish as its conscious.

kuyichi fashion 02 Kuyichi | Not A Japanese Pop Star

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Easy Rider Jeans | 98% Organic 100% Hollywood

serfontaine 03 Easy Rider Jeans | 98% Organic 100% Hollywood

In 1969, Easy Rider the film launched the career of Jack Nicholson and marked the birth of independent cinema in America. In 2000, Easy Rider the jean launched LA designer Mik Serfontaine’s eponymous label and the West Coast denim movement.

Serfontaine is the brand of choice for many A-list derrieres, from Britney to Beyoncé, from J.Lo to Jen. Young Hollywood style mavens Mischa Barton, Kate Hudson, Sienna Miller and Wentworth Miller also can’t get enough.

Serfontaine is creation of South African born designer, Mik Serfontaine. Leaving home at 18, Mik traveled the world before settling in the city of angles. A stint at design school led to the opening of his first boutique on Venice’s Abbot Kinney in 1995.

serfontaine 01 Easy Rider Jeans | 98% Organic 100% Hollywood

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Sarah Backhouse | Going Strong on Day 10

gdiet day10 sarahbackhouse Sarah Backhouse | Going Strong on Day 10

It’s day ten in the no-eating-animal-products house — which means I’m a third of the way through my plant-based experiment. Five days ago, I pledged not to overdo the 3 “S”s, which were: sugar, soy and seitan. Here’s an update on how that’s going.

Sugar. Wah waaaah. I have definitely been consuming more than I should. It’s not that I’ve been scoffing “G” brownies and soy ice cream all day, but I have been eating my fair share of sugar-laden granola and other breakfast cereals (topped with agave), coffee (with a generous amount of agave), fruit and nut bars, dates, bananas… that kind of thing. Okay, I know that doesn’t sound too bad, but you don’t know about my shady past as a cereal addict of Seinfeld proportions. There was a period in my life — all through college and many embarrassing years beyond — when I literally lived on Sultana Bran.

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