Bamboo Yoga Bag

fashionpurse001 Bamboo Yoga Bag

Everyone needs more than one bag to cover all their lifestyle needs, right? Well, I found this amazingly large 70% bamboo, 26% cotton, 4% Spandex stylish bag which is designed for all your yoga needs. That is what they are selling it as, a yoga bag, but really it could be used any time you just need a supersized bag. The G part, of course, is the simple clean design, the fact that it only costs $40 and the 70% bamboo fabric they used.

Here are the details:

Cost: $40

(70% Bamboo, 26% Cotton, 4% Spandex) about bamboo fabric
– sturdy Hemp/Cotton lining
– wide adjustable shoulder strap
– “big-bottomed” for carrying everything and anything
– carries your yoga mat with its top peeping out – the double zipper sliders can be adjusted to secure the mat
– bicycle-friendly

You can find the bag at:

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