Is Bamboo The Fabric For the Future?

avita3 gliving Is Bamboo The Fabric For the Future?

Take it from me, bamboo is the fabric for the future. This super versatile plant has long been used in construction, as a food source (for humans and pandas alike) as well as providing the raw materials for everything from chopsticks to food steamers to martial arts weaponry. Now fashion forward designers can’t enough of bamboo. Why? Well, it’s cool in summer, warm in winter, is anti-bacterial and is as soft and luxurious as cashmere. And best of all, it’s sustainable.

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L.A.-based designer Amanda Shi is a pioneer in ethical clothing, which she fashions from bamboo and other sustainable fabrics like organic cotton and recycled materials. Her aesthetic blends classic design with a contemporary twist and includes sweaters, tanks and dresses. For Amanda, going sustainable was a no-brainer: she firmly believes the future of the planet is at stake and wanted to do her part in preserving it. In 2003, Amanda lauched the Avita line, which she followed up in May of 2007 with the Co-op, located on über-trendy 3rd Street in West Hollywood. The Co-op not only houses Amanda’s signature designs, but also provides a storefront for a dozen or so other environmentally aware designers of jewelry, handbags, shoes and make-up.

So, if you’re seeking a guilt-free indulgence, head down to 3rd Street.

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  • Christina

    How can you say bamboo fabric is sustainable when it is processed the same way as rayon?

  • Delia d/b/a Chic Eco

    Women especially ADORE the feel of bamboo fabric, and the fab creations eco designers have produced are fuzzy-warm-sexy-lovable. Yet there's sad news I'm sorry to report. See… and RELATED POSTS (end of article), plus recent…. Fair or not, greenwash cops are out!

  • new girl

    Ive heard rumours that bamboo must be processed under extremelty harsh methods, with loads of toxic chemicals added, to make it as soft as cotton. How is that green?

  • Delia d/b/a Chic Eco

    Bamboo is greener than conventional cotton loaded with pesticides. However, only bamboo as a building material is truly green, and only when treated without toxic chemicals (such as natural Borax instead). It can be done though, and fabric mills are R&D active. Seems it will never be certified when manufactured in China.

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