Back to the Future | The Swissbikeboard

bikeboard 01 Back to the Future | The Swissbikeboard

If you’re looking for a new, zero-emission way to get from A to B, check out the new Swissbikeboard. The Swissbikeboard combines two popular “toys” (a skateboard and a bicycle), powers up with two rechargeable, lithium-polymer batteries, and sends you on your way for up to 30 miles on one charge. The style is reminiscent of Sharper Image’s Razor scooter, but looks a bit more like a popular 1950s toy scooter (remember that thing from “Back to the Future”?).

The Swissbikeboard is not your average scooter, though. It offers a juiced up suspension that allows for some radical on-street usage, meaning that it can be used for more than commuting. It is super quiet and, according to Swissbikeboard’s website, it can be used indoors. It provides a powerful braking system that makes it safe – along with a bit of user attentiveness. And it also comes in models that allow serious downhill adventure, snowboarding, and wakeboard-style water fun.

bikeboard 03 Back to the Future | The Swissbikeboard

bikeboard 02 Back to the Future | The Swissbikeboard

All of this comes at a price, however, and $2,495 for the street model seems a bit high.

So, what’s “G” about it? For urban environments, the bike is a viable alternative to efficiently running errands close to home. It’s safe to ride in traffic or in open walking spaces because it brakes quickly – just remember to bring your helmet. The electric motor produces zero direct emissions (but it does plug in). The bikeboard is more than just utilitarian; this thing is sleek, stylish, and it just looks fun to ride. Finally, Swissbikeboard has found a realistic alternative for urban commuters, shifting dependency away from the one-person-one-car paradigm towards a more sustainable, one-person model.

Watch the Swissbikeboard in action on the companies site. They have a short video.

bikeboard 04 Back to the Future | The Swissbikeboard

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