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VeganJoy Likes Us / Reviews G Living, No Really, Honest!

vegan joy likes gliving VeganJoy Likes Us / Reviews G Living, No Really, Honest!

Okay, everyone knows I am a no good dark twisted juice guzzling bastard Monkie, but that doesn’t mean people around the world don’t like me. Or more to the point, don’t like G Living. In fact I can count at least 10 people I know personally, who have told me, hey you know that G Living its alright. No I did not get that in writing or on tape, but it did happen, trust me.

Now, finally here is a review, or more of a description of G Living, by the blog VeganJoy by Jo Tienzo.

G Living The self-described “darker, cooler side of green” is exactly that, a smart, crisp site devoted to articles on living green, from architecture to food to fashion. I love the focus on fresh (read: raw) vegan foods and its casual vibe. Among the contributors? Sarma Melngalis of Pure Food and Wine in NYC, David Anderson of Madeleine Bistro, and Dhrumil Purohit of We Like It Raw.

See, what did I tell you…. Now things will be different. :)

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Monkie Mail De-Drone Your Life Game | Starting July 19, 2010

monkiemail game topgraphic 2 Monkie Mail De Drone Your Life Game | Starting July 19, 2010

G Living Is Giving Away $1000’s of dollars in G Treasure, To You

Here is how this game is going to work. Only subscribers to G Living Monkie Mail are eligible. Signing up for G Living Monkie Mail is completely free and anyone can subscribe. Only one email per subscriber is eligible. Your full name must be associated with your email address, on the Monkie Mail List. No multiple emails going to the same person. (no cheating) To claim your prize, you will need to prove your identity before we ship the prizes out.

Once a week G Living will send a very special game Monkie Mail email to all subscribing members of G Living Monkie Mail. In this special Monkie Mail, there will be a set of instructions for all subscribers to follow. The instructions will lead you to the name of that weeks winner of the Monkie Mail “G” Treasure! Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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Lykke Li Haunts My Soul And I like It

Just when I thought I was ready to move on, she pulls me back in. Yes, I am talking about the soul grabbing little songstress Lykke Li. I have been completely sucked in by her new song, Possibility. I am just so taken by it. And if that wasn’t bad enough, now I’ve discover that she has made a music video (posted above). Great, now I can spend hours looping the video. (Can someone save me)

I can’t explain her hold on me really. It’s the slow, echo of her voice calling to me or something. I find myself listening to this song again and again and again, each time, a little more of my inner self starts to sing along with this mystical woman. If your brave enough, let your guard down, allow Lykke Li in for just a few hours. I am guessing your life may never be the same. It’s a real Possibility.

(song lyrics after the jump)

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The Kind Life & Chowing Down Vegan Style In The NYC, By Alicia Silverstone

0 The Kind Life & Chowing Down Vegan Style In The NYC, By Alicia Silverstone

So, I am out trying to expand my horizons today. No, not in the real world, but online, I did a spin around the other green sites, which I haven’t done in a long while. I have to tell you, I am pretty burned out on the standard green re-hash news headline sites. You know what I mean. Protest this, be upset about that.. so on. I lived that, believe me. I am over it. Now I just want to do things. Hands on, get down and start living. But yes, I am going off track, as usual. Like I was saying, I was out looking around online just to see what the usual suspects are posting about now, when I came across something new. A site by Alicia Silverstone. A newish site called The Kind Life with Alicia Silverstone. I don’t know how long the site has been around, but I have to tell you, I was surprised to see it. The site is a bit like a vegan spin off of GOOP, by Gwyneth Paltrow. Not as polished but you can feel the same vibe going on.

She gets into all of her own “G” lifestyle things. Everything from her vegan dogs, to her new vegan recipe book, eco home decor and on and on. Yes, she is trying to sell you something, her book, but I think the site is about more than that. She seems to be pretty cool, down to Earth and definitely living an amazing “G” life. About the recipe book, I haven’t seen it yet, but I did watch the behind the scene video from the photo shoot and that looked pretty good. I will have to put her book on my list. She even took the time to make the video I have posted above. In the video she takes us all along for a spin around the hottest vegan food spots in New York City. Some of the places she goes too, I never even heard of. It’s been that long since I have been back to NYC.

(after the jump, video of Alicia explaining what the site is all about)

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Sickly To Mighty, V Blaks Journey Of Putting The Meat On!

sicklytomighty vblaks workouts 01 Sickly To Mighty, V Blaks Journey Of Putting The Meat On!
Photographer:V Blak

Hello world, my name is V Blak and I am a sickly looking vegan (was). I know how sad, poor Monkie.

Let me start with a memory, years ago, I was in New York City working with my friend Jay. My first day in town, he rushes me up to meet his new girl. She was transitioning to a raw food diet and exploring the whole vegan thing. She even had Jay embracing it. Big big change in lifestyle for him. He was so new to it, he really had no clue what being a vegan was. He would say things like, no red meat right, I can’t have steaks anymore? Yeah, Jay that’s it. You got it.

Anyways, back to the introduction. He introduced me, acting all excited, going on about how cool it was, that I had already been a vegan for years. His thinking was that she would be inspired or something. She wasn’t. She turned to me and said, oh yeah I can tell he is a vegan and she didn’t mean it in a good way. She meant yeah, he sticks out like a sore thumb. Pale, thin, gauntly, sunken in, walking skeleton, you know the type. The worst part is that she was dead on right. I was no vegan role model. I was looking pretty bad. Even worse, I wasn’t even concerned. I didn’t think anything was wrong with the way I looked. I didn’t even take in what she was saying. My mind just said, well that is her problem. I look fine, I am just a thin person, she just doesn’t understand.

The reality was, I was too busy working, trying to make a difference, trying to understand the world I was living in, trying to understand myself. Fighting through depression, fighting to just stay. I never stopped and thought about my health or what I looked like. And here is the thing, I was skinny for a long long time, but it wasn’t because I became a vegan, Vegans don’t have to be skinny and most are not. That is just a stereotype. I was skinny because I gave up on myself. I didn’t care about me. I had no balance in my life. I never ate. I would drink espresso, suppressing my appetite, so I could work longer hours, stay up more days. When I did eat, it would be something simple like a salad. A very very light near zero calorie salad. Very little fats or proteins. Worst of all, I sat in my chair day after day and completely gave up on working out. For me even the thought of working out turned my stomach. I would think, oh how boring, what a dull ill thing to do. I hated it. So, I just didn’t do it, ever. The last time I was physically active (until recently) was back in my early 20’s. So, think about it, a good 15 years just blew by as my body withered away. Amazing what we will do to ourselves.

sicklytomighty vblaks workouts 03 Sickly To Mighty, V Blaks Journey Of Putting The Meat On! Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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Iced Vanilla Ginger Cashew Espresso By Bad Monkie V Blak

organic iced vanilla ginger cachew espresso 01 Iced Vanilla Ginger Cashew Espresso By Bad Monkie V BlakPhotographer: V Blak (cc)

I am sitting here a whole day after I started this post and I am wondering what just happened. I started my day off, thinking about you guys honestly, I was thinking, okay I need to share my “G” lifestyle daily from this point on. Get out in front of the camera, you can do it, I keep telling myself. I am working up to it, believe me. So, I said to myself what can I share today… hmmm, I know, how about my addiction or dare I say love for espresso. I know, I know, it’s killing my alkaline ph balance or something like that. I hear you Brendan and Tim. You guys make me look bad, being all in shape and perfect fit “G” super guys. I know, I am going to stop soon or at least reduce how much I take in per month. More green juicing I promise. But for now, I am still drinking organic espresso, which our friends at Peet’s Coffee sent over to us. They are like freaking pushers… right (jj) It’s sooooo good, I promise you. One shot and you just want to drop to your knees. They have a complete green organic coffee roasting place here in California I believe. Anyways, they sent over so much espresso, I just can’t help myself but to dig in and brew it up. I know bad monkie.

Back to my story. I am out here in the desert and it is so hot, 116 degrees if you can believe that. I have a new place, which I will show you in another post and I haven’t turned on the air once and believe it or not I am fine. All the windows and doors are open in the front and back of the house and the air is flowing through and keeping it very… hawaii caribbean like. But with that said, you still need something cool to sip on, so my cool morning drink of choice is the iced espresso with a twist of flavors. I have been making it almost every day along with a few other frozen alcohol based drinks, which I will also get into in some future post. I know TIM / BRENDAN / RORY, I hear you.. Bad Monkie!

organic iced vanilla ginger cachew espresso 02 Iced Vanilla Ginger Cashew Espresso By Bad Monkie V Blak Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Exclusive Interview With Joshua Katcher, The Discerning Brute

joshua katcher 01 Exclusive Interview With Joshua Katcher, The Discerning Brute Photographer: Maro

It’s pretty rare here on the west coast to see an out spoken style driven “G” guy. I would say most of the guys on the west coast who lean green, tend to take their style cues from actor Charlton Heston, in the Planet of The Ape movies and not so much so from Brad Pitt. I don’t know what it is about living in L.A. compared to New York City, but style just doesn’t seem to be important. This is why when I came across Joshua Katcher and his site The Discerning Brute, I secretly thought to myself, there maybe hope yet for the vegan / G man. Come on, how in the world, are we ever going to have a “G” James Bond, if we don’t have any out spoken men pointing the way to green fashion alternatives.

westcoast green mens fashion planetoftheapres Exclusive Interview With Joshua Katcher, The Discerning Brute

The women in the green movement have it made, relatively that is, compared to us guys, the start-up green fashion brands, such as Stewart+Brown, exclusively focus on women. Now I completely understand why, (green guys are cheap) but it just makes the transition from toxic to organic incredibly hard for potential newbie green guys. For example, try buying a suit or some dress shoes which don’t include leather, wool or some other non vegan, organic, cruelty free materials and actually looks good. You will find out quickly you have about 2 options and non of them are in a store near you. Your only real option is to basically gamble by going online and buying from the three or four site that actually exist. But to make it even harder and more expensive, it turns out most of the cooler stuff you might find comes from England, which means higher prices and major shipping issues. Or your second option is to give up and buy some organic T-Shirts and jeans.

This is where Joshua steps in. On his blog Discerning Brute, he does the hard part for us guys. He finds what is cool out there, who are the hot new designers and even breaks down how green this stuff really is. On top of that, he sits down with designers, fashion leaders and even does the occasional street interview in an effort to bring home a little fashion reality to his fellow New Yorkers. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Blackhearted Monkie Attempts To Start A Garden, Again!

v 01 organic gardening 01 Blackhearted Monkie Attempts To Start A Garden, Again!Photographer: V 01 (cc)

Today is the day. I, V 01 will start my garden. YES WORLD I WANT TO BE A GARDENER. And this time I mean it.

I feel like an addict (addicted to the idea of gardening and not actually gardening). I have been saying I am going to garden, for almost 20 years (pathetic I know). I have had a few false starts, but this is actually the closes I have ever come to actually starting. Of course first and foremost, I had to pick out a visually appealing location. An area of the yard I could gaze at often. I am very visual and half the fun of gardening would be watching the thing become more beautiful with each passing day. Or maybe in my case, watching it wither, dry up and blow away. Oh lets hope not. Come on Green Monkie Juice, its time to pay off. (lots of images after the jump)

v 01 organic gardening 02 Blackhearted Monkie Attempts To Start A Garden, Again!
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Carl Sagan Warns Us About Global Warming Back in 1989 on CNN

carlsagon nasa 01 Carl Sagan Warns Us About Global Warming Back in 1989 on CNN Photographer: caltech.edu (CC)

In this five part video interview on CNN, Carl Sagan talks with Ted Turner about Global Warming, CO2 gas and the insane idea of nuclear war. He quickly illustrates how just a few hundred nuclear weapons would create a nuclear winter, which would not only destroy the nation on the receiving end of the bombs, but also the nation who launched them. All of this makes me think about how short term greed by the small number of people at the top, effects us all. Instead of using our minds and abilities to build a green future, we waste our time thinking of new ways to destroy the only planet we can call home.

For me, this video makes me reflect on the current focus of the green movement. Yes, organic food and cool modern green homes are important steps to a green future. But if we continue to turn a blind eye to the massive waste of human capital, money and resources in the pursuit of war, we won’t have a planet left, let alone a green one. (4 more videos after the jump)

Carl Sagan and Ted Turner Conversation Part 1

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My New Life as a Juicer | Part One, Fitness and Tools of the Trade

basil juicing life 11 My New Life as a Juicer | Part One, Fitness and Tools of the Trade

Just like the title of the site says, I am a dark twisted green juice guzzling Monkie or at least that is my goal. Right now I have the dark and twisted thing down. I have been a vegan for about 12 years and in all that time, I have never really taken my health into consideration. I am a burn the candle at both ends kind of guy. I don’t know how to not be extreme. I am famous for confusing work as living. As soon as my eyes crack open in the morning, I start my long 12, 24 or 96 hour shift. Yes, for years I did 96 hours straight, with just naps and truck loads of espresso to keep my body going. So you know my blood is all out of wack and way on the acid side. Maybe not as bad as the average pillow butt American, but pretty bad. No offense to you Pillow butts out there.

Don’t get me wrong, I eat pretty healthy, I am a vegan, you wont find any McAnything stuck in my intestines, but I don’t eat with health in mind. My diet has been increasing over the years towards raw organic whole foods, such as salads and farmer market veggies. But I still eat a good amount of cooked items, such as asian noodles, frozen corn and worst of all bags of organic corn chips. I just crave chips, salsa and guacamole. I guess my years in Texas has altered my DNA, causing my cells to scream for anything remotely mexican foodish. For some reason I just love them in a sad food bingeing bag inhaling stomach aching way. You know what I mean. You think you want to eat them, but half way through the bag, they turn on you and form a concrete lump within your stomach.

basil juicing life 09 My New Life as a Juicer | Part One, Fitness and Tools of the Trade

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Yes, I Have Fallen In Love With Soko, But She Loves Another

soko 02 Yes, I Have Fallen In Love With Soko, But She Loves Another

For the last few days, the song “I’ll kill Her” has been playing non-stop on my computer and in my head when I close my eyes. Yes, I am addicted to the song and the cute french actress / singer who made it. It even turns out Soko is a Vegan, and living right here in L.A.. We might even shop at the same farmers market. You should give “I’ll Kill Her” a listen, which is just below:

Here is the song: “I’ll Kill Her”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Who is Soko: SoKo received world fame after releasing her “I’ll Kill Her” song. It was featured in a 2007 Stella McCartney (a “G” fashion designer) fashion show, played by radio DJ’s from all over the world and even managed to chart in several countries, without a “real” CD release. SoKo really is a modern day musician, gaining fame from the internet and playing sold-out concerts without any promotion.

SoKo (21) was born in Bordeaux, France as Stéphanie Sokolinski. She started out as an actress and appeared in several French movies like Les Irréductibles, Dans les Cordes and Les Diablesses. She picked up singing in 2006, after approaching filmmakers with her desire to sing for the movie she was in.

0 Yes, I Have Fallen In Love With Soko, But She Loves Another

soko 01 Yes, I Have Fallen In Love With Soko, But She Loves Another

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A Bike For The Urban Dwelling Modernist, The IF Mode Folding Bike

if mode bike 01 A Bike For The Urban Dwelling Modernist, The IF Mode Folding Bike

As we continue our quest for the perfect urban lifestyle bike, we take a look at a folder. Yes, a folder. One of those bikes, which in an instant break down and can be tossed in the back of a car or under your desk at work. The advantage of this type of bike are many. You don’t have to leave them outside tempting bike thieves, and you don’t have to have one of those ugly bike racks on the back of your car.

Todays folder is called the IF- Mode. It’s a cross between a storm trooper and a swiss army knife. The look is very modern and definitely unique, with it’s three simple spoked wheels. The cool thing is how this thing folds up so quickly. You should checkout the video after the jump. The down sides would have to be the price and the weight. Coming in at 32 pounds, it’s just half the weight of my A2B fully electric bike. Plus at $2,250 it is just as expensive. If the price doesn’t bother you, we found the bike for sale at Areaware.com

Other major cool factors are, the design won the 2008 Eurobike Award, and the 2009 iF Gold Award (along with the Apple iPhone, the Macbook Air and the VW Golf Mk6), the IF-Mode is a rolling, folding work of art and a bike collector’s dream machine.

if mode bike 01a A Bike For The Urban Dwelling Modernist, The IF Mode Folding Bike

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