Backstage at This Year’s “Green” Emmys

emmys 2007 hayden panettiere Backstage at This Year’s “Green” Emmys

Throw in a few hybrid cars and reduced lighting and you’ve got yourself a “Green” awards show. At least that’s what FOX seemed to think when it launched its “Green with Emmy” campaign. I’ll admit, the effort itself was impressive. But is Hollywood really prepared to pull it off? At least without complaining?

emmys 2007 green04 Backstage at This Year’s “Green” Emmys

Let’s start backstage in the press room. Noticeably absent this year was the generator-backed air flow unit that kept a room full of journalists from boiling over. I heard more than a few people say, “Who turned off the air back here?” Replaced instead by a plastic bag-looking mechanism that swelled up like a sausage (excuse my lack of expertise in alternative air flow vernacular). But brownie points for the CFL & LED lighting, which pleased Emmy award winner Al Gore. He said “The Emmys have gone green, and I want to give them credit for that. So, whatever lighting they used, they’re one step ahead.”

emmys 2007 heidi klum Backstage at This Year’s “Green” Emmys

Next stop, the Architectural Digest Greenroom – which stayed true to its name. All the walls here were made of 100% recycled wood that came from old L.A. football stadium bleachers. And get this: the designers actually had to scrape off the years of gum buildup left behind. In addition, the fabrics in the room were all made of natural fibers — no synthetics.

Moving on to the red carpet — which almost wasn’t. I hear FOX made attempts to roll out a green one instead, but evidently this is where they drew the line. In keeping with the classic Hollywood tradition, they kept it red, opting instead to make it from recycled water bottles. But, of course, hat’s the least of our worries. Last I checked, the red carpets of the world had no direct impact on global warming…

It’s the people who walk on them that we have to worry about.

Which brings me to my next observation. Lining up around the block next to the Shrine Auditorium were a trail of towncars waiting to drop off eager attendees. It was here that elementary math came in handy: two people in a 6-plus passenger car equals a whole lot of wasted energy. But snaps go to Emmy host Ryan Seacrest, who rolled up in a Lexus hybrid, and Ugly Betty star (and Emmy winner) America Ferrera, made her grand entrance in a hydrogen powered BMW. (I guess two out of 300 is better than nothing.)

emmys 2007 christina aguilera Backstage at This Year’s “Green” Emmys

Speaking of the host, let’s not forget that in his attempt to be witty, Ryan joked that the cast of Kid Nation powered the “green” Emmys by running on treadmills backstage. I think what he meant to say was that the Shrine Auditorium was powered by renewable solar energy. Oh, and that the stage he was standing on was made from recycled wood.

Now if they don’t recycle the Emmy host next year, we might actually stick around to watch the show…

emmys 2007 green02 Backstage at This Year’s “Green” Emmys

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