Because Sweatshops Suck!

fashion vintage222 Because Sweatshops Suck!

So maybe we are not all attracted to vintage goodies – finding something that fits is a pain in the booty. Then why not take the time to make things ourselves? Keyword: TIME. Thankfully, Stephanie Syjuco of San Francisco has it all figured out for you with her clothing line Anti Factory. I recently interviewed her for a feature piece for Pearl Necklace Zine‘s most recent issue, released this past week. Happy to call herself an environmentalist, she is also a registered member of SF’s Green Party and a college art professor.

Anti Factory was not started with the intention of creating a clothing line with a cult following. Starting off as an art project in 2004, Stephanie enjoyed the political and social messages that the pieces expressed that she continued working on it. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and made with 100% vintage and recycled fabrics. The tough part is that within 24 hours of posting new things in her online store, they sell out (that’s the cult following I mentioned before). Do not fear – signing up for the email list with give you the inside track on when new things will be available.

antifactorytop Because Sweatshops Suck!

Proud owner of one of her creations, it is safe to say that they are worth the cost. Another plus: you will get lots of comments from random strangers about how cute your top is.

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