Autumn North American Tour: Starting Soon

brendan 002 Autumn North American Tour: Starting Soon
It’s almost time to get back on the road. My first stop will be the Toronto Vegetarian Association’s annual food fair. It’s a free three-day event that attracts thousands. My speaking times are 3pm on Saturday September 9th and 3pm on Sunday the 10th.

From there I’ll be doing a tour of Ottawa and Montreal, then on to the LA area for a few days. After that, on to San Francisco and area. Speaking dates have not been finalized for this leg of the tour just yet.

On September 30th and October 1st I’ll be attending World Vegetarian Day in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. It’s a free event that also attracts thousands. My speaking time is 4pm on September 30th.

From there I’ll be attending Expo East in Baltimore. It’s a large natural products show. It will be the first time we’ll have a Vega booth there. It’s for the health food and natural product trade, so it’s not open to the public.

On October 21st I’ll be attending the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival. It’s a free event. We’ll have a Vega booth there also.

On October 28th I’ll be speaking at the Vancouver Health show. It is one of Canada’s larges shows of its kind. $8 CDN to get in.

From there it’s on to New York City for the Health and Fitness Expo that is part of the NYC marathon. I tried to enter the marathon, but was too late, it was full. Anyway, Vega will have a booth at the expo.

After that it’s back to the Toronto area for speaking dates that have not yet been finalized. Then a Canadian prairie tour; Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Regina.

Then, on to Seattle. We’ll have a Vega booth at the Seattle marathon Health and Fitness Expo on November 24th and Saturday November 25th.

Well, That’s it for now. I hope some of you are able to be part of these great events.

  • K

    No San Diego?! *sigh*

    Will hope to see some blogging from you to tell those of us who can't get where you are some highlights of what you are talking about and teaching.

    Many thanks, Brendan.

  • Rob Dubois

    Hello Brendan,

    Congratulations on your victory in the 2006 Canadian 50km Ultramarathon Championship. Your success wonderfully demonstrates what top athletes can achieve with a 100% plant based diet. It also inspires many of us, just as your book has.

    I started using Vega shortly after the product was introduced two years ago (or so). Unlike other Vega users, I’m not an athlete. I discovered Vega as a result of my own research. I was looking for natural ways to stave off the onset of diabetes.

    In April 2004, my doctor told me I am pre-diabetic (metabolic syndrome). He said I have a choice – to improve my diet & exercise more or start taking expensive and addictive pills for the symptoms. If I do nothing, I’m sure to become diabetic.

    As a pre-diabetic, eating the typical western diet of fried chicken, burgers, fries, soda and other junk, my pancreas was working at four to five times the level of a normal pancreas. The doctor assured me, if I don’t change my lifestyle, my pancreas will eventually burn out – then I must inject insulin daily. As I was researching dietary supplements and natural foods that will help slow my pancreas functions down, I discovered Vega.

    Now, after more than 2 years of healthy living, I’m feeling great. I’m healthy, happy and energized like a 25 year old (I’m turning 47 this fall). When I reach 50 years old, I will have my doctor declare me free of diabetes. I’ll be proud then to say I did it with the help of Vega.

    Could you use another Vega ambassador? I would be proud to be an ambassador to those who need to stave off diabetes through a healthier lifestyle.

    I’ll be attending the Vancouver Health Show in late October. I will try to introduce myself to you then. I have lots more details about my battle with diabetes and Vega on my Blog @

    Thank you for all your hard work, dedication and especially for sharing your success with the world.

    Peace and blessing to you.

    Rob Dubois,
    Salmon Arm, BC

  • Brendan

    Hi K,

    No San Diego this time around…

    I've posted another article though; this is one of the topics I cover in my talks.


  • Brendan

    Thanks Rob. Great story. You can send your info to:


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