Bartlett Pears with Cinnamon Cranberry Sauce and Spiced Ginger Cream

bartlett pears cinnamoncranberrysauce 01 Bartlett Pears with Cinnamon Cranberry Sauce and Spiced Ginger Cream

Bartlett Pears with Cinnamon Cranberry Sauce and Spiced Ginger Cream (raw)

I am a fan of Pears, but I seem to be the only one, since you never hear about Pear recipes. It’s always the Apple who is the star, right. Apple this apple that. Not that I hate apples or anything, I just think people are over looking the subtle rich flavor a pear has to offer. That is why I think this beautiful recipe is exactly what the pear needed to steal a little bit of the apple’s spotlight.

To start this recipe you will need 4 good size pears.

Makes 8 Pear Halves

For the Cinnamon Cranberry Sauce:

1 Cup Cranberries

1/2 Cup Agave Syrup

1/4 Cup Maple Syrup

2 TB Lemon Juice

1 tsp. Cinnamon

1/4 tsp. Nutmeg

bartlett pears cinnamoncranberrysauce 02 Bartlett Pears with Cinnamon Cranberry Sauce and Spiced Ginger Cream

Instructions Cut the Pears in half and place them on your dehydrator tray and dehydrate for 2-4 hrs. While the pears are dehydrating, make the toppings.

For the Cranberry Sauce, place all the ingredients in the blender and process on high until smooth and well blended. You may chill this or keep it room temperature. I like it best chilled.

For the Spiced Ginger Cream:

1 Cup Young Coconut Meat

1/4 Cup Virgin Coconut Butter (AKA Coconut Oil)

1/2 Cup Agave Syrup

1 TB Fresh Grated Ginger (pealed)

1/8 tsp. Ground Cloves

2 tsp. Vanilla Extract

Instructions For the Spiced Ginger Cream, place all the ingredients in the blender and process also on high until smooth and creamy. Taste to adjust flavorings to your liking. Chill for 1-2 hrs. Then stir well before serving.

Place the pears once they are done on plates and drizzle a little of each topping over them. For decoration you can add a sprig of thyme or rosemary and garnish with orange peel and cinnamon. Serve immediately while warm.

Alternatively you can skip the dehydrating and just use fresh pears as I have in this photo. Although, because of the high water content of the pears, it pretty much dilutes the flavors of the toppings. It still tastes fresh though and is nice both ways.

  • Sue

    Jana, I made the sauces to be used tomorrow. The cranberry cinnamon was amazing and so was the ginger cream. But having used coconut better in the ginger cream sauce it is thickening up very fast in the fridge. Won't look at all like you photo. Suggestions. Even out of the blender it was thicker than yours. Did you use water to make it thinner?

  • Jana

    The thickness and dryness of the coconut meat you find could make a difference in how thick it is, so if you get a coconut that has thicker meat and it's not the consistency you want in the blender, you can always just add a little bit of water to thin it out or get it blend better. The coconut oil is liquid at warm room temperatures and almost solid at cold temperature, so it does thicken sauces it is in if you chill them. You can just let it warm up to room temperature or put it in a dehydrator and it will start to thin back out again, or if you can't wait, you can re-blend it with a little bit of water.

  • Sue

    I just looked at it this morning and it is solid. I used coconut "butter". I also have coconut "oil" which looks different. Ahhhh I just read the ingredients of the coconut butter and it has meat and the oil dehydrated and pureed into a spread. I probably should have just used the oil. I will put the mixture back in the blender and add some coconut water. Thanks for the recipe. I am dying to try it with the pears. Mmmmmm. Again that cranberry cinnamon sauce is awesome. I am eating it out of the container – may not have enough for the pears!!

  • Jana

    Yeah, that stuff is the coconut paste. As I keep saying everywhere, I wish that company would just stop labeling it "butter" and confusing people. Definitely not the same as the pure fiberless fat, which is always called either coconut butter or coconut oil, but is always referring to the pure oil/fat. That's why I've been starting to add the word "oil" to any of my recipes that described it as coconut butter, so people know it is the oil.

    Anyways, I hope it came out o.k. with adding the extra water to it. Makes sense now why it was so thick. I'm glad you liked the cranberry sauce, I'm surprised you were able to find cranberries already. I had made this dish in the late fall, the editor put it up a little too early. lol. I guess he wasn't thinking about the seasonality of it. I can't wait for fall! I am So ready!

  • Sue

    I used frozen cranberries!!

  • Julie

    I just finished making this for my Thanksgiving dessert. Those sauces have an unbelievable flavor! Just incredible.

    I also added some of the cranberry sauce to my balsamic vinegrette dressing for the green salad. Added a little mystery to that flavor. Everyone is going to love it. Thank you!

  • Jana

    Thanks Julie. You make me want to try making them again! Adding it to a balsamic dressing sounds delicious. That never crossed my mind.

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