Bamboo Prefab From Gau Designs

gau designs 02 Bamboo Prefab From Gau Designs

Here’s a prefab that caught my eye: a modern home made of one of the planet’s most sustainable materials – bamboo. Not surprisingly, it’s another innovative concept from Montreal-based Gau Designs.

It’s only a concept – but after looking at these photos, I’m ready to sign on the dotted line and move in. Sure they had me at “sustainable”, but the building’s design takes comfort and functionality to another level. Two levels, to be exact. From the green roof to the spacious rooms, which are lined with textured bamboo along the walls and floors and interrupted only by large picture windows (view sold separately, I imagine).

Throw on a photovoltaic array on the roof for power and you’re all set.

The great thing about bamboo, of course, is that it grows quickly and – if sourced locally – is easy to obtain. Which makes it a perfect yet somewhat intriguing material for use on a house. My question is about warping. Bamboo is durable, but lightweight. Could your sustainable house sustain excessively damp weather? Could it withstand heavy rainfall or even an entire season of snow?

Warping aside, it’s one of the coolest prefab concepts I’ve seen.

gau designs 01 Bamboo Prefab From Gau Designs

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