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Double Down Spicy Cashew MMM Cheese Wonder Stuff By Amateur GreenChef V Blak

spicy cashew raw cheese 01a Double Down Spicy Cashew MMM Cheese Wonder Stuff By Amateur GreenChef V BlakPhotography V Ol Blakheart

Life is full of un-expected surprises. Some are good, some seem like they maybe bad and then there are those moments or events which just change everything. Well, that last one seems to keep happening to me again and again lately. First I found new dog love, when I rescued Basil my wonder boy from the Long Beach Harbor Shelter. Then without even knowing I was open to a relationship, someone new enters my life and shows me what true happiness looks like. And now, being inspired by her love for making recipes and some encouragement, I too caught the recipe making bug. I know, shocking, right. I bet everyone out there thought I was already making recipes a long long time ago, since I am the guy who runs greenchefs, right? Well, it is sad to say, I somehow thought it was beyond me. I admired all the GreenChefs and loved having them in the studio and I loved eating their creations, but I really never thought I would be any good at it. That is crazy thinking! The whole point of GreenChefs is to inspire everyone to get their asses into the kitchen to make good for you, amazing tasting dishes! Now I am proof that really anyone, I mean anyone can make these recipes and they will blow you away.

Now this week I have been left alone to fend for myself and I am happy to report, I am now on my 4th recipe, if you count this Cashew Cheese, and the Kale Chips with the Cashew Cheese on them as separate recipes. Yes, four down and 1000’s to go. I am now addicted and very very full. I may go from Mighty to Plumpy at this rate. Wow, especially with this cheese recipe. Oh man, I am in love. I have been a vegan for a long long time and cheese of any kind hasn’t really been on the menu, so this has been a treat. I discovered this Spicy Cashew Cheese recipe when my friend Juli Novonty sent me a care package of her Kookie Karma Kookies and some of her new products which included a bag of Spicy Cheese Kale Chips.. mmmm so good. When I decided to make a cheese sauce for a pasta dinner, I reached out to Juli and she hooked me up with the complete recipe, which I promptly posted for you guys on GreenChefs a few days ago.

Why am I posting about the Cashew Cheese again, just a few days later? Well, while I was elbow deep in making this Cheese in my Blendtec’s I started feeling my inner amateur GreenChef coming out and I decided to alter the recipe just a bit to bring out some additional flavors and to kick the spice level to something a Texan would think is hot. Well, not HOT but mmm spicy. My big additions are the garlic, dried chili flakes, and the fresh red chili peppers. And I used some of the water from the nut soaking to smooth the cheese out into more of a sauce I think. I have never seen Juli make this, so she may add some water too. Anyways.. WOW, I love it. I can’t stop eating it, which is a good thing, since I made a double batch. I made the pasta and I did Kale Chips, which I will post next week. And yes I ate them all (3 large heads of Kale). So good. Okay if you love rich, spicy, creamy, so good it will make your toes curl, this is a recipe for you and I know what I am talking about, remember, I have tried all the dishes by the visiting GreenChefs and this gives all those recipes a run for their money. If I can say so myself. Enjoy!

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Ace Hotel Palm Springs A Little Retro Way Cool

Have you ever done something and wonder just seconds later what the hell were you thinking? Well, I have to admit, that is basically the default way my brain functions. It just spits out ideas and my body says what the hell, lets do it and it just starts to go into action before the brain can actually re-adjust and make the right choices. This gets me into more trouble then I would like to admit. For example, the brain spitted out an idea to pack up and move to a location known as hell on earth and my body had packed, moved and unpacked before the brain could say, hey… just joking.

Yes, now my body with my brain lives in hell. Well, not the actual hell, because I don’t believe that one exist, but a place trying to do its damnedest to be as hot as it thinks hell would be. Yes, you guessed it, I live in the oven known as Palm Desert (Palm Springs). Everyone says the 126 degree temperatures will cool down in just a few more weeks and then everything it will be like that other fictional place, Heaven, all nice and sweet. Well, until the heaven sweetness arrives, I have been hiding out indoors with the air on because I have a fear of melting. But I am really itching to get out and sight see a little, because surprising enough, I just found out there is an ACE Hotel just down the street. Crazy right? I say that because, I think I love the Ace Hotels and to think something so cool is a few minutes away gives me hope for this place. I was just in New York City for a week and I went to the Ace Hotels bar and it’s coffee shop on two different occasions, and both were totally hip and so welcoming. I hope the Ace out here is even half as nice. We will see. I am going to reach out to them and see if they will hook G Living Up and give us a room to test out, if you know what I mean. Wish me luck. Until then, here is a totally cool video showing off some of the retro / hip goodness they are known for. Also, tossing in some photos.

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G/Style by G Living Pilot Show

G/Style is the destination for high end ethical fashions. Each slick, glossy 30 minute episode showcases the designs and designers making a difference. From the runways to the design studios, label launches at the most exclusive boutiques to in-depth interviews at Venice studios, we feature the coolest cuts and innovative new fabrics from hottest, most talented designers of the next generation.

Join our host, Sarah Backhouse, and our team of in-house stylists as we keep you on the cutting edge of green fashion. G/Style — where celebrity, sex appeal and sustainability come together.

gstyle pilot episode G/Style by G Living Pilot Show

Radioheads Philip Selway (drummer) Finds His Voice

By Some Miracle by Philip Selway

“When you’re the same age as the Prime Minister, you think, I’d better get on with this,” Philip Selway grins as he acknowledges the new sea change in British politics but popularity is generally a passing phase while your first album – that’s forever. Knowing time waits for no one, he has delivered Familial, a collection of sublimely fragile, haunting and heartfelt songs that will surprise many, and not only because drummers traditionally don’t do this kind of thing. Familial is so persuasively good, it sounds like Selway has always been a singer-songwriter.

The full album just came out and I am thinking of downloading it this morning, so I just thought I would share a little music joy with you.

I Wouldn’t Lie, I Heart The White Lies

Death (Live) : By The White Lies

By now everyone is used to me professing my love for this girl or that girl or some songstress, who just won’t stop tugging at my soul. Well, today I am officially changing my tune. It’s not some girl this time, no, I am in serious love with white pale male meat. Oh don’t go rolling your eyes at me, I am still a vegan, and I am not fibbing, its a White Lie. Yes, some London Boys are looking pretty mmmm (not sexy if that is what you are thinking). I mean, like they just may be come my official soundtrack for the rest of 2010.

Like I said, the bands name is The White Lies and the Album is called To Lose My Life. Not the most uplifting titles, but there is something special about these songs. Yes, they lie to you and sing about dying, but you have to give them some credit, they do it all with this amazing driving beat, which seems to be purely addicting to me. Really , trust me, or don’t. Just click play on a few of the videos I have added to this post.

The title song on the Album is called Death (don’t worry, you wont cut your wrist right away) and it’s the first video at the top of the page. It’s a great song, but the song which really pulled me in, was A Place To Hide. This song is just… mmmm, and you would know what I mean by that, if you knew me. But you don’t so, I will let you in on the secret. Mmmm is the way I say, I love you, I think your hot to a certain somebody in my life and to give the White Lies the mmmm treatment is big. Believe me…. Very Very Big.

I have posted three more videos after the jump. Now after watching the videos get your Monkie ass over to iTunes and down load the album, you wont regret it, trust me. Plus, its a bargain at $7.99. I downloaded it about a month ago and it may have saved my life. Okay, I am lying again, maybe it didn’t save my life, but it sure did improve it. Without the song a Place To Hide, I might not have found some bodies loving arms waiting for me. I could still be standing in Central Park, with my bags in my hands, waiting with no hope of someone ever coming to get me. It was this song, yes, this song, which made everything, I mean everything, turn out so perfect. MMMMM perfect. :) Do you think I am lying now?

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Handcrafted Chocolate Bars By The Brooklyns Mast Brothers

Video by The Scout

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate. Yes I know I am repeating myself. When I see the words handcrafted pure chocolate bars, my mind just goes into this loop, like a scratched 45 (i am that old). I get stuck on the idea of that chocolate entering my mouth, melting slowly and sending me straight to… well I would say heaven but I am agnostic, so how about straight to a monkie moshpit.

Posted here on this page, is pure magic, chocolate magic. Yes, not one but two videos (second video after the jump) about the beloved Mast Brothers of Brooklyn New York. They own a little shop were they make some of the best chocolate on the planet. Pure, chocolate, from scratch, from the raw bean. The second video shows the actual process. Amazing. Enjoy….

The life of a mariner is one given over to wanderlust—the quest for adventure, crossing unseen horizons to secure precious goods—only to bring them back to their home port. This same love of adventure and curiosity defines the brotherhood of Rick and Michael Mast. They share a fiercely independent spirit, leaping into the unknown and trusting that they’ll find the answer through endurance and dedication to their craft. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

The Freakin Blood Sucker Isn’t Dead Just Yet, We Have A Beat

v blak has a heart 02 The Freakin Blood Sucker Isn’t Dead Just Yet, We Have A BeatPhotographer: V Ol Blak

My name is V Blakheart or V Blak for short. A name which speaks volumes about what I have become. I am the perfect example of the typical cold hearted, logic base being, better known as a devolving, genetic, bag, sack, a.k.a. A DGBS Flesh Monkie, in Monkie jargon that is. Or if you are a member of the Red Monkie clan, I would be known as a bar bq sauce receptor or a BBSR Light Skin. Being a DGBS, I have lost control of some of my vital organs and yes this includes the freakin heart. Actually, the nano Genetic Mobile Modifier Implant (Gi Plug), targets the heart first. It’s the most troubling and toughest organ to monkify. Hence the Monkies like to get the blood sucker under control, before moving on to easier targets, such as your digestive system, tongue and those pesky organs involved in human self reproduction.

I am breaking my silence today and coming forward to tell you I don’t quite know what is going on. I am feeling something different. I know my Gi Plug is still active and in place. I can see it growing in size with each passing minute, day, and month. Clearly indicating, my progression or transformation into my final form, which if all goes well, will be that of a N.N.B. Monkie (New Nano Brain Monkie). All newly monkied beings start off this way. It’s impossible for the Gi Plug to develop a fully mature L/B. The logic brain simply takes years to achieve its full potential. It’s only after thousands of hours of tapping into the Akashic Field and the sampling of other genetic elements from the beings surrounding ones self, do you achieve the full Monkie L/Brain.

But enough of that and let me get to my point before I lose half of you Fleshies to boredom. The title of this post is, The Freakin Blood Sucker Isn’t Dead Just Yet, We Have A Beat. I know most of you thought I was going to write about the pet flee band, my dog Basil lugs around, but not today, we will get to the White Lies a little later. Today I am writing about my own long believed dead organic blood pumping, emotion emanating organ known as my heart. A post from the heart about the heart, pathetic.

v blak has a heart 01 The Freakin Blood Sucker Isn’t Dead Just Yet, We Have A Beat Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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Earthlings | A Film Which Makes Me A Witness To The Truth

I personally think its good to look the truth in the eye once in awhile. Re-setting my sense of direction. Grounding me in reality. This movie, Earthlings has always done that for me. It’s raw, beautiful, terrifying, sad, comprehensive, painful to watch, and always emotional.

It’s just a film, but its a film which makes me a witness of un-speakable crimes. Displaying before me the daily reality for billions of animals, which I am lucky enough (being human) not to have to experience for myself. It’s the raw truth staring at me, which is more than most of us can handle. We would rather look at the food on our plate as a product, a thing. We don’t wont to think of Veal as a baby calf tied to a crate. We just don’t. We rather pretend its just a product called veal, nothing more.

The average flesh monkie, like myself 13 years ago, doesn’t grow their own food, doesn’t shop at local farmers markets and could careless what a Chicken McNugget is really made of. Which brings me to my point. Watching a film like this is almost un-thinkable for most people. But here it is, living online, just one click away, just one click to see the truth. So, today I am posting the film on G Living, not to scare you or bash you, or even shame you. No, I am posting it here, just so you know, its out there and when your ready, when you think you can handle the reality of this world, the reality nature and the animals of this planet face and the reality of the part we all play in their suffering. You will know, you can reach out, click play and become a witness and then decide where you go from there.

earthlings joaquin phoenix shaun monson 01 Earthlings | A Film Which Makes Me A Witness To The Truth
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Official Behind The Curtain Of G Living Video Rants By Creative Director V Blak Episode 0002

0 Official Behind The Curtain Of G Living Video Rants By Creative Director V Blak Episode 0002

vblak video 0002 Official Behind The Curtain Of G Living Video Rants By Creative Director V Blak Episode 0002

Modern “G” Summer Pool Furniture by Viesso

viesso sustainable modern pool furniture icon 01 Modern G Summer Pool Furniture by Viesso

When it comes to buying furniture and living “G” the options are pretty bleak. I think I have seen the same recycled crate seats again and again on website after website. Look, yes recycling is cool, but really I don’t want to furnish my house with recycled milk crates. It’s just not “G”. Are you feeling me. Well, lucky for the G Living staff, there was this company just down the street called Viesso, founded by two brothers, which makes lushes modern cleanly designed furnisher from all “G” materials. Viesso was the company which made all of the couches you see on the Real G shows and our outdoor benches. Our couches are made from sustainable harvested wood, natural latex and recycled synthetic micro suede. They feel amazing.

But todays post isn’t about our couches, its about Viesso’s new line of Pool / Patio furniture (on sale). We now have a need for some modern outdoor furniture, since we just moved out to Palm Desert and we have these very large decks wrapping around our new saltwater pool. Okay, not our saltwater pool, my saltwater pool. And when you look at the decks, they are just screaming for some cool furniture. Right now I just have these semi-tacky very cheap target type patio tables. Normally I would have to look at a store like Design within Reach, which sells the right style of furniture, but I don’t think there is anything green about the materials from which they are made. But with Viesso, and this is why I love these guys, they not only nail the modern design, they made sure by default everything is made “G”. Look at this stuff. Just so clean.

viesso sustainable modern pool furniture icon 02 Modern G Summer Pool Furniture by Viesso
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Vegan Treats By Chloe Cascarelli for VegNews

0 Vegan Treats By Chloe Cascarelli for VegNews

Who knew Vegnews now is producing recipe videos. Well maybe you guys did, but it was a surprise to me, so I am posting one very cute video by Chloe Cascarelli. Who turns out to be the Food Networks winner of the Cupcake Wars. Yeah me too, I have no idea what that is. She whips up two quick, vegan dessert recipes for this past 4th of July. The first one is a Berry Cobbler, made with Strawberries and Blueberries. The second one is a Chocolate-Dipped Ice Cream Sandwich.

All of us here are big fans of VegNews Magazine, so head over there or pickup the latest issue at Whole Foods.

Via Vegnews

chloe coscarelli berry cobbler 01 Vegan Treats By Chloe Cascarelli for VegNews

V Blak Video Rant – First Communication With G Living Fans

0 V Blak Video Rant   First Communication With G Living Fans

whine community vblak video 01 V Blak Video Rant   First Communication With G Living Fans

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